Chapter 312 The Undefended Dog Food

Chapter 312 – The Undefended Dog Food

I seriously don’t know where these idiots came from. They actually came to hijack a plane without bringing anyone capable of piloting one.

Do they really think that planes can fly on autopilot the entire way without manual control?

This isn’t a drone, which is fine with a preset program and is not afraid of accidents.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen’s kick completely shocked the scar-faced man.

He stood up and patted his butt, “You dared to hit meh. Brothers, beat ‘im up!”

All of the hijackers in the cabin rushed over, while Ye Zichen cracked his neck…

Bang bang bang bang bang!

All of these hijackers fell to the floor with just a few kicks.

“If you don’t want to get beaten up, then squat there. If anyone dares to move, then I’ll beat you to death!” Ye Zichen glared.

However, there were naturally individuals amongst the criminals with a bad temper. Just as that individual wanted to stand up, scar-face immediately stopped him.

“Idiot, don’t go over. We can’t beat him.”

The individual thought about it, and found truth in scar-face’s words, so he didn’t rush up and instead squatted down obediently beside his comrades.

“Fellow passengers. In order to ensure your safety, I’ll be leaving these criminals to you guys. If they dare to move, then use the power of the crowd to beat them. I have to hurry over to the cockpit. Otherwise, we’re all screwed!” Ye Zichen shouted towards the passengers in the cabin.

The passengers nodded in response.

They understood that the criminals were actually just pretending and had used fake guns to scare them.

“Hurry up, we’re here already!” Several male passengers shouted out.

Ye Zichen nodded in response and ran towards the cockpit.

The door of the cockpit was standing open, and when he entered he saw a criminal playing on his phone.


The criminal was clearly of a slightly higher-level compared to the others. At least, he was in terms of vigilance.

When he turned around and saw Ye Zichen at the entrance, he raised his eyebrows…

“You’re a passenger, right? You can’t enter, the bathroom is on the right. Go!”

Although he was vigilant enough, his intelligence was still pitiful.

Ye Zichen grabbed his collar, pushed him to the ground, stepped on him, then took a glance at the terrified pilot and copilot in the corner of the cockpit.

“Find a place to land, I’ve already suppressed the criminals in the cabin.”

“Okay, okay, okay,” neither the pilot nor copilot noticed that the criminals were speechlessly lacking in intelligence, so they looked at Ye Zichen gratefully before returning to their positions and requested commands from air traffic control.


Ye Zichen picked the criminal up and chucked him beside the bunch of criminals in the main cabin.

“What happened with you guys? Why are you all squatting here!”

“Can’t you tell? We got beaten up,” the scar-face man cursed in annoyance. “I told you we should have stayed at home and farmed, but you insisted on taking on this big job and do something great. That’s great, we’ve completely failed!”

“It doesn’t matter. Isn’t it possible for crops to wilt? We’ll just treat it as our crops wilting. When we get off the plane, we’ll just go and apologize properly to our wives. It’s no big deal!”




Ye Zichen wasn’t the only one speechless. Everyone who heard what the man said was dumbfounded.

Do they really don’t know about laws? They actually think that they can go home after getting off the plane…

However, Ye Zichen did not want to tell them the truth. People take desperate measures when they’re pushed against into a corner. If he was to tell them that they would be taken away by the police after landing, they might crazily retaliate, causing the passengers in the cabin to be endangered.

Ye Zichen glared at the criminals, then returned to his seat to sit down.

“Thank you,” the one who spoke up was the cold lady. Ye Zichen glanced at all, and noticed that the woman had kept a plain demeanor the entire time.

Her face was calm even when people did not notice the criminals’ lack of intelligence.

Yet, what surprised Ye Zichen were her words of thanks.

“Hey, Xiaohua, I was the one who saved you from the abyss. I’m truly depressed that you actually thanked him. Could this world be one that looks at faces?” The fatty squatted on the floor and complained.

The lady immediately snorted coldly, “I’ll say it again. I’m not called Xiaohua, I’m called Hua Zhiru! Also, as for the… harassment against me just now, I will send you a letter from my lawyer after returning to the capital. Fatty Yin, don’t think that I don’t dare to do anything to you just because you got a few shits in your family.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen realized that the girl and the fatty seemed to know each other!

“Xiaohua, this is where you are wrong. Why am I, your Yin-ge, on this plane? Isn’t it to protect you? Didn’t I already tell you not to get on this flight during boarding because it was dangerous? You just refused to listen!”

“Hehehe… A hundred and ten percent of what you say is false. Do you think I would believe you?”

“But didn’t you get into danger?” the fatty raised his eyebrows with a smile. “This is my seventh time saving you. Even if you were ice, you should have been melted by my fire. Why are you still like this to me?”

“Like what?” Hua Zhiru twitched her mouth. “Don’t try to get with me from now on. Didn’t your parents set up a marriage target for you? It’s that girl from the Qi family… Also, it wasn’t you who saved me this time, it was this guy beside me.”

“He’s my bro!” the fatty hooked his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulder and said in a familiar tone. “If he wasn’t my bro, do you think he would have saved you? As for the girl from the Qi family, I can only chuckle…”

The fatty’s expression suddenly darkened, “That woman… Has so many lovers outside, but she still f*cking pretends to be a tender little girl in front of my parents. I really want to ignore her!”

“That’s your fault. You were the one who loved her to no end before!”

“I was young and naïve…”

“Then don’t try to get with me now. I get annoyed just from looking at you!”

As the two spoke, they begun to argue once more.

Ye Zichen became completely astounded, “Err… Can you mind the others around you when you flirt? You truly caught me off-guard with all the dog food!”

“Who’s flirting with him!” Hua Zhiru glared.

Meanwhile, the fatty chuckled on the side, “Naturally, that would be you!”

“F*ck off…”

When the plane finally landed, the criminals were taken away by the police to nobody’s surprise, while Ye Zichen and the others were also taken back to the station to make a statement.

Originally, the police had wanted to reward him for his actions, but since Ye Zichen was in a rush, he refused it with a smile, then took the quickest flight to the capital.

What made him rather shocked was that the fatty and Hua Zhiru also went with him…

What made him even more amazed was that his seat was right in the middle of theirs, and they argued for the entire journey.

“Seriously, the dog food…” Ye Zichen sighed. He truly regretted not buying any earplugs before boarding.

Yet, it was fortunate that it did not take long for the flight to land.

The capital…

I’ve arrived!

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