Chapter 314 Troubled Brothers

Chapter 314 – Troubled Brothers

Ye Zichen chose to stay in an express inn nearby. When he got into his room, he laid on the bed and thought about what the fatty had said. He had chosen to ignore the fatty because the brat was just too annoying.

However, when he calmed down and thought about it, the fatty’s words did have some truth to them.

Indeed, he was able to act in a powerful manner in Bingcheng. That was because he had Wei Chen and the Hou Brothers protecting him. Even if he faced something that he couldn’t deal with, they would be able to deal with it.

However, he was a complete foreigner in the capital. It would be embarrassing if he failed at showing off in front of someone with a really powerful background.

A more important point was that Bingcheng did not have many Rogue Immortals. However, there were plenty of hidden families in the capital. If Ye Zichen bumped into them and got bullied, he could only suffer silently.

Since he had nothing better to do, he took out his phone and opened WeChat.

Ye Zichen saw that plenty of friends in real life had sent him a message. Most of them asked him why he didn’t come to class, and after replying all of them, he set his gaze upon Su Yan’s message.

“You went over to the capital?”

Ye Zichen did not mention going to the capital with anyone except Su Yiyun.

The fact she knew clearly meant that Su Yiyun had told her.

“Mm, I did.”

The moment he sent the message, Su Yan instantly replied.

“Did you arrive yet? Do you have some place to stay? Be more careful over there. Don’t be too eye-catching. You’ve got a temper, so don’t cause trouble.”

The warm words caused Ye Zichen to raise the corner of his lips slightly. Since she had intentionally avoided him for so long, he did not expect that she would actually talk to him just because he had went over to the capital.

“Understand, I’ll stay put.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and took out a Thousand-Li Tracking Sigil form the Treasure Chest.

Target lock on.

Not long later, a scene appeared in front of Ye Zichen’s eyes.

Su Yan hugged a brown teddy-bear in a dark room. The light from the phone’s screen illuminated her beautiful face. However, there was no hint of a smile on it at all, as her eyebrows knitted together in a look of worry.

Ye Zichen subconsciously raised his hand to help smoothen her brows, but when his hand touched the image…

He realized that it was just an image.

“That’s good,” Su Yan’s face displayed her worrying cease as she sent the reply to Ye Zichen.

“Mhmm. Take good care of yourself in BIngcheng. If you have anything on your mind, then talk to me about it.”

Ye Zichen replied in a testing manner.

“I’m fine, I don’t have anything on my mind.”

After sending the message, Su Yan stretched lazily.

“Alright, it’s getting late, so I’m going to rest. Sleep earlier, and don’t stay up too late.”


In the image, Su Yan put her phone onto the shelf by her bed, then laid down on the bed with a wry smile.

Ye Zichen frowned when he saw her like this.

She is obviously in a bad mood right now. Why is she deliberately hiding it from me? Could it be that she’s in some sort of trouble that she didn’t want to tell me about?

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then used his phone to dial Wei Chen’s number.

“Boss Ye, you landed safely?” Wei Chen chuckled.

Ye Zichen answered simply, then raised his eyebrows at Su Yan’s look of worry, “I landed safely. Oh yeah, help me find out if Su Yan is in some sort of trouble. If there is, then deal with it for me.”

“Su Yan? Sure, no problem!”

After finishing giving Wei Chen orders, Ye Zichen laid on the bed and slowly closed his eyes as his eyes as he looked at the image of Su Yan in front of him.

Early next morning…

Pale light shone through the window onto Ye Zichen’s face. He woke up blurrily, then after a simple wash-up, he picked up his phone from the shelf next to his bed…


His phone suddenly rang. Ye Zichen opened WeChat, and saw that someone new had sent him a friend request.

He took a look.

Marshal Horse has sent you a friend request.

Who the hell is Marshal Horse?

Ye Zichen examined the person’s profile picture closely, then notice that it seemed to be Horse-Face of the Underworld.


“Big Brother Ox-Head, do you think he will lend me the money when I ask him?” Horse-Face sat on a stone chair, while Marshal Ox-Head sat opposite him.

“How would I know? You maxed out your card while picking up girls, so you came to me, but it isn’t like you don’t know what sort of situation I’m in. Think about how long we haven’t worked for. Since you don’t have the money, did you really think I would?” Ox-Head said helplessly.

“I just thought that you might have some savings? I didn’t expect that you borrowed it from others as well,” Horse-Face sighed. “Also, why hasn’t the rich ghost servant that you talked about added me? Do you think that he might know I want to borrow money, so he didn’t accept the request?”

“That little brother isn’t someone like that,” Ox-Head said with confidence. “If you need help, then he will definitely help. He was the one who lent me the money when the bank dunned me.”

“Ai, then I hope he will accept my friend request later!”

The moment he said that, the communication device in his hand that looked like a phone buzzed.

I have accepted your friend request. Let’s chat!

“Big Brother Ox-Head, that little brother added me. Hahaha…” Horse-Face opened his mouth wide.

Ox-Head smiled plainly, “I told you he would accept, right? Tell him about your situation. Remember, don’t mention me. I still owe that little brother money, so you asking him as well isn’t that great of a thing. Oh yeah, lower your status when you speak as well…”

“When have we put on airs before?” Horse-Face sighed.

Even since the Underworld’s and the Heavenly Court’s relationship worsened, Ox-Head and his days in the Underworld just got worse and worse.

“That’s true,” Ox-Head let out a long sigh, giving off a pitiful feeling to onlookers.

“Marshal Horse-Face, I wonder what business do you have with this little one?”

Ye Zichen was not familiar with Marshal Horse. He had seem Marshal Horse talk a lot in the group, but they have never chatted there before.

But his intimacy level is alright!


At least it isn’t cold, so he definitely did not come to cause trouble.

“Little brother, I wonder what you’re doing?”

Horse-Face started off like a friendly neighbor, causing Ye Zichen to be confused. Since he didn’t know Horse-Face’s true thoughts, Ye Zichen could only smile and reply.


“I see!” Horse-Face smiled, then eyed Ox-Head who was beside him.

Ox-Head continuously gave signals towards him, so he clenched his teeth.

“Bro, let me tell you the truth. Actually, I want to borrow some merits from you!”

What’s going on?

Ox-Head had just borrowed some from me a few days ago, and now Horse-Face too?

They really are troubled brothers.

But since I don’t have anything to do with the merits, then alright. What’s more, I can even be their debtor, so if I go to the Underworld in the future, or have some business with the Underworld, it’ll be easier to handle.

“Alright, tell me, how much do you want to borrow?”

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