Chapter 332 Fallen

“How’s it possible?”

Ye Zichen stood up from the floor emotionlessly, while the wings behind him continuously fluttered. The huge wind produced caused all the decorations to fly all over the place, while he…

“How’s it possible!”


Ye Zichen looked up.

He stared straight at the man in front of him. He had already lost his ability to think, and only knew subconsciously that…

He had to defeat that man.

“Fallen… Hahahaha, Fallen!” the man smiled crazily. I didn’t think that the weak woman and I would actually give birth to a Fallen. Hahahaha…”


He suddenly stopped laughing.

Ye Zichen’s first hit mercilessly landed on the man’s stomach, and following that, Ye Zichen relentlessly swung his fists towards the man.


He completely dominated the man.

At that moment, the man, who was beaten to the point of coughing up blood by Ye Zichen, could only struggle to defend himself. There was no possibility for him to fight back at all.

Despite that, he continued to smile in excitement.

“Fallen, as expected of the greatest bloodline of the demon race. It truly is so strong that it excites me!”


Ye Zichen kicked the man, causing the man to hit the wall and crack it.

As the man coughed up blood, he still chose to speak up with a smile of anticipation, “My good son, come with daddy! Don’t stay in a small place like the Modern Realm, this place will only cover up your talent as a Fallen.”

However, the only response was a merciless punch.

“My good son…”


Another punch.

Only then did the man notice that Ye Zichen’s eyes were void of any consciousness. At that moment, Ye Zichen lacked the ability to think, he was merely acting based on instinct, just like how animals acted upon their instincts to hunt.

“You’ve lost yourself? Heh… So useless!” The man suddenly snorted coldly. Not long later, his hair and eyes also turned blood red, while his skin turned an even darker shade than Ye Zichen’s.

A vomit-inducing wave of spiritual energy spread out from his body.

Meanwhile, Fatty Yin, who stared closely at the two people in front of him hesitated to act.

“Trash is trash. I thought you could awaken and become a Fallen, but your consciousness was actually devoured,” the man cursed, while manifesting two black balls of energy from his hands. “It seems like I thought too much into it. How could a pure Fallen be conceived with that mere woman!?”


He combined the two balls of energy, which turned into a small ball of light with a diameter of one centimeter, and shot it towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen raised his hand.

The sneer on the man’s face became ever more apparent the moment he saw Ye Zichen raise his hand.

He actually wants to use his bare hands to grab the shot. This shot’s a condensed version, and even if a Human Immortal level expert grabbed it with their bare hands, it would still shoot straight through their hands.

Fatty Yin was also extremely shocked, causing him to roar, “Don’t…”

However, Ye Zichen could not hear his call. Ye Zichen merely reached forward with his hand…

The smile on the man’s face became more cruel, only to turn into shock moments later.

The energy sphere did not explode.

Ye Zichen grabbed it with a single hand, looked at it with a hint of curiosity in his eyes, then popped it into his mouth.


The man shook his head intensely. No one should be able to consume the energy bombs that other people released. Even extremely powerful people were only able to capture them, but were unable to digest it, not to mention being able to do it so easily.

However, the truth was in front of his eyes after all. After the energy bomb was swallowed, Ye Zichen’s skin color appeared to be more nourished.


Ye Zichen burped comfortably, then reached out his hand like a kid that just ate a candy that they like…

It was as if he was saying… Give me a few more.

“This is impossible!” the man no longer remained as laid back as he had initially. He shook his head forcefully, and manifested a bunch of energy bombs around him…


He shot them out without any hesitation, but Ye Zichen was able to receive all of them.

And the moment he caught one, he popped it into his mouth, swallowed it, and digested it!

“This… This…” the man’s eyes twitched.

After Ye Zichen burped once more, he licked his faint purple lips with his crimson tongue…


He smashed his fist against the man’s chest.


The man’s chest instantly dented inward, while blood spurt out of his mouth uncontrollably. The purple blood became ever more apparent on the snow-white floor.




As Ye Zichen swung his fists over and over again, the man had no way of resisting at all. If Ye Zichen wished to, he could even smash the man’s head with but a single punch.

But he didn’t…

He only swung his fist at the man’s body. It was as if the man was one of his beloved toys, and he didn’t want to cause the man to be ruined so quickly.

A good ten-odd minutes later.

The man’s arms and legs were already smashed to pieces, while his chest was completely indented. Normally speaking, these sort of injuries would have killed a person several times over already, but the man continued to stare closely at Ye Zichen with a hint of surprise.

“Ye Zichen, enough.”

Fatty Yin walked over with squinted eyes.

Ye Zichen turned around stiffly and looked at Fatty Yin with his emotionless eyes.


Fatty Yin silently gulped. This sort of gaze is way too threatening.

Could this really be a Fallen? But didn’t they say that the demon race is already extinct? Also, that man should be a descendant of the demon race as well…


I, Lord Fatty, have never dealt with a Fallen before.

As Fatty Yin looked at the deadly gaze of Ye Zichen, he licked his lips, then retreated with a coy smile, then pointed at the man, who was being beaten up, “Please continue!”

As he retreated in a flattering manner, his expression immediately turned sullen. God knows if Ye Zichen is going to break out of that Fallen status. If he continues on like this…

“Ice Empress, how long do you need to heal your body? Hurry up and freeze him!”

“I’m already trying my best!” Lu Lu frowned, while she answered with a solemn look on her face.

“What do you think is going on? I've never come into contact with situations like this!” Fatty Yin said speechlessly.

“Ye Zichen is a normal person, but he probably has the blood of the demon race within him, which was activated for some reason. Since his original form is not that of a demon it will be possible to wake him up. But… it can only be done by someone he holds close to his heart,” Lu Lu frowned.

“Close to his heart? Then I, Lord Fatty, isn’t going to work. He seemed like he was going to eat me just now. How about you give it a shot? Don’t you get along with him?” Fatty Yin asked.

“I’m not confident about that!” Lu Lu smiled wryly. “I don’t want to annoy him myself either.”

“Then what do you say we should do?” Fatty Yin had no idea what to do next.

Ye Zichen tilted his head to look at his beloved toy lying on the ground. Then, he set his gaze upon the man’s head.

He moved his arm.


A white hand grabbed hold of his arm.

“Zichen, wake up!”

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