Chapter 33 It was me finding you

Chapter 33 – It was me finding you

After Xiao Hai had helped him out so much, Ye Zichen felt that he should quickly return the favor.

He clicked open the WeChat group, and saw that the legend of his flame war with Erlang Shen back in the days was still being talked about.

Some deities that didn’t know what happened would ask curiously. It seemed like even deities were like that, gossips were never-ending.

God of Thunder: That deity appeared for a brief moment like an epiphyllum, then was never heard from again after the flame war with Erlang Shen.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Yeah, that deity is the idol of many of my good sisters.

Barefoot Immortal: Daring to fight against True Lord Erlang, then he definitely is this. <insert three thumb up emojis>

Immortality Peach Fairy: Agree.

God of Thunder: Agree +1

Wu Gang: Agree +2,

The group instantly heated up. Ye Zichen could only helplessly quit the chat group and clicked on his chat with the Monkey King.

Not finding him around the chat group these past few days was kind of out of character for him.

Thinking about that, Ye Zichen sent a greeting over.

“Great Sage, what are you getting busy with?”

No reply!

That was too weird, he would always instantly reply before.


Ye Zichen’s phone suddenly vibrated, causing him to open the group chat like it was a conditioned reflex.

A red packet suddenly appeared, and the person that sent it was actually Old Lord Taishang.


He was too late, the red packets had ran out.

Slap. He slapped his thigh.

It was the red packet by Old Lord Taishang. That was exactly what Ye Zichen needed. Crap, he didn’t manage to get any.

He looked at the other people’s luck.

F*ck, it really was more Great Recovery Pills.


Another red packet was sent.


Sorry, the red packets ran out.

Not long later, another red packet appeared


You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet.

Great Recovery Pill x3.

Got it.

Ye Zichen’s body shuddered, he had finally gotten it.

However, he was a bit curious, why had Old Lord Taishang started sending red packets without saying anything? Furthermore, why were they sent at such a large rate.

Most importantly, the group was terrifyingly silent. No one actually spoke at all.

Ye Zichen was only able to find out about the situation after scrolling up the chat log.

Old Lord Taishang: Wait a moment, our salaries’ are here.

Salaries’ are here.

Ye Zichen, who was confused, suddenly remembered what the Great Sage has said. The Great Recovery Pills Old Lord Taishang had refined were all given to the heavenly soldiers as candy.

So that’s what’s going on.

So that meant, wouldn’t there be more…

As he expected, Old Lord Taishang sent ten-odd red packets.

Ye Zichen furiously tried to snatch them, but it was unable to get a single one.

“Zichen, why do you keep playing with your phone?”

Xiao Yumei sat nearby. Ye Zichen waved his phone in front of her.

“Snatching red packets.”


Xiao Yumei couldn’t help but giggle, “Just how poor are you? If you really don’t have any money, then I can give you some.”

With that, Xiao Yumei was about to give her card to him. However, Ye Zichen quickly pushed the card back to her.

“What are you doing? Is this you trying to support me? Don’t you forget, your money was all earned from my stone.”

“Yeah, our family’s Zichen is so amazing,” Xiao Yumei smiled. All of a sudden, Ye Zichen was a bit mesmerized, while his hand also started to reach uncontrollably into Xiao Yumei’s clothes.

“Stop messing around, Tiantian’s still here,” Xiao Yumei swatted his hand away, while Ye Zichen scratched his head and smiled apologetically. However, Xiao Yumei then whispered in his ear, “Come to my place later tonight.”


All of the force in his body instantly surged out. As Ye Zichen watched Xiao Yumei’s teasing eyes, she quickly gulped.

“Daddy, Mommy, Tiantian is full.”

It was unknown why this Lil’ Tiantian would always pop up at times like this.

“You’re full, then Mommy will bring Tiantian to wash her hands,” Xiao Yumei threw Ye Zichen an alluring smile right before she walked out with Tiantian.

“This siren…”

When they left the restaurant, the manager and waiters all lined up in a row to send Ye Zichen off.

Ye Zichen couldn’t stand that at all, while Xiao Yumei seemed to act natural.

It was clear that she was already used to this sort of situation.

“Go to my home?” Xiao Yumei smiled towards Ye Zichen, while her alluring eyes were filled with faint anticipation.

“What do you think?” Ye Zichen held her waist without any hesitation. Man, if I don’t go with you seducing me like that, could  I still be called a man?

However, unfortunately, the big bro of his dorm, Kang Peng, called.

“Hello, are there any issues? If there aren’t, then I’m hanging up!”

Ugh, calling at this time, isn’t this causing trouble for him!

“Ye-zi, hurry up and come back. If you don’t, then I’m dead.”

Kang Peng sobbed in the phone, as if he was being beaten.

Ye Zichen scanned Xiao Yumei’s face, then listened back to Kang Peng’s suffering on the phone…

“Then I’ll be there immediately.”

“The second floor of Oben Network Café, hurry.”


Ye Zichen threw his phone into his pocket. Just as he was about to explain to Xiao Yumei, she already spoke up.

“Do you have some urgent matters?”

“A bro at the dorm seems to have gotten into some trouble, I’m going over to see what’s going on,” Ye Zichen scratched his head. Then wiped his finger across Xiao Yumei’s cheek. “Next time, I’ll come to your home, okay?”

“If you have matters to attend to then go, I’m yours, you can come by any time,” Xiao Yumei smiled, kissed Ye Zichen’s lips lightly, then got into the car.

Ye Zichen touched his lips that still had a faint aroma left and let out a long sigh.

He didn’t get into trouble earlier or later, it just had to be right now…

He urgently arrived at the second floor of Oben Network Café. Most of the students here right now were university students nearby, everyone sat on their seats playing their games, it didn’t look like they were in a fight.

Ye Zichen scanned the second floor, and saw that Kang Peng was playing intensely on the second computer beside the window.


Ye Zichen slapped Kang Peng’s headphones off with a slap.

“That grandson… Ye-zi, you came back.”

Kang Peng scratched his head and smiled idiotically. Ye Zichen was about to explode from anger.

When he heard Kang Peng sob in the phone, he thought Kang Peng had been beaten up!

The f*ck? Tricking him?

It was fine if it was normally, but just now…

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth and fists, while the veins on his forehead were about to pop up.

“You, better give me a satisfied explanation, or else…”


Kang Peng gulped when he saw Ye Zichen clench his fists, and said.

“It wasn’t me looking for you, it was someone else.”

“Who, tell me who was looking for me,” Ye Zichen glared, and grabbed Kang Peng’s collar. “Do you f*cking know how important the business that got messed up was for me? Do you know how important of a matter I gave up to come back!”

“Ye-zi, don’t be impulsive, calm down.”

Kang Peng told Ye Zichen to not get angry, and pointed over at an empty computer beside him.

“She’s looking for you.”



A peal of clear laughter sounded out from behind Ye Zichen. He turned around and saw Xia Keke standing behind him with a smile.

“It was me looking for you!”

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