Chapter 334 Son of a Saint and a Demon

Chapter 334 – Son of a Saint and a Demon

Ye Rong’s gaze clearly displayed that she had something to say when Ye Zichen mentioned the position of the junior family head.

“What’s wrong with helping Gu Tian get the position of the junior family head?” Ye Zichen frowned, showing his confusion.

Hearing that, Ye Rong paused for a moment before shaking her head with a smile, “Nothing, helping him get the junior family head position is good. But, mom does want to ask you something. What would you do if you could be the junior family head?”

“Me as the junior family head?”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, and attempted to sit up against the pillow. However, he found that he was unable to muster up any strength at all. All he could do was lie on the bed…

“Your previous actions caused too much burden on your body, so you need to rest now,” Ye Rong caressed his head softly.

Ye Zichen did not believe her, and struggled to get up, but he found that he couldn’t even muster up enough strength to lift his hand.

Could it have been because I turned into that thing with wings?

Ye Zichen frowned. His heart was filled with confusion. Why did a pair of wings grow out from my back? I’m not Leizhenzi[1]

“Try not to be clouded by hate in the future. Try to see past everything.”

“Are you afraid that I will become like that again?” Ye Zichen said weakly. “You should know something about it, right? Why did I become like that? I was unable to control my emotions nor my body in that state. I didn’t even have the simplest bit of consciousness.”

“Mom can’t tell you in detail. Everything is mom’s fault, if it wasn’t for me…” Ye Rong smiled wryly.

Twenty years ago…


A loud cry sounded out in a worn down temple. A woman sat within alongside a baby, who had just been born into the world.


The woman struggled to sit up, and when she saw the child in front of her…

The child was bathed in a sacred and pure light. He was just like a saint. Not long later, a bunch of animals ran into the temple, and stopped around a meter away from the child, while laying on the floor and displaying pleasure in their eyes.

“He inherited my bloodline,” the woman smiled softly and caressed the baby’s head.

However, not long later, the infant’s cries dampened, and his breathing weakened.


Shock surprised on the woman’s face. She continuously shook the baby in her arms, and tried to do everything she could to make him cry. However, the baby refused the cry, while his face turned purple.

All of the animals in the room also surrounded them, and revealed their care for him in their eyes.

“What a pity!” An old man suddenly appeared in the temple. He shook his head slowly and sighed as he looked at the baby in the woman’s arms. “He should have been a saint, but his bloodline is too full of other things. Girl, your man should be… a demon, right?”

The woman paused, then revealed a hint of fear in her expression, “Master, what should I do? I don’t want my child to die just like this…”

“The combination of a saint and a demon is wrong, and the fact that the child could even be born was unnatural for the world. The advice this old man gives you is to discard the child…” the elder shook his head and muttered continuously…

A pity!

A pity!

“No… I will not give up on my child,” the woman shook her head madly. She held the baby in her eyes tightly and watched as his face turned redder.

“Actually, it is possible if you want to save him! But, it is very possible that if you do that, his existence will endanger the balance of the three realms, or even the six realms. If you really do that, then he will be burdened with endless sins. Are you sure… that you want this child to suffer all that?”

The old man’s gaze did not change at all. The woman glanced at the old man, then at the infant in her arms…

“I want my child to live. As for the sins, as the mother, I shall carry those for him.”

“it isn’t going to be as simple as you said!” the elder let out a long sigh. “Whatever, our meeting is fate. Since you want to save him, and I don’t want to see a saint fall just after being born in this world, then I shall give you a bit of good fortune!”

Several minutes later, the elder left while shaking his head.

The woman in the worn-down temple hesitated for a long time, then a crazed look appeared in her eyes.

She reached into her pocket and took out a small glass vial.

The moment she uncorked it, all of the animals in the temple hurriedly fled from the temple in fright.

There was a purplish red droplet of blood in the vial, which emitted an oppressing aura.

“Baby, if you are going to hate anyone, then hate your mother!”

She dropped the blood within the vial into the infant’s mouth. In that instant, the baby’s body turned bronze, and blood-red hair grew from his scalp, while a pair of small wings protruded out from his back.

A ray of blood-red light mixed with a hint of sacredness shot up into a sky. Then, the infant began to weep loudly.

“Ai, what a pitiful woman and a pitiful child… A child of a saint and a demon, that’s a huge sin!” The elder who just walked out of the temple turned around and shook his head as looked at the ray of light that shot up into the sky. “I should do something good till the very end since I already started the deed. The future will be on you guys.”

A huge handprint shot up into the sky and suppressed the ray of light until it dispersed.

The woman in the temple bit her lips tightly, placed the child on the straw mattress which she was on, then kneeled onto the ground and kowtowed thrice in the direction that the elder left it.

Then, she picked up the baby and disappeared into the temple.

“Mom, mom…” Ye Zichen, who was laying on the bed, frowned as he shouted out towards his mother.

Only then did Ye Rong return to her senses. She smiled kindly, “What is it?”

“Nothing, what happened with you… You suddenly stopped speaking right in the middle of anything, and you didn’t react to my words at all,” Ye Zichen said a bit helplessly. “Did you suddenly remember something? Can you tell it to me? I don’t know anything…”

“What use is it for you to know so much?” Ye Rong raised her hand and caressed his air. “Just stay in this hospital and rest properly!”

“You are definitely hiding something from me. What is there to hide between us. Seriously…” Ye Zichen pouted in annoyance. Previously, he had felt rather bad about hiding some things from Mother Ye.

Yet, from the looks of things, Mother Ye also hid plenty of stuff from him!

Examples of her hiding things was the Gu family. Only now did he find out that her original name was actually Gu Rong, and was once the young lady of a hidden family in the capital.

“Seriously, you actually dare to criticize mom now?” Ye Rong knocked on his head.

Ye Zichen instantly smiled and put on the look of an obedient child, “Then I won’t ask. But, you do have to tell me why you asked whether I wanted to become the Gu family’s junior family head, right?”

Original Chapter Teaser:

  1. Leizhenzi (雷震子) is an immortal being with wings that was created by a thundercloud.

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