Chapter 333 Nobody was Wrong

Chapter 333 – Nobody was Wrong

The soft voice caused Ye Zichen to pause. He looked at the woman in front of him blankly. Then, a blood red tear flowed down from the corner of his eye.


“You’re tired. Rest,” Ye Rong caressed his hair softly.

Ye Zichen’s blinked, while his eyes welled up with tears.

His blood-colored hair and irides gradually returned to their originally color, while his bronze skin also gradually returned to normal.

A wave of fatigue overwhelmed him, before he fell headfirst into Ye Rong’s arms.

“Why did you come to the capital?” the man on the ground squinted at her and asked.

Ye Rong smiled and looked at him, who had been beaten to a pulp by Ye Zichen, then smiled coldly, “If I were you, then I would be running away now. If I didn’t come, you would already be dead.”

“Ridiculous!” the man replied maniacally. “Our son has already lost the powers of a Fallen due to your call. Right now… Who can actually stop me? Let me suggest to you guys. Hurry up and f*ck off before I finish healing myself!”

“Is that so?”


Ye Rong instantly released rays of dazzling sacred light.

As she held Ye Zichen, she appeared like an untainted angel, who smiled at the man on the ground, “Do you really think that…. You can really match up to me?”

“You…” the man looked at the scene in front of him in shock.

He twitched his mouth and muttered a few words.

A pitch black wormhole appeared in front of him. At the same time, his body also was gradually sucked into it.

Right before he closed the wormhole, he smiled sinisterly, “You actually managed to awaken my good son from the state of a Fallen. It seems like your feelings as parent and child really do run deep. Due to this first time, he should be even more natural at controlling his Fallen powers. I definitely will not leave a treasure like him to you.”

“F*ck off… Before I change my mind,” Ye Rong radiated the sacred light from her body.

The man’s pupils contracted, then snuck into the wormhole. However, the room continued to echo his cold laugh, “I will snatch that brat away.”


The wormhole disappeared.

Everyone looked at the scene in front of them in shock. Everything that happened was already up to the level of a huge blockbuster with wings and light emitting from their bodies…

It was as amazing as Hollywood’s special effects!

“Are you guys Zichen’s friends?”

Ye Rong carried Ye Zichen over to Gu Tian and co. She put her hand on Lu Lu’s shoulders, causing the latter to be instantly healed.

“Body Double, I hope I can meet your main body when you have some time,” Mother Ye smiled softly, then looked at Fatty Yin. “Two souls… Taking over someone else’s body is not a good habit.”

Lu Lu’s and Fatty Yin’s face were covered in shock, while Ye Rong set her gaze on Gu Tian, “Are you Ol’ Three’s child?”

“Aun-Auntie!” Gu Tian pursed his lips and replied in a testing manner.

Gu Rong smiled, then rubbed her head, “Good boy, you truly look exactly the same as your father. Back then, only your dad stood up against the old man’s decision.”

“Auntie, my father has always missed you. He said that you were the best to him when he was young.”

“Yeah, when we were children, your dad and I were great siblings,” Ye Rong smiled softly.

At that moment, Hua Lihua struggled up from the floor.

When she saw everything in the room, and that the man had disappeared…

“It seems like you guys have other things to take care of here, so I won’t intrude any longer. Zichen’s tired, I’m taking him back to rest,” Ye Rong smiled and left the room with Ye Zichen in her arms.

Everyone in the room looked at Ye Rong’s retreating back in shock, then set their gazes upon Hua Lihua.

“How’s that possible!”

Ye Zichen suddenly screamed and sat up from the bed. He looked at his surroundings in confusion, and noticed that he was no longer in Linhe Garden.

Fragments of memories appeared in his mind…

In those fragments, he grew wings from his body. He was very strong, and had managed to beat the man up to a pulp.

Then, Mother Ye seemed to have appeared at the very last moment.

Ye Zichen clutched his head in pain. At the same time, the door to the room was pushed open, and Ye Rong walked in with a towel and a basin of water.

“Zichen, you’re awake.”

Mother Ye’s tone remained as soft as always.

When Ye Zichen looked up and saw her kind smile…

“Mom, why-why did you come?”

“You’ve always been clumsy, so how can I not worry about you when you’re off by yourself?” Mother Ye smiled kindly. After that, she touched his forehead and nodded. “It isn’t hot anymore.”

Ye Zichen pursed his lips at his mother’s kind smile, then frowned.

He had way too many things that he wanted to ask.

“I know there are loads of stuff that you want to ask about, but don’t ask… okay?” Mother Ye begged.

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth and nodded, “Then can you tell me just one thing? That man…”

“He wasn’t wrong!” Mother Ye smiled faintly, while forgiveness could be heard in her tone. “None of it was his wrongdoing. Perhaps, it was our union itself that was a mistake. However, it was not your grandfather’s fault either. Discarding me for the family was the correct choice.”

“Then you’re admitting that I’m someone from the Gu family, right?” Ye Zichen forced a sad smile to his face.

“Actually, you already knew a long time ago, right?” Mother Ye smiled softly, then got off the bed and opened the curtains. As she looked down at the passing car, she spoke up once again. “As for whether you’re someone from the Gu family, that’s for you to decide. If you want… Then you are! If you don’t want to, then so what if I say you are?”

“The only thing I know is that my surname is Ye,” Ye Zichen said with utter certainty. He held no goodwill towards the Gu family at all, even if Mother Ye forgave them and even went as far as to find excuses for them.

However, the truth is the truth. Even if they manage to put it in a completely different manner…

Mother Ye had become the family’s sacrifice and ended up with a man like that.

“Then our surname will be Ye,” Mother Ye turned back. “Actually, I like the surname Ye quite a bit. Ever since I left the Gu family, I fell in love with this surname immediately after being given it.”


Ye Zichen secretly clenched his fist. He could feel just how depressed Mother Ye was in her heart when she said that.

She became the family’s sacrifice, and even had her own surname taken away from her.

Then had to endure being with a man she does not know!

“Gu family!” Ye Zichen frowned.

As he uttered that quietly, Mother Ye turned back with a smile, “Don’t think about getting back at them for me. There is no need for that. I have already gotten past that a long time ago. By the way, I never actually expected you to meet someone from the Gu family.”

“Mm, the reason I came to the capital this time was to help Gu Tian gain the position of the junior family head!” Ye Zichen nodded.

“Junior family head…?”

Mother Ye’s soft smile suddenly froze, as she halted her words.

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