Chapter 318 You Should Help Them Lose Some Weight

Chapter 318 – You Should Help Them Lose Some Weight

Ye Zichen, Qi Cheng and Fatty Yin sat inside the police car together, while a policeman escorted them.

Qi Cheng continuously stared at Ye Zichen within the car as she licked her lips. Seeing that, Ye Zichen’s face turned as dark as charcoal.

Too shameless.

The situation is already like this and she still isn’t f*cking giving up?

At that moment, the fatty wrinkled his nose, “What’s that smell? Bro, do you smell the stench of a slut?”

“Yin Qiong, shut your damn mouth,” Qi Cheng blushed in anger.

Only then did Fatty Yin raise his eyebrows, “F*ck, you really are shameless. Why didn’t I notice it before? Slapping you a few times actually gave you an orgasm. No wonder there’s a stench. Your pants are all wet, aren’t they? Hurry up and go home to get your mom to help you get changed.”

“Yin Qiong, I told you to shut it!”

“Hey, why should I, Lord Fatty, shut it? You’re the slut, and not Lord Fatty. Lord Fatty isn’t contaminating the environment just by speaking. Look at these white teeth! Smell it, what nice breath!”

The fatty revealed his teeth as he spoke.

Ye Zichen elbowed the fatty and told him to stop talking.

However, the meaning behind the action completely changed in Qi Cheng’s eyes.

“This gege is so much better. Gege, I like you so much!”

“Fatty, stop cursing her. I hope that you can hit it!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

“Alright,” with that, the fatty stood up from his seat.

Seeing that, the police frowned, “Sit down. Where do you think this is? Sit down properly, otherwise, you’re in for a treat when we get to the station.”

“Tsk, it’s as if you can lock me up. Dude, I’m Yin Qiong!” the fatty chuckled in disdain.

The police officer did not reply, but merely sighed in his heart.

The police were in the worst spot possible in the capital. They might have to arrest those people they can’t afford to offend all the time. Even if you took those people to the station, it was merely a formality since they would just leave after a while.

But apparently Captain Lin had a background as well. I wonder if she can subdue these military, governmental officials and rich second generations.

When the police car arrived in the police station, Lin Xiyue said to the policemen beside her, “You guys are in charge of interrogating these two kids. I’m going to take a look at this one.”

“Captain Lin, these two kids definitely aren’t normal people, how can we…” the police revealed a troubled expression.

Lin Xiyue frowned, “Don’t be afraid of the powerful. Do I need to teach you guys that? Just go when I say so, why so much bullshit!? If you don’t get anything, then contact their families to take them back. Do you really think that we can make them stay here?”

“That’s true,” the other policemen sighed with a nod, then walked respectively into the fatty’s and Qi Cheng’s room.

One policeman remained in front of Lin Xiyue.

Lin Xiyue frowned, “What are you standing here for?”

“I’m going to interrogate the guy with captain!” the officer replied.

“No need, I’m enough,” with that, Lin Xiyue walked towards Ye Zichen’s room. Right before she entered, she glanced at the policeman. “Do not come in while I’m interrogating him!”


When Lin Xiyue finally entered the room, the policeman raised his eyebrows and snickered, “Captain can’t have gotten interested in that guy, right? Zeze… This is huge news!”


Lin Xiyue threw her notebook onto the table with a lot of force, then slammed the table and snorted, “Name!”

“We’re already so familiar… Seriously… Is trying to scare me like that fun?” Ye Zichen sighed helplessly. “Hurry up and release me from these handcuffs, it feels terrible.”

“Sir, please cooperate. We are merely police officer and criminal here,” Lin Xiyue answered seriously.

“Wow, you really have no conscience. I didn’t do anything, and you’ve already determined me to be a criminal. Fine, fine, fine. I’m called Ye Zichen, I accept my punishment!” Ye Zichen said helplessly.


Lin Xiyue couldn’t help but snicker, then immediately nodded with a straight face, “Alright, Mr. Ye. Everything you say here will be used in court. Since you have accepted your punishment, then this case is solved. Due to the crime you commited being intentional assault, we will hand this case over to the court of justice after the victim’s injury report is out, and let the court pass a verdict.”


Lin Xiyue put away her notebook, then begun to walk out.

Ye Zichen quickly stuck out his leg. Due to being caught unaware, Lin Xiyue fell towards him.

“Get up quickly, you’re suffocating me!”

Ye Zichen continuously stared at Lin Xiyue’s breasts, causing her to frantically get up…

“I said it already, your boobs are too big. Hurry up and help them lose some weight. You nearly suffocated me!”

“Go and die!” Lin Xiyue punched Ye Zichen’s chest, then snorted. “You still aren’t acting properly after so long!”

“Hehe,” Ye Zichen chuckled dumbly, then listed the handcuffs. “Hurry up and take these things off…”

Lin Xiyue rolled her eyes and unlocked the handcuffs.

Ye Zichen stood up from the chair, then stretched lazily, “Seriously, my entire body is sore. Oh yeah, why did you come over to the capital? Wasn’t your job going well over in Bingcheng?”

“My family told me to come back,” Lin Xiyue giggled. “You? Why did you come over to the capital? Did you cause enough trouble over in Bingcheng, so you decided to find another place to do the same?”

“You guessed it right!” Ye Zichen chuckled. “I was merely following Officer Lin’s footsteps. I’ll cause trouble wherever you are. Only then can you get promoted and not lose your job!”

“So, you did it for me?” Lin Xiyue snickered.

“Mhmm, you can put it that way. I’m just a person that is super thoughtful for someone,” Ye Zichen nodded with certainty.

Since they were old friends, Ye Zichen naturally had plenty of things to chat about with her after seeing her in another place.

After they chatted for a good half an hour or so, Ye Zichen pursed his lips and sat on the chair, while he placed his feet on the table, “How’s it going with your boyfriend?”

“Him?” Lin Xiyue, who leaned on the interrogation desk suddenly stiffened, then smiled faintly. “We’re about to get engaged!”

“Yo, this is great news!”

As he spoke, Ye Zichen fumbled around his pockets.

Not long later, he scratched his head in embarrassment, “I didn’t bring my chequebook. How about you give me your WeChat? I’ll give you a huge red packet and use that as my present for you two!”

“Can I interpret that as the way of you tricking me for my WeChat?’ Lin Xiyue smiled with a hint of playfulness.

Even though Ye Zichen did not have that intention, in order to my their conversation more interesting, he put on a look as if he was found out, but was still denying it, “No way, I’m such a proper person.”

“Alright, I’m just teasing you,” Lin Xiyue’s face was full of smiles when she chatted with Ye Zichen. However, when she thought of that person…

“Actually, I don’t want to get engaged to him. I’m… regretting it!”

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