Chapter 327 Living to Eat

Chapter 327 – Living to Eat

Ye Zichen desperately wanted to go to the Gu household.

The mystery of his identity had always bothered him. What’s more, when Mother Ye mentioned the Gu family, she had avoided the topic together, while she kept silent during any talk of his biological father.

Old Man Lin had also mentioned the… true meaning of his name.



This was a mystery that can only be solved after going to the Gu household.

“Why is Brother Ye in such a hurry to go to the Gu household? It’s better to go to that sort of shithole later,” Gu Tian said with a faintly smile and shrugged. “I finally managed to get away, so I was going to mess around outside for a few days first.”

“You really aren’t interested in the junior family head position at all!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

Gu Tian shrugged, “I said it already, I don’t actually have very much ambition for the position of the junior family head. Everything was forced onto me by the situation. There’s no helping it!”

“Since you’re so disinterested, then I don’t have anything to say.”

Even though Ye Zichen was desperate to go to the Gu household, since Gu Tian did not invite him over, then he couldn’t be so straightforward.

He could not let anyone know about his true intentions for going to the Gu household, so everything had to be done secretly.

“Hehe, Brother Ye seems to care about it even more than me. Gu Tian is truly moved!” A smiled filled Gu Tian’s face. “Originally, I had wanted to tell Brother Ye to come a few days later. I didn’t think that Brother Ye would actually come on the day right after the call. Gu Tian will definitely not forget this favor!”

“Don’t say such pointless stuff. What do you want to do if not go back?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

“Of course I want to go out and play,” Gu Tian laughed. “My head’s about to explode just from listening to those old bastards blabber these few days. I heard that there’s a crowd over at Lihe Garden. Let’s go over to take a look.”

Ye Zichen subconsciously looked over towards Lu Lu, who blinked her cute eyes and muttered, “Go if you want, I’ll just follow you.”

Gu Tian stealthily gave Ye Zichen a thumbs up. Gu Tian had already known that Ye Zichen had plenty of girls around him.

The one in front of him was clearly a new one. The fact that Brother Ye could actually make such a cute girl so submissive…

His ability in picking up girls was definitely top notch.

Ye Zichen ignored Gu Tian’s actions, smiled towards Lu Lu, then rubbed her head, “You truly have no opinions for yourself at all.”

“I just like following you,” Lu Lu tiled her head and giggled.

“Then let’s go and take a look!” Ye Zichen said to Gu Tian, since he had nothing better to do at all. “I’m telling you, this is my first time in the capital, so you have to be a proper tour guide.”

“Alright, Brother Ye, just wait and see!”

The capital’s traffic was even worse than Bingcheng’s, so when they arrived at Lihe Garden, it was already midday.

After getting out of the car, Ye Zichen nodded as he looked at the classical structures, “This place isn’t bad at all.”

“Ha, Brother Ye will definitely be shocked after we go in,” Gu Tian said with a faint smile, and took Ye Zichen towards the entrance.

At that moment, a loud shout sounded out, “Hurry up and f*ck off. You cannot enter without a membership card.”

“On what grounds are you not letting me in! Doesn’t it say that there is free food at noon here!? I already found out. If you aren’t letting me in, then I’m going to file a complaint against you guys!”

Ye Zichen glanced over at the place of the argument and saw a young man with his back towards him. The young man wore a white-checkered shirt, and two strands of hair stood up on his head.

Opposite the young man was a security guards with an extremely displeased expression, what’s more, the security guard’s thick arm clearly showed how much explosiveness the guard’s body had.

“Brat, you leaving?”

“You guys are too mean,” the checkered shirted young man frowned, reached out with his right hand, grabbed the security guard and threw him out. “Someone that can stop this lord from eating isn’t born yet!”

With that, the checker shirted young man ran into Lihe Garden excitedly, while shouting, “Time to eat good food.”


Ye Zichen and co. were completely speechless.

Gu Tian also shook his head in amazement, “This rash kid. He’ll definitely be thrown out in a while.”

It was as he said, the sound of fighting could be heard from within Lihe Garden half a minute later.

The checker shirted teenager was being chased around by seven or eight security guards. The young man was holding a piece of bread in his mouth, while holding a piece of cake in his hands, as he continuously evaded capture.

However, since two hands could not defeat four, the young man was finally caught and thrown out.

Despite that, as he landed on the floor, the young man still carefully protected the cake in his hands, and muttered…

“I can’t waste food.”

Ye Zichen’s face was filled with speechlessness at the familiar scene. The young man was truly too similar to a person he knows.

“Let’s stop looking and go,” Gu Tian smiled faintly. It really is a rare occurrence to see this sort of weirdo in Lihe Garden.

But just watching when there was a commotion was enough. There was no need to do that now everything has ended.

“Kind shopkeeper!”

At that moment, a call sounded out behind Ye Zichen and co.

As they turned their heads back, they saw the young man with a checkered shirt ran over with cake in his mouth.

“Kind shopkeeper, it really is you.”

No wonder, how could there be someone so similar to that weirdo I know. After everything, they are the very same person.

“Gou Yuzhan, why did you come over to the capital?”

“Kind shopkeeper, why did you come to the capital too? Since you aren’t watching over the supermarket, what if people steal all the food!”

In Gou Yuzhan’s mind, food was more important than anything!

“Brother Ye, you can’t actually know him, right?” Gu Tian looked at the weirdo who just fought with the security guards of Linhe Garden over food…

“Yeah!” Ye Zichen smiled helplessly. “Let’s bring him along!”

“Then… Alright!”

Gu Tian’s put on a troubled expression. He had just wanted to tell Ye Zichen that even if they wanted to take him in, it would be very difficult.

When they arrived at the entrance to, Gu Tian took out a platinum membership card and handed it over, “I want to enter. A platinum membership can bring three people in, right?”

“Sir, that’s right,” the receptionist smiled, but when he saw Gou Yuzhan, who stood behind Gu Tian, his face instantly froze. “He… can’t enter!”

That brat had been the nightmare of Linhe Garden in recent days. Today wasn’t the first time he came to grab food from Linhe Garden.

He came the last few days as well!

He’s already blacklisted now!

“Why aren’t you letting me? It was logical since I didn’t have a membership card, but now my friend has a card, why are you still not letting me in!?” Gou Yuzhan opened his eyes wide in annoyance. “This is truly bullying. I’m going to say it bluntly right now. If you guys don’t let me in, then I’ll trash your damn garden!

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