Chapter 311 The Cute Criminals

Chapter 311 – The Cute Criminals

All of the criminals in the cabin were stunned by the incident, and when the man got closer, Ye Zichen finally managed to recognize that the man was the slightly retarded fatty who sat beside him.

The fatty’s forehead was covered in sweat, while the woman on his shoulders continuously struggled in his grasp, kicking as much as she could.

“Bro, help!”

Everyone in the room were shocked by the call. Then, several people with the same clothes as the criminals in the cabin also followed him out.

“Capture that fatty, the mission target is on his shoulders.”

Hearing that, the criminals in the cabin immediately raised their guns, causing the ones chasing after the fatty to shout, “Don’t f*cking shoot, actually go and capture him!”

Although the fatty was very fat, he was an agile fatty. With several turns, he was able to avoid the criminals easily, all the while running to Ye Zichen’s side and throwing the girl on his shoulders into the seat…

“Bro!” He panted heavily and collapsed on the floor as he pointed at the criminals. “Help!”

“What’s going on?”

“How would I know… Didn’t you say that there are plenty of cute girls on the plane? I went to chat them up. This is the one I got interested in, but then a bunch of guys with guns suddenly appeared. F*ck… They’re here!”

“Hand the person over to us, and we can pretend like nothing happened!”

It was very hard for Ye Zichen to imagine that these criminals did not immediately rush over to grab the person, and instead asked for the person to be handed over very politely.

“No!” Hearing that, fatty turned around and glared at the criminal. “You guys dare to take my girl as well? I'll kill you!”

“I’ll kill you!” the criminal pointed a gun at fatty’s head, but the fatty did not show any signs of fear on his face.

Ye Zichen was stunned by this. Am I supposed to call the fatty brave or idiotic? Damn, the gun is pointed at his head and he’s not afraid at all.

“Do you think I, Lord Fatty, is gutless? When Lord Fatty was playing with guns, you weren’t even f*cking born yet! Don’t use a shitty toy gun to scare me, f*ck off. Otherwise, Lord Fatty’s going to slap your ass around!”

The moment the fatty finished, the eyes of the criminals twitched, and even their hands holding the guns shook.


Another criminal patted his companion’s hand, “Don’t use a gun!”

Then, a shimmering dagger slid out from his sleeve. It was clear that that criminal was an expert with knives, since the dagger continuously spun around in his hand as if it had a soul.

Not using a gun when they had one, and instead he chose to use a knife…

This is rather thought-provoking.

The security wouldn’t make a mistake. They were definitely unable to bring guns onto the plane. However, knives were kind of possible…

Then it became rather apparent that their guns were truly fake like fatty had said.

“Stop showing off, be careful of slicing your hand!” the Fatty couldn’t help but retort.

“You f*cking speak too much,” the criminal kicked the fatty and pointed the dagger towards him. “If you bullshit anymore, then I’ll kill you!”

He pressed the dagger against the fatty’s neck, causing the latter to immediately shut up.

Then, he tried to drag the fatty to the side, only to discover that the fatty was a bit too heavy, so he was unable to do so.

“Gimme a hand!” the criminal shouted to his companions. The nearby criminals immediately walked over to help, but they found that they could not drag him away either.

“F*ck, did this grandson grow up eating fodder!” One of the criminals cursed.

The fatty immediately spoke up in response, “You’re the one who grew up eating f*cking fodder. No, you grew up eating dog food… You’re retarded like a dumb dog. You don’t even know what you’re doing as a criminal and you want to fight over a person with your Lord Fatty!”

“You’re still bullshitting!?”

The criminal pushed the dagger up against the fatty’s neck once more…

The fatty immediately shut up again.

However, Ye Zichen did notice something. Although these criminals spoke rather fiercely, they did not have any intentions to kill.

From the very beginning, they merely threatened people, and did not act like murderous criminals!

These criminals…

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile and recall the name they announced in the cabin!

Great Thieves Big Babol.

Big Babol?

How about Doublemint!

Do they think that they’re gum?

But thinking about that, these criminals are kind of cute.

“Bro, help!” the fatty who was being dragged by the criminals shouted out.

Hearing that, the other criminals immediately squinted their eyes and threatened, “Brat, sit there and don’t move. This doesn’t have anything to do with you!”

“I feel the same. You guys better kill this fatty. This grandson was just f*cking annoying me the moment I got on the plane. Hurry up and kill him! Just kill him! Also, take this woman away if you want. Just make sure the pilot keeps piloting the plane, I’m in a hurry!” Ye Zichen said impatiently.

The girl was stunned as she stared at him meaningfully.

“What are you looking at me for? Do I know you?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes towards her, then ignored her. Instead, he cursed at the criminals, “Can you hijackers respect your job more? Don’t you all have guns? Just shoot this fatty! Since you already hijacked the plane, how can it be intimidating if you don’t kill someone? What’s more, plane hijacking was a serious crime. If you get caught, then it would at least be a lifelong sentence in jail!”

"You said that there’s police on the plane?” At this moment, a man with a scar on his face walked over and asked with a countryside accent. “Bro, it’s mah first time hijacking a plane. Why didn’t I see police on here?”


Is this guy retarded?

Ye Zichen stared at the criminals, who stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

“There’s no police on the plane!” Ye Zichen replied.

“Then you were f*ckign lying to me!” The scar-face cursed. “If there’s no police, then why are you f*cking scaring me? I nearly pissed myself.”

“But doesn’t the plane need to land? Do you think it can just keep flying in the sky?”

“Oh yeah, that’s right!” the scar-face suddenly hit himself on the head. “Thank you so much, I didn’t even think of that. Bro, how should we thank you? It’s our first time doing this… We don’t know anything!”


What the hell was with these criminals!?

Are they the criminals, or am I? They actually didn’t sort everything out beforehand, and instead boarded the plane to ask a guest on the plane!

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen was extremely worried.

“Do you guys know how to pilot a plane?”

“How is it possible? We all know how to drive tractors, and we’re damn good at that,” the scar-face said rather proudly.

“Then who’s in control of the plane? Where’s the pilot?”

“They-They got kicked to the side. No one’s controlling the plane right now!”


Ye Zichen sent the scar-face flying with a kick.

“F*ck you, do you want to die!?”

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