Chapter 323 Erlang Shen is Also Descending

Chapter 323 – Erlang Shen is Also Descending

Forbidden topic.

Could Taibai Jinxing be impotent?

Ye Zichen thought evilly. If that’s really the case, then come to the mortal realm.

No need to worry about impotency, come to the third floor of Victoria![1]

But if I think about it logically. They can change their looks and develop their bodily functions, so Taibai Jinxing should not be troubled by a simple problem like that.

“What happened to Taibai Jinxing’s wife and children?”

“Bro, I’m only going to tell you cuz we’re really close. Don’t ever tell other people, nor let others know that I told you. Otherwise, Taibai Jinxing will definitely beat me up,” Erlang Shen replied nervously.

“Alright, tell me. I definitely won’t tell other people,” Ye Zichen replied with certainty.

“Actually, I heard this from Old Lord Taishang,” Erlang Shen licked his lips, then chased away all the maids and guards around him. “Taibai Jinxing’s wife and children all died in a war!”


Ye Zichen rolled over and sat up from the bed as he looked at the information in shock.

It definitely won’t be false since the news came from Old Lord Taishang, but… died in a war, that’s way too shocking.

“I was not yet a deity back then! Actually, not only was I not a deity, I wasn’t even born. I heard that there is a realm above the Celestial Realm called the Divine Realm. During the Great War of Gods and Demons, those from the Divine Realm fought the Demon Realm’s Demon God and his subordinates. Taibai Jinxing fought in the war alongside his wife and daughter, who both died in battle…” Erlang Shen said carefully. “In the end, Taibai Jinxing returned alone, then fell down to the Celestial Realm’s Heavenly Court and became Taibai Jinxing. He always maintained a warm smile, but… when someone mentions children to him…”

“Let me put it this way. Back then, a deity that just ascended to the Heavenly Court said something to Taibai Jinxing, possibly about his children, causing Taibai Jinxing to directly kill the guy. After that, the Jade Emperor personally dealt with the situation, then decided to seal the information, while Taibai Jinxing received no punishment at all!”

Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched when he heard everything from Erlang Shen. If what Erlang Shen said was all true, then I was truly in luck that I wasn’t killed by Taibai Jinxing earlier.

Great War of Gods and Demons… I heard it from that ancestral dragon as well…

I heard that it was a terrible war, but I never expected Taibai Jinxing to actually be one of its victims.

“Taibai Jinxing is actually rather pitiful. He has no children right now, nor does he have a wife. He never remarried, and has remained single the entire time…” a feeling of pity uncontrollably surged up in Ye Zichen’s heart.

I never expected the smiling Taibai Jinxing to have such a backstory. I am definitely unable to understand his pain.

But that sort of pain was definitely a kind of heart-wrenching pain.

Ye Zichen bowed deeply towards the scene of Taibai Jinxing, then closed the image.


The Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth consumed 176500 cultivation experience this time.


Ye Zichen wanted to cough up blood.

At the same time, he did notice something noteworthy. The base amount of cultivation consumed for observing different people were different. I didn’t actually take a look at Taibai Jinxing for too long, but it consumed so much…

It seems like I have to take my time to figure out the consumption rate of this technique later.

“Alright, stop talking about that matter. Just don’t mention it to anyone either,” Ye Zichen left out a soft sigh. “Oh yeah, what did you seek me out for?”

When he finally deleted all the messages, he let out a long sigh, then sent a playful message.

“I heard that Chang’e is going to descend to the mortal realm to find you. Bro, you’re in the mortal realm right now?”


How did Erlang Shen know!?

“Chang’e told you?” Ye Zichen asked. “You guys do get along really well. She actually tells you that sort of thing as well!”

“Bro, don’t think too much into it,” Erlang Shen replied with a smile. “Chang’e and I are just pure friends. She is your woman, so as your bro, I definitely wouldn’t stick my hand in!”

“Mhmm!” Ye Zichen replied plainly.

“Actually I found out about this news just now from Chang’e because she left little sister jade rabbit with me, and asked me to take care of her for you.”

“That’s pretty good. She helped you create an opportunity. When a lameass bachelor likes you meets a moe girl like the jade rabbit… Zeze!”

Ye Zichen replied evilly.

“Hey, am I that sort of person? I refused!” Erlang Shen raised his eyebrows.

“Refused? I think that you just fear the inability to control yourself, right!” Ye Zichen laughed playfully.

However, Erlang Shen did not retort, “I found out about your location from Chang’e!”



What does this brat want to do!?

Ye Zichen gulped furiously, and replied with his heart beating loudly, “Why did you ask for my location? What do you want!”

“Hehe, monkey went over to yours last time. No matter what, we’re sworn brothers, do I have to go and meet you once!” Erlang Shen chuckled. “Chang’e and I are thinking about descending together to see you. She’s finding her love, while I’m searching for my bro!”


At that moment, Ye Zichen was unable to say anything. Chang’e descending alone was troubling enough for him.

Why the heck is Erlang Shen Yang Jian coming along as well?

“Is there something wrong with you? The Heavenly Court needs you for security. What if the Heavenly Court needs you when you descend to see me?”

“I already told the Canopy Marshal everything. He had wanted to and see you to, but I told him no. He agreed to help me take care of the Heavenly Court, but only if we take a few photos together so he can see what you look like!”

Erlang Shen sat on a chair casually as he ate the fruits his maid sent over, while holding a cigarette in his mouth.

“You… I… You guys…”

Ye Zichen did not know how to reply at all.

Seeing the message, Erlang Shen smiled faintly.

“Bro, no need to get excited.”


How the f*ck am I excited!?

Ye Zichen was about to breakdown. Is there something wrong with every single one of these deities? Why do they insist on descending to see me? It’s not like there’s something wrong with my face.

It was whatever when the monkey did since he was stubborn as hell. I managed to settle him down with a bunch of snacks.

But if Erlang Shen and Chang’e also descend…

Especially Chang’e, since she will definitely stick close to me if she descends.

I really can’t imagine what would happen if Su Yan and co. finds out.

“Bro, let me trouble you for something,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. Since the trouble had already appeared, the only thing he could do was make it as trivial as possible.

“What is it?” Erlang Shen smiled.

“You can descend, and I’ll receive you. Can you make it so that Chang’e doesn’t descend? Find a way to make her stay in the Heavenly Court,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Why?” Erlang Shen did not understand. Chang’e descending in person to find someone was a great thing for anyone.

“Don’t care about why. Just say if it’s alright or not!” Ye Zichen clenched his teeth.

  1. The first half of the sentence is a stereotypical slogan starter for impotency cures in China, but I’m not 100% sure about the second half. Initially, I thought it was just referencing David Beckham ‘appearing’ in an anti-impotency advert in China (since his wife is called Victoria), but I’m having second thoughts about that.

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