Chapter 317 Lord Fatty’s Arrival

Chapter 317 – Lord Fatty’s Arrival

Ye Zichen truly pitied Qi Cheng’s parents for having a daughter like her.

The bodyguards were clearly used to this kind of situation. They were unable to interfere with Qi Cheng’s private life. The only thing they needed to worry about was…

Her safety.

“Answer, I feel like you will give me a satisfactory answer.”

What Qi Cheng did was a technique that she often used. All men that she got interested in would become her dog in the end through threats and rewards. One example was the handsome young man beside her. He was originally the owner of a small company and had lived a pretty good life in the capital, but he still became her dog in the end.

“Answer?” Ye Zichen smile playfully, then slapped Qi Peng so hard that she fell over onto the ground. “I never hit women, but I really can’t endure it when facing a bitch like you. Give you an inch and you take a mile. You didn’t f*ck off when I told you to. You really think that I has a good temper?”

“Young Lady!” The bodyguards were stunned, while the handsome young man also helped her up

“What are you guys spacing out for? Hit him! I’ll take responsibility if he kills you!” Qi Cheng screamed. She had never been hit before. She was the darling daughter, the princess, in her home! Nobody dared to hit her!

Ye Zichen not only slapped her face, what he slapped was her pride as well. She had to make a man who hit her like Ye Zichen had pay.

Yet, for some reason, aside from causing pain, the slap nourished another emotion in her heart.

She couldn’t help but clench her legs together, while a hint of redness surfaced on her face.

“Little Brother, sorry.”

The bodyguards knew how outrageous their employer’s actions were, but they had no choice. Since they took the salary, they had to work for it. Even if it was something that went against their moral code, they still had to do it.

“No worries, I will try my best to take care of you guys later!”

Ye Zichen could feel like the bodyguards were very strong, but no matter how strong they were, they could not be at the level of a False Earth Immortal.

Just as Ye Zichen got ready…

Bang bang bang.

“F*cking hell, someone actually dares to make a move on Lord Fatty’s Brother. Are you guys sick of living!?” a cocky voice rang out.

Ye Zichen looked up and saw that Fatty Yin had walked over from behind the bodyguards with seven or eight hulks with him.

All of them had a beer bottle in each hand and had smashed them onto the bodyguards’ heads.

“F*ck, why didn’t you guys ask around who Brother Gu is brothers with? You actually dare to block off my bro? If Lord Fatty doesn’t beat the shit out of you, it just means that your asshole’s too tight.”

The people the fatty brought were clearly way more civilized than Qi Cheng’s bodyguards…

Not long later, the people the fatty brought over had knocked down all of Qi Cheng’s bodyguards.

At that moment, the fatty also turned around and walked over, “Bro, you didn’t get scared, right? I’m so sorry, I actually let you meet this sort of situation!”

“Why did you come?” Ye Zichen had a look of speechlessness on his face.

The fatty scratched his head and chuckled, “I had wanted to grab a drink with you, but my subordinate told me that someone wanted to beat you up, so I brought my crew over.”


Ye Zichen did not reply out of shock.

Yet, Qi Cheng ran over with lit eyes, “Yin-gege.”

“Qi Cheng!” the fatty frowned. Isn’t this the girl that the brat I’m in likes?

“Yin-gege, hurry up and tell your people to stop. Those are all my people. This brat bullied me, swore at me and even hit me. Look at my face… It’s beaten red,” Qi Cheng continuously spoke coquettishly.

However, the fatty merely glanced at her…

“F*ck you!”

He raised his hand and slapped Qi Cheng’s face, causing her to be completely stunned.

Impossible, how could the fatty hit me?

“You already got f*cking engaged to me yet you still have some sugar babies outside. Moss is already growing on my head now, and you are still acting shameless with me! Do you really think that I don’t dare slap you!? Go away and stay there!”

The fatty waved his hand, then quickly took out a piece of paper towel to wipe his hands as he muttered, “F*ck, I actually touched her. I have to wipe it off quickly, then go and get disinfected at the hospital later. It really would be terrible if I got tinea.”

Qi Cheng’s expression turned even stiffer…

The handsome man beside her immediately became unhappy. He took a step up and pushed the fatty.

“Apologize to Lil’ Cheng.”

“Where did you come from?” the fatty squinted his eyes, then swept his gaze over the man and Qi Cheng. “You are her f*cking sugar baby, right!?”

With that, he grabbed a beer bottle from the ground and smashed it onto the man’s head.

“F*ck you, a lover actually dared to act cocky in front of me. I'm gonna beat you to death!”

Bang, bang, bang.

As he kicked the man on the ground over and over again, the sound of bones shattering could occasionally be heard. The man continuously coughed up blood, but Qi Cheng did not even do as much as look at him.

He was just a dog to her, his life did not matter to her at all.

However, Ye Zichen could not accept it any longer.

He quickly said to the fatty’s bodyguards, “Hurry up and call the ambulance and the police. Otherwise, your family’s young master is going to beat the guy to death”

Immediately afterwards, he held the fatty and dragged him back. Ye Zichen took a look at the man on the ground… The man continuously coughed up blood as his cheekbone also appeared to be indented…

“Bro, what did you pull me back for? Let mei beat this son of a bitch to death!”

“If you beat him more, then he’ll die. Isn’t there something f*cking wrong with you if you want to go to prison after he dies?”

Ten-odd minutes after Ye Zichen finally comforted the fatty, several police cars and an ambulance stopped beside them.

When the police walked over, Ye Zichen was stunned.

“Lin Xiyue!”

No wonder I haven’t seen her around Bingcheng. So she actually came to be a police officer in the capital.

Lin Xiyue, who was in police uniform, was also stunned. She looked at Ye Zichen with an expression full of shock, “Why are you here?”

Then she glanced at the man who was just put onto the stretcher, “This isn’t the result of your work again, is it? Say, why do you cause so much trouble? This is the capital, and not Bingcheng. Even though we’re familiar with each other, I can only do everything by the books!”


Ye Zichen was speechless.

Why was my image so terrible that other people would think that I did it at first glance?

“If I say that I didn’t hit him this time, would you believe me?”

“Then who did it?” Lin XIyue glanced at the fatty and Qi Cheng, who stood on the side.

When the fatty met her faze, he immediately stuck up his chest, “I, Lord Fatty, did it. It has nothing to do with my Brother Gu!”

“Gu?” Lin Xiyue was surprised.

Ye Zichen quickly gave her a look, causing Lin Xiyue to nod ever so slightly, before shouting at the policemen behind her, “Arrest him and take him back to the station.”

“Don’t just arrest me. The girl over there is also related,” the fatty shouted towards Qi Cheng as he held out his hands and allowed the police to take custody of him.

“Take them away together,” Lin Xiyue shouted.

“You guys can’t arrest me. I’m Qi Cheng! Qi Cheng of the Qi family!” Qi Cheng screaed.

However, Lin Xiyue merely revealed a hint of disdain, “Qi family? Is that amazing? Capture them all!”

Finally, she set her gaze upon Ye Zichen.

“Fine, I’ll go as well.”

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