Chapter 335 To the Gu Household

Chapter 335 – To the Gu Household

“Mom was just asking,” Ye Rong smiled, then shrugged. “If mom hadn’t left the Gu family, then you might have gotten stuck in this competition for the junior family head. That’s why I was a bit curious about your opinion.”

Ye Zichen smiled, “So it’s like that. If you are just asking, then if I could become the junior family head, I would…”

“What would you do?” Ye Rong smiled softly.

“Destroy the Gu family,” Ye Zichen’s face suddenly turned cold, while his ice-cold gaze caused people to feel a chill in their hearts.

“Why would you make that choice?” Ye Rong’s smile froze, but she continued to ask in a calm voice.

“There is no need to have this sort of sickly family exist,” Ye Zichen’s gaze was filled with disdain. “I had heard that once upon a time, the Gu family was the leading family among the hidden families, but now… it is merely a second-rated one.”

“Perhaps the decline of the family has an unavoidable reason, but it is also due to the uselessness of the people who manage the family. More importantly, they treated you as a sacrifice! If I became the junior family head, then my job would be to destroy the Gu family,” Ye Zichen did not hide the grudge in his eyes at all.

Seeing that, Ye Rong sighed, then caressed his hair, “Mom said that nobody was wrong.”

“I’m not saying that anyone was wrong,” Ye Zichen smiled. “Weren’t you just asking? I’m just saying. It’s impossible for me to become the junior family head of the Gu family, so naturally, I will not destroy it.”

“You’re right,” Ye Rong smiled, then caressed Ye Zichen’s hair once again, and helped him pull up his blanket. “Rest well and don’t think too much. Mom is happy as long as I have you.”

Then, she left the room wearing a smile…

After Ye Rong walked out of the ward, she leaned on the door of the ward, and smiled wryly.

“Lil’ Rong, do you blame me?” the room swirled with suffocating smoke. A white-haired man sat on the sofa with a look of worry on his face.

“What’s there to blame as the eldest sister? Isn’t taking care of my siblings my responsibility?”

Back then, Ye Rong was still a young and beautiful girl. She dressed like a saint as she smiled brightly.

As she looked at the man’s white hair, which had been completely black just a day before…

“Originally, you were the hope for our Gu family for the next hundred or even thousand years, but… the demons… I, the father, was truly too meek,” the man put out his cigarette in the ash tray. His ancient face was covered in reluctance and helplessness, while his bloodshot eyes also glittered slightly… “Sorry!”

“It’s okay!” Ye Rong shook her head plainly.

“After you get with Tuo Baye, you have to give birth to a son for our Gu family. If the child inherits your bloodline, then bring the child back. You shall inherit the position of the family head. In the future, the child will lead our Gu family back to the Three Realms after he grows up! If he inherits Tuo Baye’s demon bloodline, kill him… Then, return to the family. You will still be my daughter!” Viciousness surfaced on the man’s ancient face. He clenched his fist and teeth. “The demon race is the common enemy of the three realms. I cannot tolerate anyone in my family giving birth to a demon.”

“I understand,” Ye Rong’s face was still filled with a kind smile.

As the man looked at her smile, his face turned stark white, “You really are very like your mother. You’re both very kind… I know you carry too much of a burden…”

“No need to say anymore. I understand,” Ye Rong smiled, then took off her saintess clothings, and revealed the black clothes she wore underneath.

“From this moment onwards, my surname is no longer Gu, it is Ye… I’m called Ye Rong, and am no longer Saintess Gu Rong.”

She elegantly turned around and pushed open the door without any hesitation. What met her outside was Tuo Baye’s androgynous smile.

He lifted Ye Rong’s chin with his hand, then smiled towards the man in the room, “A hundred years. Remember that Geezer Gu, it is merely a hundred years!”


In that instant, Ye Rong’s eyes turned wet. She let out a long sigh and rubbed her nose, then glanced at Ye Zichen, who laid on the bed with a frown, through the glass of the door.

“I didn’t actually break my promise. This child… is not a demon! But… he isn’t a saint either. Since I didn’t return, you have been very troubled, right!”

Three days passed by in an instant. During so, Ye Zichen’s condition gradually improved. At the very least, he was able to walk on the ground, but he was still unable to gather any celestial spiritual energy.

It was as if something was cutting off the connection between him and the celestial spiritual energy.

During those three days, Gu Tian and co. also visited Ye Zichen, and this group of people who visited him included Qi Cheng, who truly annoyed him. That being said, that woman was definitely adept at kissing ass, since she managed to make Mother Ye very happy.

Since Ye Zichen didn’t find it right to expose the woman’s true face in front of Mother Ye, he was only able to warn her not to be too outrageous in secret.

However, the woman merely smiled, and continued what she was doing.

“Auntie, my dad really wants to see you…” as a conversation could be heard outside the ward, Ye Zichen, who was watching a video on his phone, chucked his phone to the side and looked up…

Then, saw Gu Tian and Mother Ye walk over side by side, the latter who seemed to be pleading with Mother Ye for something.

“Say no more. I will naturally see him when I want to. Didn’t you have business with Zichen, go on and chat!” Mother Ye directly turned around and left after sending Gu Tian to the ward.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows with a smile, “You failed again?”

“Yeah, I failed!” Gu Tian shrugged helplessly. “Say, it really is my fault. I shouldn’t have mentioned this to my dad. Everything’s great now, the moment I return home, he would mention it to me. Not only that, he even decreed that I have to make eldest aunt agree…”

“You really call her “Auntie” rather passionately!” Ye Zichen smiled playfully. “C’mon, let’s hear you call cousin.”

“It naturally is fine for me to call you cousin, but do you dare to answer? I, your younger cousin brother is in a shit load of trouble, if you really dare to answer, just wait for your suffering!” Gu Tian also smiled.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “Then try it!”



The moment Gu Tian finished, Ye Zichen smacked him on the head, “You really called when I told you so. Kid, why don’t you have any opinions for yourself? You want to be the junior family head of the Gu family just like this? How many times did I tell you? You’ve got to have a temper. Just now… you would have passed if you just slapped me!”

“You really are unreasonable. Can I actually to beat you?”

It’s not like I didn’t try, but I would get beaten up every single time. That’s why I got smart, and just did whatever I’m told. If I don’t do it, then it is just one hit at most, but if I resist, then it is a good beating.

“Zeze… Look at your idiotic look,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “Come on, tell me, what did you come to report to me for!”

“This time… I’m here to take you to the Gu family!”

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