Chapter 331 Fight

Chapter 331 – Fight

The dominating aura from the man shot out, scattering the ice and snow that Lu Lu had created.

The eyes of everyone in the room twitched.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen squinted his eyes at Lu Lu and frowned, “Take good care of them.”

“Then what about you!?” Lu Lu’s expression drastically changed. In her mind, only Ye Zichen was worthy of her care. She did not particularly care about the others at all.

“Even though he is coming off strong, he’s just an Earth Immortal. He can’t do anything to me,” with that, Ye Zichen looked up at the man emotionlessly.

His dark irises lit up with a gold light, while a brownish-grey aura also surfaced on his skin.

Fiery Eyes of Truth, activate!

Unbreakable Body, activate!

“My good son, do you want to fight dad?” the man curled his lips, and chucked the folded fan up into the air…


The moment the fan fell onto the ground, both Ye Zichen and the man moved.


Two fists collided together.

A huge torrent of spiritual energy spread out with Ye Zichen and the man at the center.

Gu Tian and co., who stood at the back, were so impacted by the wave of spiritual energy that they could not open their eyes. If it wasn’t for Lu Lu setting up a barrier in front of them, they might have been sent flying due to it.

However, Hua Lihua was not so lucky, because she was merely a normal mortal woman.

The moment Lu Lu activated the ice world, Hua Lihua could no longer endure it. Then, when the spiritual energy wave appeared, she was directly sent flying, before she hit the wall, causing her to cough up a large mouthful of blood.

“Is-Is this really Brother Ye?”

Shock filled Gu Tian’s eyes, and even Lu Lu was surprised.

She had never seen Ye Zichen go out at full force. However, she could tell from he was of the False Earth Immortal level from the faint vibrations of spiritual energy around his body.

Yet, during that exchange…

It was clear that his strength was not just limited to that level.

“My good son, I didn’t expect you to not be particularly weak. Not bad, at least you did not inherit the weakness of Gu Rong in terms of strength,” the man smiled sinisterly.

Ye Zichen stared at him, “You really bullshit far too much. I feel like I’m going to get calluses on my ears just from listening to you.”

“Hehe…” the man smiled coldly, then suddenly poured more force into his arm…


Ye Zichen, who had managed to match the man’s strength so far, was instantly sent flying into a wall.

“Did you really think that you are equal to daddy?” the man said angrily.

“Ye Zichen!” Lu Lu shouted out worriedly. At that moment, Ye Zichen crawled up from the ground with blood flowing down the corner of his mouth. He wiped away the blood, then looked up with eyes filled with endless hatred…

This man in front of me is my father…

What a joke!

Ye Zichen roared, then shot out towards the man once again like a ray of light.

Bang bang bang bang.

Ye Zichen and the man exchanged blows so quickly that a normal person’s naked eye could no longer capture their movements. The only way they could even identify the exchanges were the sounds of collision that echoed in the room.




Ye Zichen flew out and hit the wall continuously, but he struggled and stood up every single time, before charging towards that man.

Ye Zichen had already forgotten about pain. He only had one thought in mind…

Defeat that man, and take revenge for my mother.

Normally, Ye Zichen did have a sort of happy-go-lucky attitude, so he would have at least a slight bit of mercy for everyone. However, when someone truly tramples on his bottom line, even if he knows that he cannot defeat the other person, and clearly knows that he cannot win…

He will still try!

“Is this a joke!”

Ye Zichen shouted out with his hoarse voice. At this moment, his irises also turned blood red as he manically charged at the man over and over again due to his grudge!

Nobody noticed that while Ye Zichen fought with the man, his hair gradually turned blood red, while his skin turned bronze…


Ye Zichen was sent flying to the wall by the man once again. When that happened, blood already begun to uncontrollably gush out from his mouth.

He no longer had the strength to stand up. He could only lay on the ground, look in front of him with lost eyes, while struggling to lift his right hand.

“My good son, in the end, you’re still too weak.”

The man squinted his eyes and walked over with a playful smile. The hair of Lu Lu, who had been protecting Gu Tian’s group, instantly turned the color of ice…

“You’re seeking death,” the man roared. A black ball of energy suddenly appeared in his right hand, which he threw at Lu Lu’s chest without the slightest hint of hesitation.

Immediately after that, Lu Lu’s body turned feeble, while her hair reverted to its original color.

“Body Double, just stay to the side and watch. Do you think that a mere Body Double can be any kind of a threat towards me?” the man laughed recklessly.

Then, he ignored Lu Lu, who tried her best with that body of hers, and walked straight in front of Ye Zichen.

He put his a hand in his pocket, then reached out his hand towards the fan on the ground.

The fan instantly appeared in his hand. He fluttered the fan lightly, then smiled with a condescending attitude, “My good son. You’re still too young to try and beat your father!”

Then, a hint of mercilessness flashed in his eyes.

“Your existence itself was a mistake. Since it’s like this, then just disappear!”

He kicked towards Ye Zichen’s chest with his right leg without any sign of hesitation. At that very moment…


The door was suddenly knocked open. A meatball-like fatty ran in threw the door and crashed into the man.

“Ouch, f*ck. Why is the threshold so high? It nearly tripped Lord Fatty to death. Hey, wait a moment, why is the ground so soft?” Fatty Yin subconsciously turned around and saw the man beneath him. He quickly scratched his head and smiled coyly. “Sorry, sorry. I didn’t notice you there. Sorry.”

He quickly got up from the man. Then he saw the white-out state of the room, and Ye Zichen and co. who were on the floor…

“What’s going on? The houses in Linhe Garden can make artificial snow now? You guys were having a snow fight to the point of coughing up blood?”

He quickly ran to Ye Zichen’s side, grabbed Ye Zichen’s arm with his hand, then begun to pass along celestial spiritual energy into his body…

Yet, to the fatty’s surprise, he was unable to pass along any celestial spiritual energy into Ye Zichen’s body.

“How’s it possible.”

“How’s it possible?”

“How’s it possible!?”

Ye Zichen muttered, wailed, then screamed. Then, when he looked up…

His hair completely turned the color of blood, just like his eyes, while his skin also turned a dark bronze…



A pair of pitch black wings spread out from behind his body.

Everyone in the room freaked out when they saw this.

What’s more, Fatty Yin muttered to himself frantically, “Fa-Fallen!”

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