Chapter 326 An Oath by One’s Heart Demon

Chapter 326 – An Oath by One’s Heart Demon

As the temperature of the room plummeted, Ye Zichen, who sat on the sofa, looked up. He couldn’t help but shudder when he saw Lu Lu’s frosty face. This was exactly what she started with when she froze that snakeman.

A look of shock flashed across Fatty Yin’s face. Then he raised his eyebrows in confusion, “The room seems to have gotten colder.”

“Do you want to continue pretending in front of me?” Lu Lu squinted her eyes, while the torrent of ice and snow in her hands increased in size. “Answer me, why are you trying to get close to Ye Zichen?”

“Girl, you really are strange. I got along extremely well with him on the plane, and he helped me deal with a bit of trouble. How can you say that I’m deliberately trying to get close to him?” Fatty Yin puffed up his chest with a frown.

Lu Lu smiled plainly, “If you aren’t saying it, then die!”

Lu Lu smacked the torrent in her hands towards the fatty without any hesitation.

Ye Zichen tensed up and quickly grabbed her arm.

“What are you doing?” Lu Lu frowned. “Why aren’t you letting me kill him!?”

“Lu Lu, this is a peaceful society. Don’t always kill this and that. This fatty’s just a normal person. It’s illegal for you to kill him.”

Actually, Ye Zichen had already suspected the fatty to be someone that other races had sent over to kill him.

Ye Zichen was able to use his Fiery Eyes of Truth to determine that the fatty was a normal person. After that, he immediately stopped worrying and just thought that the fatty was someone who got familiar with people easily.

“Don’t forget your identity!” Lu Lu frowned, then snorted as she pointed to Fatty Yin. “This guy has two spiritual bodies in his body.”

“What?” Ye Zichen was shocked. He looked at Fatty’s Yin stiff face and gulped. “Two souls?”

“Others can’t tell, but I can,” Lu Lu protected Ye Zichen behind her, and stared straight at the fatty. “Tell me your intentions. Otherwise, die!”

Fatty Yin smiled coyly and revealed a confused expression in face of Lu Lu’s powerful demeanor, “What are you saying? Why don’t I understand?”

“I said it already, don’t pretend in front of me!”

All of a sudden, Lu Lu’s hand emitted a blue glow. She patted her hand against the fatty’s head with force, causing a spiritual body to be pulled out from the fatty’s sea of consciousness.”

“As expected of the Three Realm’s Ice Empress,” the spiritual body smiled faintly, then went back into the fatty’s body, before hugging his shoulders with his hands. “Actually, our goal is the same. I also have to protect him. There is no need for you to be so hostile towards me.”

Ye ZIchen was already completely shocked. No matter what, he did not expect that the fatty actually had two souls.

And the other soul knows the Ice Empress of the Three Realms!

“Just because you said you’ll protect him? Don’t you think what you said was funny?” Lu Lu curled her lips. “You… cannot be left alive!”

She left forward and smacked her palm towards the fatty.

The fatty dodged Lu Lu’s attack with a feint, “It is still too hard for a mere Body Double to deal with me. Girl, I know you’re doing it for Ye Zichen’s good, but don’t generalize. There are… plenty of people that want to protect him.”

The fatty smiled faintly, then squinted his eyes, I swear by my heart demon that I am only getting close to Ye Zichen in order to protect him.”

Hearing the fatty’s words, Lu Lu took a step back.

When the fatty saw that, he chuckled, “Do you believe it now? Can you retract this freezing temperature? It’s too cold.”

“Humph, then I’ll force myself to believe you this once,” Lu Lu retracted the ice and snow using her hands.

The fatty put on a look of helplessness, “C’mon, if my oath by my heart demon was a lie, then I’m screwed.”

“Hmph,” Lu Lu snorted coldly.

“Girl, you really have a bad temper… Fine, since you are by Ye Zichen’s side now, then I don’t need to watch over him currently. Since I also need to help this little fatty deal with his relationship problems, then I’ll be off.”

With that, the fatty disappeared from the room.

After a while, laughter suddenly sounded out all around the room, “Oh yeah, I’ll come over again when I have time. Gu family… Let’s meet there. Hahahaha!”

The echoed laughter resonated in the room for a long time, while Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then turned to look at Lu Lu…

“Is that fatty a good guy or a bad guy?”

“I’m not certain, but it’s more likely that he’s a good guy, “Lu Lu licked her lips. “He did swear by his heart demon. As long as he’s not trying to screw himself over, then what he said is most likely true.”

“What’s swearing by his heart demon?” Ye Zichen asked in confusion.

“It’s hard to explain it to you right now. You’re still too weak. When you reach the level of an Earth Immortal, you will come into contact with it.


Ye Zichen was truly a bit shocked. If it wasn’t for Lu Lu, he might never find out that the fatty actually had two spiritual bodies within him.

It seems like the level 1 of the Fiery Eyes of Truth isn’t quite enough. When I find the time, I have to quickly get some cultivation experience to buy all of the remaining levels.

“Oh yeah, the fatty said that you are a Body Double just now?” Ye Zichen glanced at her.

“Mhmm,” Lu Lu nodded. “My main body needs to assume command in the Elk Race in the Three Realms. The situation there is too chaotic right now, I have to make sure that my tribesmen are safe.”

“Is the situation over there extremely bad?”

“It cannot be described as extremely bad,” Lu Lu twitched her mouth and snorted. The time of the Struggle for the Three Realms is nigh. The situation in the Three Realms will be changed, so the relationships between the realms are very tense.”

“I see!” Ye Zichen just replied randomly. Even if she told him about the situation there, he wouldn’t understand.

Struggle for the Three Realms…

It seems like my phone had this new function activated as well.

Am I supposed to get involved as well?

Ye Zichen scratched his head. At that moment, the door to the room was knocked on again, and Ye Zichen’s phone also rang.

“Brother Ye, I’m here.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then quickly walked to the room door and opened it.

Gu Tian’s stood at the entrance with his symbolic smoke-colored hair and a faint smile.

“Brother Ye.”

“Brat, you finally came,” Ye Zichen patted his shoulders.

At this moment, Lu Lu also walked over, “And who is he?”

“Brother Ye’s life is truly great. You have a beauty accompanying you even in the capital,” with that, Gu Tian cupped his hands in front of his chest towards Lu Lu. “Gu Tian.”

“Don’t bullshit so much,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Gu Tian in annoyance. “Now… Let’s go to the Gu household!”

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