Chapter 320 Ye Zichen’s First Advertisement Failure

Chapter 320 – Ye Zichen’s First Advertisement Failure

Zhao Ziming’s veins popped up as he grabbed Ye Zichen’s collar tightly and stared at the latter with bloodshot eyes.

“Grandson, let go!” the fatty raised his hand to smack Zhao Ziming’s hand away. However, Zhao Ziming pushed the fatty with his left hand, knocking the fatty aside as he cursed. “F*ck off! If you come over here one more time, I'll kill you!”

Zhao Ziming’s hint of madness in his eyes caused Ye Zichen to frown.

Although Zhao Ziming wasn’t any good person before, at the very least, he had a bit of tolerance. He would never make his emotions so painfully obvious. Just how did he become like this…

“Tell me, what did you come to the capital for!?” Zhao Ziming roared.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and sighed, “I merely came to handle some business in the capital. You seemed to have thought too much into it.”

“Handle some business?” Zhao Ziming curled his lips, then laughed mockingly with a sinister gaze. “You are just a f*cking poor student from Bingcheng. Handle some business in the capital? Do you think that I'm a goddamn retard? Be honest, did you come to the capital to fight over Lin Xiyue with me!”

“There’s something wrong with you!” Ye Zichen frowned.

“Yeah, there is something wrong with me,” Zhao Ziming laughed and opened his mouth wider and wider. “I'm sick. I’m sick!”


Ye Zichen frowned and smacked Zhao Ziming’s hand away forcefully, “Don’t come and go crazy with me even if you are sick. No wonder Lin Xiyue said that she doesn’t want to be with you. Who would dare to be with you when they see your retarded look?”

“You two already met?” Zhao Ziming glared. “Since you two already met, you’re still telling me that you didn’t come to fight over her? Ye Zichen, I’m telling you, Lin Xiyue is someone belonging to me when she’s alive, and she’s my ghost when she’s dead! Even if she’s dead, she has to die in front of my eyes. Don’t even think about getting between us. Otherwise, I’ll cause you and your family to die…”

“You…” Ye Zichen grabbed Zhao Ziming by the collar forcefully.

At that moment, the police in the station ran out the door alongside Lin Xiyue.

None of them knew how to handle the situation when they saw it.

Lin Xiyue also ran over with a frown, “What are you guys doing!?”

“Lil’ Yue, you’re here,” a bright smile instantly covered Zhao Ziming’s face. “I just met savior, and spoke a bit to him, but the moment he heard that we were getting engaged, he immediately got angry…”

This shift of blame…

Lin Xiyue bit her lips and looked over. Ye Zichen pushed Zhao Ziming backwards, “I wish you both happiness.”

Then, he immediately turned around to leave, while Fatty Yin also followed suit after giving Zhao Ziming the middle finger.

Zhao Ziming stared closely at Ye Zichen’s fleeting back, while a sinister look filled his eyes. After a long time, he turned around with a bright smile, then held Lin Xiyue’s hand, “Lil’ Yue, why didn’t you tell me that savior came?”

“I didn’t know that he came to the capital,” Lin Xiyue retracted her hands from his with a replused look. “I still have a case to follow, so I’ll talk to you later.”

As Zhao Ziming watched Lin Xiyue leave, his gaze became more and more sinister.


He punched towards the sportscar door, causing a huge dent to appear, then drove away with a gloomy look on his face.

“Bro, what was wrong with the grandson just now?” Fatty Yin frowned unhappily in a hotel room. That brat actually dared to push me. F*ck, he’s too cocky.

“Officer Lin’s boyfriend,” a hint of worry appeared on Ye Zichen’s face when he mentioned Zhao Ziming.

Right now, Zhao Ziming really is a bit crazy. Could he have gotten some sort of mental scar? Why did he turn like this?

“F*ck, that grandson…” Fatty Yin snorted angrily. “He actually dared to push Lord Fatty! Bro, how about I find a chance to kill him off. That way, you and Officer Lin can also… And Lord Fatty can be relieved of anger.”

“Please don’t…” Ye Zichen quickly stopped him. This fatty truly isn’t scared of things getting out of control. He actually wants to kill the guy off.

Zhao Ziming clearly isn’t a normal person. If he is killed, then there might be some sort of trouble later on. What’s more, you can’t just decide to kill off a normal person either, since it is a human life after all…

“This is no good, that’s no good, then did Lord Fatty get bullied for nothing!?” the Fatty opened his eyes wide and downed the glass of wine. “Oh yeah, bro! Why did that brat call you Ye Zichen just now? Isn’t your surname Gu…”


Just as Ye Zichen wanted to explain…

“Nameless!” a soft call sounded out in Ye Zichen’s mind. He subconsciously blanked out for a moment, then immediately realized that the person who spoke should be Chang’e.

“I’m here, what is it?” Ye Zichen replied.

“Nothing, I miss you,” Chang’e smiled softly. “You didn’t contact me at all these past few days, so I was worried that you are busy. That’s why I didn’t dare to disturb you.”

“I have been a bit busy recently.”

“I know you’re busy,” Chang’e smiled. “Oh yeah, those things on my face all calmed down.

“Were the treasures I gave you pretty good?” Ye Zichen chuckled. If the modern day products are good for the deities in the Heavenly Court, then I can find a chance to advertise it there.

“It’s alright, but I didn’t use it,” Chang’e replied.

When Ye Zichen sent the products over to her, she truly thought that it was some sort of treasure. However, right after using it, she felt like it was truly a lot worse than the pills that maintains beauty and youthfulness from the Heavenly Court.

There was a huge difference in both the ingredients used and its effects.

However, what she could not deny was that the product did have a tiny bit of effect on removing pimples, but that effect was almost negligible.

“Why didn’t you use it?” Ye Zichen was confused.

Thus, Chang’e told her all about the products’ issues. Ye Zichen’s first reaction after hearing the issues was…

How’s that possible!

All of the products I chose to sell in the Heavenly Court, in terms of both food, phones and diamonds…

They are all able to gain the favor of the deities in the Heavenly Court. Why doesn’t cosmetics work?

Then, Ye Zichen immediately understood.

Ingredients and components!

No matter what, the Heavenly Court was a place where deities resided. Any simple plant there would be a treasure in the mortal realm. Meanwhile, no matter how good something from the mortal realm was, it was still a mortal product.

The reason that the food and phones could sell so well was because the phones had plenty of functions, while other ones in the Heavenly Court found the food rather new and refreshing.

As for diamonds, those were selling well only because women like shiny things.

On the other hand, products like cosmetics were way too low of a quality for the deities in the Heavenly Court.

It seems like I have to be more careful when I gift treasures to the deities in the Heavenly Court in the future.Ye Zichen said quietly to himself.

However, the next thing that Chang’e said in Ye Zichen’s mind completely shocked him!

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