Chapter 313 Mysterious Fatty

Chapter 313 – Mysterious Fatty

At the capital’s airport.

As Ye Zichen walked out of the airport, he saw ten-odd cars parked right outside, while a line of people held up black umbrellas.

“Young Lady.”

One of the thirty something years old man walked over, and nodded towards the fatty when he saw him.

“Young Master Yin.”

“Why black umbrellas?” Hua Zhiru’s expression changed drastically. “Grandpa…”

“Young Lady, let’s not talk about these outside. Hurry up and return. The household is in a mess, and awaiting you to take control,” the man said with a frown. “But Family Head’s second daughter returned, she…”

“Alright, speak no more. We’re heading back!” Hua Zhiru frowned.

Yin Qiong also frowned, “Xiaohua, if you need help, then contact me. I’m in charge of the Yin family right now!”

“We’ll see!” Hua Zhiru sighed softly, then smiled towards Ye Zichen. “Big Brother Gu, see you.”

Then, she waved and entered the car.

Ye Zichen licked his lips, “You two are pretty amazing in the capital. This set up… incredible!”

“Haha, my family is just a small one. Rather, her family is the one that is actually rather amazing,” Fatty Yin said softly. “Something has probably happened to their family’s old man. It seems like her family would have quite a bit of problems, but I believe that Xiaohua can deal with it properly.”

“Mm, being able to deal with it is for the best,” Ye Zichen nodded in agreement.

“Bro, meeting you was fate. How about I take you out for a meal?” Fatty Yin chuckled.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, “Just go away off to the side, you said that plenty of times. I’ve already got sick of it.”

“But what I said was the truth. Are you going to say that it’s not? On the plane…”

“Don’t mention the plane to me. If it wasn’t for you, there wouldn’t have been so much trouble!” Ye Zichen snorted and rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Hurry up and screw off. I have a friend coming over to pick me up. I don’t want to worry about you.”

“Then I’ll wait for your friend with Brother Gu.”

Fatty Yin acted like his shadow and refused to leave. Ye Zichen glanced at him, then disregarded him before taking out his phone to call Gu Tian.

“Brother Ye, you’ve arrived?” Gu Tian answered the call.

Ye Zichen glanced at the fatty beside him, “Yeah, I’ve arrived. Wow brat, you actually didn’t come and pick me up!”

At that moment, Gu Tian sat on the sofa with several elders behind him. All of them had a look of solemnness and rage on their face as they stared at Gu Tian, who was on the phone.

Gu Tian glanced at the people beside him and revealed a helpless expression, “I really can’t get away right now. Can you find a nearby hotel? I’ll immediately come and find you when I’m free.”

“Gu Tian, do you think that we old people have a lot of spare time? You actually call your friend while chatting with us?” the person who spoke was a square-faced old man.

“Lil’ Tian can call whoever he wants. How is it bothering you guys?” the white-haired old man opposite the square-faced old man snorted. “We didn’t beg you to come. It was you guys who insisted on coming over!”

“Hmmph, yeah. You guys only came over because you don’t get respected at the other young master’s places. You guys actually have such a temper. If you can, then leave, go and show off with the other young masters. We two old fellows are enough for Lil’ Tian,” Elder Hua, who had always been with Gu Tian, added.

“The competition for the Junior Clan head is very soon. We only came due to giving you face…” said the square-faced old man. “All of the other young masters have plenty of supporters. Gu Tian only have you two old guys. Even though we came, you actually did not greet us with smiles, and instead dared to let out a tantrum upon us!”

“Stop arguing!” Gu Tian covered the phone’s mic and shouted. “Gu Tian naturally welcomes the seniors who have come over, but don’t be too outrageous. I, Gu Tian, do not lack a few supporters like you guys!”

Gu Tian quickly spoke into the phone once again after snorting coldly, “Brother Ye, I have things to deal with here. Just endure a hotel for now. I’m really sorry, this…”

“Alright, just busy yourself!”

Ye Zichen was able to tell from the call that the situation was quite dire for Gu Tian. Thus, he did not waste any more of Gu Tian’s time and instead hung up the call.

The fatty beside him raised his eyebrows with a smile, “Your friend isn’t coming?”

This fatty…

Ye Zichen felt a bit helpless. After the period of contact, although Ye Zichen did not know the fatty rather well, he was certain that the fatty wasn’t a bad person.

But having a shadow-like person stick with him was way too annoying.

“How does my friend coming or not matter to you?”

“Hehe, Brother Gu, you have to improve your temper,” Fatty Gu pursed his lips and smiled. “You should be someone from Bingcheng, right? You might be rather capable there so it is fine for you to speak rathe recklessly. But don’t forget, this is the capital…”


“In the capital of the country, there are plenty of capable and amazing people. Not everyone has got as good of a temper as me. If you are always like this, then wouldn’t you be in a pinch if you offend someone you can’t deal with?” Fatty Yin smiled faintly with a meaningful look in his tiny eyes…

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then raised his eyebrows as he looked at the fatty, “Then what do you think I should do?”

“We should have a meal together,” a smiled bloomed on Fatty Yin’s face.

Ye Zichen raised his hand, and covered the fatty’s face, before pushing him, “F*ck of!”

Then he immediately hailed a cab and left.

Fatty Yin chased after the car for a while, and only when the car disappeared from his sights did he shake his head with a faint smile, “He’s got a temper. I, Lord Fatty, likes that!”

Fatty Yin took out his phone as he hummed, “Help me protect someone called Ye Zichen. He might be under the alias of Gu Zichen. Do not let him get into any danger in the capital. Remember, I said any… As long as anyone does as much as points at him, even if it was indirectly, squish them dead!”

Then, he hung up the phone. At the same time, the fatty frowned and shouted, “Geezer, what exactly do you want? You took over my body and flirted with the Hua family’s girl. Do you want to screw me over? Sis Qi will definitely scold me to death!”

“Damn fatty, you don’t recognize good will!” the fatty suddenly cursed. “I'm helping you.”

“Helping me my ass. The one I like is Sis Qi!”

“That slut has lovers outside. Your head is f*cking growing moss now[1], and you’re still calling her Sis Qi. The Hua family’s girl is amazing, she acts without any hesitation. I think that girl is rather suitable for you.”

“I don’t like violent women.”

“You don’t have a choice!” The fatty smiled playfully. “I think she’s suitable for you, so you must be with her. What’s more, I have the control of your body right now!”

After a while, he spoke up once more, “Be a good boy. When Ye Zichen leaves the capital, then I’ll return the body to you!”

  1. In Chinese, a man wearing a green hat is when his lady sleeps with another man, and this is taking it one step further.

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