Chapter 315 Temper

Chapter 315 – Temper


Horse-Face stuck his phone excitedly in front of Ox-Head, as if he was showing off that Ye Zichen had agreed to lend him money.

Ox-Head merely smiled in response, “I told you that little brother would lend you money!”

Horse-Face nodded like a pecking chick and laughed, “Big Brother Ox-Head was right!”

“Alright, go on and chat with him. Actually, borrowing the money is the way to go,” Ox-Head patted Horse-Face’s shoulders. He nodded, then replied to the message nervously.

“Little brother, how much can you lend me?”

“Just tell me how much you need. If I have it, I will happily lend it to you.” Ye Zichen replied.

“I want fifty thousand!” Horse-Face clenched his teeth after a brief hesitation.


The moment he said that, a red packet appeared on his screen.

You received Beanbun’s red packet.

Heaven and Earth merits x50000.

Horse-Face nearly jumped up in his excitement when he saw the number.

I really managed to borrow it.

I just wanted to say a higher number so that it would be easy to bargain if he refused. I didn’t expect him to actually send that much over.

“I’ve already sent fifty thousand Heaven and Earth merits. Please confirm.”

Ye Zichen replied with a smile

Seeing the message, Horse-Face quickly confirmed it.

“I got it, got it. Thank you so much, little brother. I will repay you the money as soon as possible.”

“Mm, it’s good that I can help Marshal Horse,” Ye Zichen smiled. “If there is nothing else, then I’ll be off. I have other things to do here!”

“Okay, okay, then go and busy yourself!”

A smile bloomed on Horse-Face’s face.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen smiled, placed his phone back into his pocket, and got up from the bed.

It was his first time in the capital, so he wanted to go out and around the city. Even though he lacked a tour guide, he felt fine with wandering around by himself.

Ye Zichen pushed open the door, and just as he walked out, a young man looking at his own phone with his head lowered bumped into him.

Ye Zichen frowned, but what made him even more speechless was that the young man actually shouted before he had even said anything, “Are you f*cking blind? Can’t you see that I, your grandpa, am walking forward? F*cking hell, it hurts so much. Hurry up and move aside!”

The young man had an idol-like face, very white and tidy teeth as well as high-class clothes.

However, the way he acted so full of himself made Ye Zichen scowl.

“The f*ck are you looking at? Can’t you hear that I’m telling you to f*ck off? Can’t you hear me? God dammit, this is so unlucky. I actually met a retard so early in the morning!” He raised his hand pushed Ye Zichen’s shoulder as he cursed…


Ye Zichen grabbed the young man’s stick-like arm, then glared at him in displeasure.

“F*ck you, you dare to grab my hand? Hurry up and let go of me. Otherwise, I'll kill you!”


The cold smile on Ye Zichen’s face became ever more apparent. I swear that I didn’t want to cause trouble, but I always meet these sorts of retards.

“Smile your f*cking ass,” the young man cursed as he tried to struggle out of Ye Zichen’s grip.

“Do you believe that if you talk bullshit one more time with me, then you don’t need your arm anymore?” Ye Zichen glared at the young man. The young man still wanted to curse, but when he met Ye Zichen’s cold gaze, he immediately swallowed his words. “From now on, wipe your shit-eating mouth before you speak. I can smell the stench on your breath.”

He kicked the young man out of the way, then patted his hands in disgust before snorting and leaving.

After a long while, the young man stood up from the floor. He gazed at Ye Zichen’s back with a dark look. At that moment, his phone rang, and the caller ID showed someone named “Darling”. He smiled coldly, then answered the phone in a troubled manner, “Darling, I got bullied.”

The capital was definitely the center of Huaxia’s economic development. One could tell how developed city was just from the huge buildings and tall bridges.

Ye Zichen had originally thought that Bingcheng was pretty good, but when it was compared to the capital, the difference was like that of a village and a city.

Ye Zichen stretched his neck as he wandered on the streets. The young man from that morning did not affect Ye Zichen’s good mood. Just as he was about to find a place to rest, an expensive sportscar stopped in front of him.

The car’s license plate number was 66555, making it blatantly obvious that the person inside was no ordinary person.

Not long later, a woman wearing beautiful clothes and high-heels while thick makeup coated her face, walked out.

“You…” The woman’s tone carried an underlying disgusting pride, and her high and mighty attitude displeased people quite a bit.

“You’ve got business with me?” Ye Zichen glanced over. The woman looked kind of pretty, but he did not like the thick make-up, nor her tone, which made her seem like a queen and everyone else was subservient to her…

“Of course I have business with you!”

At that moment, the car door opened once again.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then his expression immediately grew dark. The person who got out was no other than the young man who cursed him that morning.

“Darling, this is the grandson. He actually dared to curse me.”


Seeing that, Ye Zichen finally understood. The girl should be the person the young man got to help him get back at Ye Zichen. What Ye Zichen despised most was the flattering look of the grandson, who acted just like a sugar baby.

He wasn’t acting like a man at all. He’s just bringing shame to all men.

“You two came to cause trouble for me?” Ye Zichen swept his gaze over the woman’s face.

The woman nodded, “It isn’t exactly causing trouble. My honey just told me that he had been troubled. I just came to help him get even.”

“Then!?” Ye Zichen smiled.

The woman frowned when she heard his cold tone, and let out a long sigh, “I don’t like your tone at all.”

“Who cares if you like it or not? You aren’t my wife, so why do you care?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then snorted at her and the young man beside her. “I don’t like your attitudes either. So? Come at me, I can take it.”

“Zeze, you’ve got a temper!” the woman smiled playfully.

“You really are right. I don’t have anything else, except temper,” with that, Ye Zichen stepped forward and slapped the young man. “I found your little shitty act really annoying this morning. I wanted to give you a chance, I didn’t expect you to get a woman to cause trouble for me. So f*cking shameful.”

After the slap, Ye Zichen kicked him, causing him to fall on his back. Then, Ye Zichen took a step back and looked at the woman in front of him with a faint smile, “This is my temper. So, what do you think?”

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