Chapter 32 Leveling the affability level

Chapter 32 – Leveling the affability level

As Ye Zichen felt that warm body in his arms, he reached out his hand and patted Xiao Yumei’s back.

“Mei-jie, you heard it all?”

Ye Zichen smiled gently. Yet, he saw Xiao Yumei suddenly look up and bite his lips.


Your affability level with Xiao Yumei increased by 50, current affability level: 145.

Your affability level with Xiao Yumei increased by 50, current affability level: 195.

Your affability level with Xiao Yumei increased by 50, current affability level: 245.

Ye Zichen didn’t know how many times the affability level jumped up. Currently, he was completely immersed in Xiao Yumei’s warmth.

“Daddy, Mommy, Tiantian is hungry.”

Just as the two of them found it difficult to part, Lil’ Tiantian pulled on the corner of their clothes.

Hearing that, the two of them immediately parted.

Both of them looked at each other slightly awkwardly. Then, Xiao Yumei squatted down and picked Tiantian up.

“Tiantian is hungry, Mommy will take Tiantian to eat something delicious.”

“Daddy come too.”

“Mhmmm, let’s go,” Ye Zichen smiled, and put his finger on his lips.

When Xiao Yumei saw his auction, she instantly looked at him for a while.


Your affability level with Xiao Yumei increased by 5, current affability level: 500.

Affability level leveled up.

Relationship status: Lovers.


Ye Zichen was shocked for a moment. The marriage string wouldn’t lie. Did it mean that the two of them truly became lovers?

But this happened all too quickly, right?

He subconsciously looked at Xiao Yumei for a moment, and saw that Xiao Yumei was looking dazedly at him.


“Don’t call me Mei-jie, you make me seem so old. How about calling me Yumei?”

Xiao Yumei blushed. She actually didn’t want to get related with Ye Zichen, she honestly felt like she wasn’t worthy of him.

However, she didn’t know why, but after knowing what he did for her…

Her heart was uncontrollably attracted to him.

In the end, she stopped forcing herself to be distant.

Just let nature take its course.

What’s more, Tiantian also liked him. That was more important than anything.

Even if she clearly knew that she couldn’t possibly stand by Ye Zichen’s side, then she’d just be the person behind him.


“Daddy, Mommy, Tiantian is hungry!”

Tiantian’s sweet voice had a yelled out with a hint of displeasure. Hearing that, Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei immediately rubbed her little head.

“Alright, alright, we’ll go and eat now.”

The restaurant Ye Zichen chose was one of the restaurants under Glory Corporation. Actually, he didn’t have much of a choice, he had spent all the money on the mansion for his mother and still owed people a lot of money.

Even though he and Xiao Yumei were lovers now, he couldn’t bear spend a woman’s money.

Coincidentally, Xiao Hai had given him a VVVIP card, so he could eat for free. So why not?

“Madam, sir, how many?”

“A family of three. Three people!”

Ye Zichen smiled. When Xiao Yumei heard from say “a family of three”, Xiao Yumei blushed, while her eyes were filled with joy.

“Then this way, please…”

“Isn’t this the Riche Bro from our school?”

A disharmonic voice suddenly sounded out, it caused Ye Zichen to rub his temples.

Such misfortune, why did he had to bump into these two even here.

Guo Qiang walked over in front of Ye Ziehen, while Yao Yue stayed beside him, and smiled towards the waiter.

“Little bro waiter, your restaurant seems to be a high-class one. I understand him very well, he wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of here.”

“Yao Yue, we have split up already, why do you have to be so relentless?”

Ye Zichen felt helpless, he just didn’t get it.

He never did anything to wrong his ex, the two already separated, why did she just have to pick on him and cause trouble every time she saw him?

“Who’s being relentless, I just want to remind this shop so that they don’t take any losses.”

Yao Yue continued ruthlessly with a cold laugh.

“Daddy, Tiantian is hungry.”

Tiantian tugged on the corner of Ye Zichen’s shirt. Ye Zichen picked up her and pinched her cheek.

“We’re going to eat now.”

“Daddy…” Yau Yue acted like she discovered a new continent and checked Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei out. “It can’t be, you’re being a gigolo now?”

“Little girl, watch what you’re saying.”

Xiao Yumei couldn’t stand it anymore either, she could guess that Yao Yue should be Ye Zichen’s ex, but this ex was too much.

“What, you’re unhappy now?”

“Yao Yue, shut up.”

Guo Qiang roared. If Xiao Yumei hadn’t spoke, he wouldn’t have noticed her.

Although she was a young madam with a child, her appearance and body were top notch. Especially those alluring eyes, if he…

Guo Qiang couldn’t help but lick his lips, then he shamelessly handed a name card towards Xiao Yumei.

“Beauty, let’s get to know each other.”

The moment Guo Qiang took out the name card, Yao Yue, who was on his side, froze.

He was hitting on someone else in front of her!

But she truly didn’t dare to say anything.

She could only stare fiercely at Xiao Yumei, hoping to tear her face apart.

“Not interested.”

Xiao Yumei twitched her mouth in disdain and wrapped her arm around Ye Zichen’s.

“Beauty, don’t get tricked by this brat, he’s just a poor piece of crap,” Guo Qiang advised. However, Xiao Yumei didn’t even look at him, “Zichen, how about we go eat somewhere else.”

Guo Qiang’s expression was a bit dark, he didn’t understand why Ye Zichen had such great luck.

He thought that Yao Yue was very good already, he didn’t think that this brat actually found a young madam that was even sexier than Yao Yue after being dumped.

“Why do we have to go somewhere else. We’ll eat here. You know that I don’t have the money to go somewhere else.”

“But I do,” Xiao Yumei smiled.

“I don’t want to spend your money,” Ye Zichen rubbed his nose and handed a card from his pocket to the waiter. “I heard that this card can get stuff for free, is that so?”

Supreme VIP card.

There seemed to be only three in the entire corporation, he didn’t think that he would ever see one here.

“Sir, your card is the Supreme VIP card of our corporation, with it you could enjoy the same treatment as our president.”

“Wait a minute, you’re saying that his is a Supreme VIP card?” Guo Qiang did not believe that Ye Zichen could take this sort of high-class card out. So he deliberated caused trouble, “Are you sure that isn’t fake?”

“About this…”

The waiter was a bit hesitant as well. After thinking about it for a moment, he replied.

“Sir, it is my first time seeing a Supreme VIP card, may I get our manager to come over to have a look?”

“Then go on, quickly.”

Not long later, the restaurant manager walked over speedily. He could help to not be quick after hearing that someone held the Supreme VIP card.

“Which gentleman has the Supreme VIP card?”

“Here,” Ye Zichen handed the card over. With just a glance, the manager returned the card back respectfully, “Sir, if you please.”

The manager’s action clearly proved the authenticity of this card. Ye Zichen nodded and held Xiao Yumei’s hand, and walked in while holding Lil’ Tiantian.

Halfway in, he turned back.

“The possessor of this card would have the same treatment as the president, right?”

“Sir, that is correct.”

“Then kick those two people out. They’re ruining my appetite.”

Ye Zichen smiled towards Guo Qiang and Yao Yue, then walked towards the room once again.

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