Chapter 31 World Shattering Rage for a Beauty

Chapter 31 – World Shattering Rage for a Beauty

Inside Xiao Yumei’s home.

Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei sat opposite each other on the couch. There was a bottle of red wine from 2002 on the tea table in between them.

Nearly half of the bottle had been drunk, most of it was by Xiao Yumei.


Xiao Yumei raised her head and called out softly after putting the glass down.

“Mei-jie, I’m here!”

After drinking a few glasses of red wine, Xiao Yumei’s cheeks revealed a faint redness due to the alcohol. Her blurry eyes and the raised lips caused her, who was already beautiful, to attract the attention of men even more.

“Do you think that I’m such a failure as a woman?”

“How could that be? Mei-jie has such a large jewelry chain at such a young age, there aren’t many people that can compare to you in business.”

“I mean as a woman…”

Xiao Yumei had drank a bit too much, so she stuttered. Ye Zichen didn’t dare to answer, under these sort of circumstances, if he just casually said things, it would only make Xiao Yumei feel worse.

“We met in university…”

Xiao Yumei leaned back onto the sofa and started to recount her past.

“He was still a really poor young man back then. I was quite happy with him at the time. I was together with him, while disregarding my family’s objections. We worked together, and started from scratch.”

“Although we weren’t very well off, we were at least able to keep ourselves warm and fed.”

“I don’t know when it started, but he started to seek fame. He started to not care about the method in order to achieve his goal. Do you know why we got divorced?”

“Mei-jie, you drank too much. Rest.”

Ye Zichen felt like he shouldn’t know these things. He stood up from the sofa and wanted to bring Xiao Yumei back to her room, but Xiao Yumei’s words stopped him.

“The reason we got divorced is rather pitiful. He actually told me to accompany a director for a month just for a business deal…” Xiao Yumei smiled, but tears flowed down uncontrollably. “It’s funny, right? He actually told his woman to sleep with another man for a month just for a business deal.”


“That wasn’t even the funniest part. What was even funnier was that he never touched me then! Ha! I argued with him over this, and then we got divorced. I left with nothing. After that, I adopted Tiantian. I thought that my life would go back on track without him, but he went and spread rumors around our circle of friends that I was slutty and kept cheating on him… Do you think that’s funny or not!”

“Mei-jie, you drank too much, go to sleep.”

Ye Zichen held Xiao Yumei by the shoulders and helped her up and sent her onto the bed in her bedroom. During that time, she continuously repeated “That’s funny right?”.


After Ye Zichen left the room, his face was terrifyingly dark.

Xiao Yumei’s helpless gaze at the sales center and her pitiful self-mockery would continuously play in his head.

As he watched Xiao Yumei, who was sleeping on the bed, his lips curled.

Believe me, I will make that man pay.

“Is this Huang Ming?”

“I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself!”

“I want this man, Hao Wen, to have nothing left.”

At the Xiao family.

Dong dong dong.

That night, Huang Ming was not in any nightclubs, instead he drove quickly to the Xiao family and banged on the door.

“Young Master Huang.”

“I want to see Xiao Hai-biaoge!”

Within the mansion’s study.

Huang Ming arrived in front of Xiao Hai under the guidance of the butler.

“What did you come and find me for so late at night?” Xiao Hai really got annoyed when he saw his cousin. He was currently getting agitated over how he could actually let Ye Zichen release his anger.

“Biaoge, Young Master Ye called me just now. He said he would give me a chance to redeem myself.”

“His request!?”

Xiao Hai bolted up from the chair. Very few things could cause directors of a large corporation like him to have such a huge reaction.

“He wants a man named Hao Wen to lose everything!”


Xiao Hai called out. Then, the old man that had brought Huang Ming in returned quickly.

“Young Master Xiao.”

“Investigate everything about a man named Hao Wen, I want all of his information!”


What Ye Zichen did not know was that his single call caused a huge earthquake in Bingcheng’s business circles.

Countless mid-sized to large-scale corporations were affected. All of this was for a woman!

World shattering rage for a woman.

That perfectly described the scene.

The mansion that Ye Zichen chose for Ye Rong was in an ecological area, it was near both a mountain and a river, making it seem like some sort of paradise.

Of course, the price was also rather expensive.

Ten million!

Xiao Yumei had paid for it. She said that she would gift it to Ye Zichen, but how could Ye Zichen accept it from her. So, he wrote her an IOU.

Mhmm, he’ll owe it for now!

“Zichen, recently, there’s a new ore auction. When that comes around, come with sis and help sis pick two ores, okay?”

Xiao Yumei stood outside the mansion with Lil’ Tiantian. Ye Zichen nodded and smiled.

“Of course, but what about that Expert Liu?”

“I fired him,” Xiao Yumei replied calmly. If this sort of decisive action was in the historical past, Xiao Yumei would definitely be a queen.

“It’s good that he’s fired.”

“That’s why, older sister doesn’t have anyone to choose stones. So Zichen-didi must come to help older sister,” Xiao Yumei smiled coquettishly. Seeing that, Ye Zichen’s body felt like it had softened slightly, “Mei-jie, could you not speak to other men like that in the future?”

“Why?” Xiao Yumei smiled and asked, despite knowing why. Ye Zichen replied, “It’s too powerful, I’m scared that you’ll shock those people to death. What’s more, I will get jealous.”

“Is that so? Then older sister will only speak like that to you.”

The two of them smiled, while the atmosphere became unspeakably good. However, there were always blind people that would destroy this sort of atmosphere.

“Yumei, let me off.”

An unenergetic man scrambled and kneeled down beside Xiao Yumei. His appearance shocked Xiao Yumei. When she calmed down and looked over, she saw that it was Hao Wen.

“What are you telling me to let you off for?”

Xiao Yumei had a confused expression, yet Hao Wen had grabbed her ankle.

“Yumei, I know I did many, many things to wrong you before. I was wrong, I’m begging you, let me go.”

“Let go of me!”

Xiao Yumei wanted to force Hao Wen to let go, but he grabbed her leg tightly, refusing to let go.


Ye Zichen kicked him away.

“What’s with the management, why can just anyone be let in? Security!”

Several security guards appeared in front of Ye Zichen, and dragged Hao Wen outside.

At that moment, Hao Wen also started to curse.

“Xiao Yumei, you wrench, bitch…”


Ye Zichen’s phone rang. He picked up the phone and placed it beside his ear.

“Lil’ Ye, you requested Hao Wen to lose everything, it should be in the newspapers soon.”

“Hai-ge truly moves quick, but I don’t need to wait for the newspapers, Hao Wen already came to us.”

“Hao Wen actually went to find you guys,” Xiao Hai exclaimed. “Then you’re not hurt, right?”

“Nope. I understand Hai-ge’s good will. I’ll help with your old man’s situation as soon as possible.”

“Alright, then Hai-ge will wait for Lil’ Ye’s honorable visit. Oh yeah, the card I sent someone to give to you is the VVVIP card of our corporation, this card can receive free treatment in any of the companies under my corporation.”

“It’s really that amazing?” Ye Zichen took out a green card from his pocket and played around with it. “Thank you.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Zichen smiled brightly towards Xiao Yumei, but he found that her eyes were starting to turn red.

“Zichen, thank you.”

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