Chapter 328 Linhe Garden

Chapter 328 – Linhe Garden

Gou Yuzhan was truly angry.

There are so many things to eat in Linhe Garden. I even felt really happy for finding this place after coming to the capital, but the people inside had always blocked my way and wouldn’t let me eat.

It was whatever before, since I do admit that I didn’t have a membership card…

But the guy that I don’t know already took out a membership card, those people are still not letting me in.

“I’m telling you, hurry up and let me in. I’m not scared of you guys, if I actually get angry, even my dad’s scared of me!”

The two strands on top of Gou Yuzhan’s hair vibrated, while he glared at the receptionist fiercely.

“You broke into Linhe Garden. The fact that we didn’t send you to the police station is already merciful. You still dare to act cocky with us… I’m telling you, they can enter, but you can’t!”

The receptionist also glared at Gou Yuzhan fiercely. At the same time, Linhe Garden’s security guards also came over, with hostility surfacing in their eyes the moment they say Gou Yuzhan.

We just threw him out and now he’s back again.

“Fine, do you really think I, your grandfather, doesn’t dare!?”


A nunchuck suddenly appeared in his right hand in a magic trick like manner. Gou Yuzhan flung it around a few times, then posed like Bruce Lee.

“Take this!”


Before he managed to fling the nunchuck, Ye Zichen directly smacked his head.

“Take your ass.”

“Kind shopkeeper, why did you hit me?” Gou Yuzhan wore a confused look.

Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, then turned towards the security guards, “Bro, this friend of mine might not have a particular good reputation here, but he doesn’t have any ill intentions. He just wanted to grab something to eat. Since we have a membership card now, don’t be too strict, and just let him in.”

“Sir, it’s not that we aren’t allowing him. It’s that he has been blacklisted by Linhe Garden,” said one of the security guards.

Hearing that, Gou Yuzhan became completely enraged, he immediately walked towards the entrance with his nunchuck in his hand, “Blacklisted? Fine, then let’s see after a good fight!”

“Stop for a moment,” Ye Zichen grabbed Gou Yuzhan by his collar.

At that moment, Ye Zichen suddenly smelled a faint fragrance of jasmine…

“Big Brother Gu,” a soft and confused voice called out. Ye Zichen turned over and saw that Hua Zhiru had suddenly appeared beside him.

“Lil’ Hua!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Can you not copy that damn fatty? Can’t you call me Lil’ Ru or Zhiru? Why do you have to call me Lil’ Hua!” Hua Zhiru pouted in annoyance.

At the same time, the security guards and the receptionist also quickly bowed in greetings, “Young Lady!”

Hua Zhiru nodded slightly towards the security guards.

Ye Zichen was stunned, “This is the property of your family!?”

“Mhmm, it is!” Hua Zhiru smiled plainly. “I understand the approximate situation already. Let’s go in together!”

The security guards blocking the way in front of them all quickly moved aside.

As they walked in, Gou Yuzhan rolled his eyes at the security guards like a jerk, “Block my way, keep blocking my way!”

When he saw that the security guards did not dare to answer, Gou Yuzhan snorted proudly, then walked in behind Ye Zichen and co.

As they walked, Ye Zichen could clearly feel the gazes that the people within Linhe Garden directed towards them.

More precisely, they should be towards Hua Zhiru, who walked behind him.

Ye Zichen could tell that she was extremely tired from her eyes, and thinking about what happened in the airport, it is very possible that it was caused by the situation of her family.

“Big Brother Gu, go around as you wish. There are some things I have to deal with,” Hua Zhiru suddenly stopped and smiled.

“Go, just do what you need to,” Ye Zichen nodded towards her.

After watching her leave, Lu Lu twitched her mouth then yanked the corner of Ye Zichen’s shirt with a frown, “Who is that woman? Why is she so close to you?”

“… Are you sure that she’s close to me? She doesn’t even know what my surname is. Do you really think that she’s close?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Only then did Lu Lu mutter in sudden understanding, “Oh yeah, she called you Big Brother Gu just now.”

Ye Zichen patted her head and revealed a look of helplessness.

Gu Tian also smiled faintly as he glanced towards Hua Zhiru, who was walking to somewhere else, “Out of everyone in the Hua family, she should be the number one successor after Hua Lin dies. But it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be easy for her to inherit such a large family. As I expected, large families just have more stuff to care about.”

“Isn’t it the same for you?” Ye Zichen smiled. Large families are just trouble.

“Erm… Can I go and eat something?” Gou Yuzhan asked. He had no interest in inheritance or whatnot. His greatest interest was eating…

“Go, go, go.  But don’t cause trouble,” Ye Zichen said in annoyance.

“No problem!” Gou Yuzhan ran out excitedly.

Then, Gu Tian decided to take Ye Zichen and Lu Lu around Linhe Garden.

Linhe Garden was actually a place for trading. There were professional appreciators for antiques as well as all sorts of flowers and plants…

There was no need to be worried about being tricked there.

As long as a person had enough money, they were able to buy anything they wanted.

After taking a wander around Linhe Garden, Ye Zichen merely ordered a bit of snacks. On the other hand, Gu Tian actually bought quite a bit of stuff.

“Kind shopkeeper!” At that moment, Gou Yuzhan ran over quickly with a chicken leg in his hand.

“Don’t call me kind shopkeeper, alright? Just call me by my name, Ye Zichen!” Ye Zichen frowned.

“That’s not important!” Gou Yuzhan shook his head. “That kind girl is in trouble!”

“Kind girl?” Ye Zichen frowned.

Hearing that, Lu Lu closed her eyes, then opened them after a few seconds, that Hua Zhiru is indeed in trouble. Do you want to go over to take a look?”

“Hua Zhiru! Let’s go!” Ye Zichen frowned.

Gou Yuzhan instantly nodded, “Come with me.”

After going through two courtyards, Gou Yuzhan brought Ye Zichen and co. to the entrance of a large courtyard, which had two muscular men standing at the arched entrance.

“This isn’t a trading area. It is for staff only.”

The two hulks crossed their arms and blocked off the way, while a faint celestial spiritual aura was revealed.

Earth Immortal.

Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched. Bingcheng truly cannot compare up to the capital.

Even these guards are at the Earth Immortal level. It seems like the capital is truly filled with talented people.

“Your young lady, Hua Zhiru is endangered inside. Let us in!” Ye Zichen frowned.

The two hulks in front of the door smiled, “That has nothing to do with us. Our mission is to stand guard here and not let anyone in!”

“Hua Zhiru is in danger…”

“Why waste your breath with them!” Lu Lu suddenly curled her lips, while a spiral of ice and snow appeared in her palm. “I’ll give you two two choices. Either f*ck off or die!”

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