Chapter 329 Who won?

Chapter 329 – Who won?

Lu Lu was definitely a dominating person.

The title of Ice Empress was not just for show. Even though she looked petite and cute, if she actually became angry, everyone would tremble.

Lu Lu also gradually opened up her palm as the temperature of the surrounding area lowered.

“Rogue Immortal!”

The two hulks in front of the door frowned. They could already sense the danger that radiated from the young girl in front of them.

“Rogue immortals cannot use celestial spiritual energy above Earth Immortal level according to the rules. You are breaking the rules like this,” the bald man out of the two spoke up.

Lu Lu merely smiled, “Rules are for the weak. The rules are made by the strong. It is clear that I’m the strong one here, so your so-called rules don’t work on me.”

Gu Tian was completely shocked. He never expected that the petite and cute girl in front of him was actually so strong.

Judging from her aura, even the current family head of the Gu family cannot compare to her.

“Either f*ck off, or die. Now, choose!” Lu Lu glared at them.

The two hulks standing guard hesitated for a moment, then moved aside with their teeth clenched.


“Hmph, that’s obedient!” Lu Lu frowned, then turned to smile towards Ye Zichen. “Do you see that? Power is the proper way. You’re nothing but a little piece of trash, and are way too weak!”

Ye Zichen was very annoyed about being mocked, but he couldn’t say anything to counter it.

He was truly too weak, so since he couldn’t retort, he just shut up.

Gou Yuzhan, who was holding a chicken leg in his mouth, snickered. However, when Ye Zichen glared at him, Gou Yuzhan instantly lowered his head and avoided Ye Zichen’s gaze.

“Lil’ Ru, listen to second aunt. As a girl, it isn’t suitable for you to show yourself outside. We, the Hua family, aren’t a business-oriented family, meanwhile fighting isn’t suitable for you at all.”

Hua Zhiru stood alone in the center of the room while facing a middle-aged woman who had maintained herself rather well. That woman was Hua Zhiru’s second aunt, Hua Lihua.

A hint of a mocking smile flashed across Hua Zhiru’s eyes when she heard Hua Lihua’s words, “Then you want to tell me that it is suitable for you to show yourself in the public all the time?”

Hua LIhua nodded, “There’s no helping it. Our Hua family doesn’t have any men, so the family head will have to be a woman. You are still young. How can second aunt let you take over my old man’s dangerous job? Second aunt is going all this for your own good.”

“Wow, for my own good,” a coldness surfaced on Hua Zhiru’s face.

Even though her surroundings were already filled with Hua Lihua’s people, Hua Zhiru remained fearless as she scanned over everyone else in the room.

“You guys, also agree with what my second aunt said, right?”

Everybody paused for a moment. Out of them, there were some people that were assistants to the Hua family’s old man back in the days of war. All of them clearly knew that Hua Zhiru was the proper successor of the Hua family.

However, the old man had already passed away. Hua Zhiru only had a weak foundation. Since people should recognize the situation, they had to stand on Hua Lihua’s side for their own benefits.

“If you aren’t speaking, then you are silently admitting it.”

Hua Zhiru revealed a terrible expression. These people…

Were the closest people to my grandfather, and the people that he trusted most.

On the other hand, Hua Lihua’s face was filled with a confident smile. Inviting Hua Zhiru to this place was one of her ploys.

As long as Hua Zhiru dared to come, then she was confident that she could grab the position of the family head from her.

“Lil’ Ru, listen to second aunt. Let go. That position is too high up, it isn’t suitable for the current you.”

“That position is truly really high,” Hua Zhiru nodded, then said with a hint of ambition in her eyes. “But who doesn’t want to sit in the highest position? Second aunt, am I right!?”

Hearing that, Hua Lihua paused for a moment, before putting on a sinister expression.

“Lil’ Ru, you are forcing second aunt.”

“But isn’t second aunt also forcing me?” Hua Zhiru’s face also turned cold. She spoke with confidence and determination, “Everyone knows that I’m the number one successor in the entire Hua family. Is second aunt trying to steal what is rightfully mine by inviting me here and telling so many people to surround me?”

“Your words truly hurt second aunt’s heart,” Hua Lihua put on a fake smile.

Hua Zhiru smiled mockingly, then turned around and disregarded the woman as she swept her gaze over the rest of the people in the room, “From now on, I’m in charge of the Hua family! If any one of you wants this position, then try and take it from me!”

With that, she started to walk forwards with a soft smile, “Anyone who dares to stop me will be blacklisted from the Hua family. From now on, it will only end with death!”

Hua Zhiru pursed her lips and stepped forward. Despite her calm demeanor, she was actually more nervous than anyone.

One step…

Two steps…

“Stop her!” Hua Lihua screamed. At the same time, malice filled her face, “Lil’ Ru, you forced second aunt to do this.”

Hearing the scream behind her, Hua Zhiru sighed, “Grandpa, sorry. I didn’t listen to you. Even though you clearly told me not to make a bet with other people, since I would only lose regardless of the bet, I didn’t listen. This time… I lost again!”

She had come without any backup plans, and purely wanted to bet everything on her actions.

Hua Zhiru shut her eyes submissively and essentially gave up her chance of resisting. Actually, it wasn’t that she wanted to resist, it was because she understood very clearly that resistance was futile.

“Lil’ Hua, giving up like this isn’t good, is it?” playful laughter rang out.

Hearing his voice, Hua Zhiru opened her eyes, and saw Ye Zichen standing beside her with a faint smile.

As for the crowd in the room…

“I’m going to beat you to death for bullying the kind older sister. Just stand still for grandpa…”

Gou Yuzhan chased after the people in in the room with a pair of nunchaku. Meanwhile, Gu Tian did not stand idle either. He continuously made his way through the crowd and knocked people out.

“Big-Big Brother Gu,” Hua Zhiru exclaimed with a smile.

She subconsciously reached her hands out to hold Ye Zichen’s arm.

However, a low voice rang out beside her ear, “Let go of him.”

As she turned back, she noticed Lu Lu staring straight at her with flames of jealousy burning in her eyes.

Hua Zhiru couldn’t help but shudder due to the cold.

“Sorry, I was too worked up,” Hua Zhiru let go with a coy smile. Then she calmed herself down and looked at Hua Lihua with a faint smile. “Second aunt, I won this time.”

“Little bitch, do you think that you’ve really won?”

Everyone could tell from Hua Lihua’s way of addressing Hua Zhiru that she was going to bring all her past grudges to the surface.

Hua Lihua’s sinister faze carried a faint bit of laughter, “You’re too naïve. Do you think that second aunt doesn’t have a backup plan?”

Clap, clap.

Hua Lihua clapped. Then, she bowed behind her as the smile on her face became more apparent, “Sir, I’ll be troubling you.”


A laugh suddenly sounded out in the room.

Not long later, a man holding a folded fan walked down from the second floor.

“My dear son, we finally meet!”

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