Chapter 309 Astronomical Spending

Chapter 309 – Astronomical Spending

If Erlang Shen Yang Jian did not shoot his mouth off, he wouldn’t have gotten hit by the stick a few more times.

That being said, deities are really good at taking a beating. I remember Sun Wukong had pretty much took out one yao with a hit on TV. Erlang Shen had taken several hits already, but he merely grunted a few times without any actual problems.

“Monkey, stop!” Erlang Shen quickly held up his hands. Even though he wouldn’t die, he really couldn’t endure that much beating. “Let’s talk properly. Only peaceful lives can help to build up a peaceful home. As the ones standing at the top of the Heavenly Court’s fighting forces, we can’t always attack each other recklessly.”

“It’s cuz you deserve it with your mouth!” the Great Sage cursed.



Didn’t he ask for this beating!?

Ye Zichen had already felt like Erlang Shen was rather full of himself when he saw how the shameless bastard talked in the group, but since those deities in the group could not match his prowess, he was able to become a reputed flamer in those circles.

However, if one wanted to act shameless against the Great Sage…

The Great Sage would actually beat him up.

Yet, Ye Zichen could not stand idle either, so he could only force himself to intervene.

“Great Sage, stop! Yang Jian is right, both of you are the peak of the Heavenly Court’s fighting force. It’s not good for you to waste each other’s stamina like this. What if those in the Underworld attack right now?”

“If they dare to come, then I, Old Sun, will definitely send them back crying,” The Great Sage said in a dominating tone. Then, he shrunk the Ruyi Jingu Bang once again, returned it to his ear, then twitched his mouth towards Erlang Shen. “My son, since Brother Nameless asked for me to spare you, then I, Old Sun, will leave you alive!”

He then placed his hands up in front of him in respect and looked towards the sky, “See you!”

Thus, he leaped up and disappeared.

Only then did Erlang Shen, who still laid on the ground, curse in annoyance, “Damn monkey, see how I beat you up when I breakthrough into the Sky Immortal level! You merely broke through slightly earlier than me, what are you acting cockily for!?”

“Stop pretending!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Erlang Shen. “Stop getting into fights with the Great Sage, you can’t beat him. Do you actually enjoy getting beaten up? Back then, you said to me confidently that you were going to beat him up, so I thought that you really could. If it wasn’t because I used the Laws of the World to look, I really would have been tricked!”

“Hehe… ehe…” Erlang Shen laughed dryly, patted his butt and stood up once again with a smile. “Bro, you might not know, but I really can beat him at times. It’s just that I have been lacking in my cultivation recently so the monkey surpassed me.”

“Whatever, I don’t want to care. Hurry back and heal yourself!”

“Alright. Seriously, thank you for this time.”


Your intimacy level with Erlang Shen increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 400.


You activated the Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth for 1367 seconds. It costed an average of 100 cultivation experience per second. Total cultivation experience cost: 136700!

This consumption has already been deducted from the Celestial Plate.


Ye Zichen looked at the notification on his phone blankly.

The intimacy level notification was something he expected since he did save Erlang Shen’s life. It really wouldn’t make sense if it didn’t increase the intimacy level.

However, it was the cultivation experience cost that made Ye Zichen speechless!

This is too outrageous. I merely activated it for twenty something minutes, and it cost me a hundred something thousand cultivation experience.

The secret scripture truly did not lie. It really meant astronomical when it said so!

The stuff I saved with so much effort was all spent on it.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly. I need to keep my usage of it to the minimum from now on. No one could actually afford to use it daily.

When he returned to the mansion from the apartment…

He held the Xuan-Yuan Sword’s sheath in his hands. It was something he needed to find a place to store. It was impossible for him to store it in the apartment since it was highly possible for Di Tian, that crazy fanboy, to steal the sheath and run away.

“Hey, why haven’t you come home these past few days?” The moment the entered the bedroom, Liu Qing, who laid on the bed, flew over with an unhappy look and pouted. “You stuffed me in here and don’t ever come over to play. Why are you so mean!?”

“I really have been a bit too busy recently,” Ye Zichen raised his hand to rub her head, then placed Xuan-Yuan Sword’s sheath onto the shelf at the head of his bed.

“What is this?” Liu Qing asked curiously.

“This is an amazing thing. Do you know of the Xuan-Yuan Sword?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Of course, isn’t that what the Yellow Emperor used?” Liu Qing blinked. “We literature students have studied it. Yellow Emperor is one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, he made huge contributions to mankind’s development!”

“His weapon was called Xuan-Yuan Sword. It is a legendary divine weapon. It was also named the Xuan-Yuan Xia Yu Sword. It was a sword of the sacred dao. Apparently, it was forged for the Yellow Emperor by the gods with the bronze of the first mountain, and the Yellow Emperor later passed the sword to Xia Yu[1]. Over all, the Xuan-Yuan Sword is a divine sword containing endless powers to slay demons and monsters!”

“You really know quite a lot!” Ye Zichen smiled. “This is Xuan-Yuan Sword’s sheath!”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!” Liu Qing nodded without even a hint of shock in her eyes.

“You’re not surprised?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Liu Qing shrugged like it was nothing, “What is there to be surprised about? What does it being the sheath of the Xuan-Yuan Sword have to do with me? What I care about is just when you’re taking me out to play. I really am going to be bored to death from staying here all the time!”

“Don’t be anxious. It’ll be very soon!” Ye Zichen rubbed her head. “The Sacred Water of Yiyuan will be finished soon. Then I’ll take you to the Underworld and revive you. You can play however you want after that!”

“I just want to play with you!” Liu Qing pouted.

“No problem. You can play with me if you want. I’ll take you to the roller coasters and the rest of the theme parks!” Ye Zichen caressed her hair with a chuckle.

“Then it’s a promise,” Liu Qing giggled and stuck out her pinky.

Ye Zichen reached out his own in response and pinky swore with her, “It’s a promise.”

After getting the promise, Liu Qing flew around the room excitedly like a child. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen sat on the bed and focused on Xuan-Yuan Sword’s sheath placed on the shelf.

If it really is the Xuan-Yuan Sword’s sheath, then why is it not resonating with me at all?

It should at least give me a tiny bit of reaction!

I don’t think Di Tian looked like he was lying either when he said with such confidence.

But why isn’t it reacting to me? Could it be that my appearance changed, so it doesn’t recognize me?

Ye Zichen scratched his head, while his phone rang.

He took out his phone, then raised his eyebrows when he saw the caller ID.

It’s here!

I’ve been waiting for this call for way too long!

It’s finally here!

  1. Xia Yu (夏禹) – One of the most famous kings in Chinese history. He was famous for flood control.]. One side of the sword was engraved with the sun, moon and stars, while the other side was engraved with the mountains and woods. One side of the hilt was engraved with agriculture methods, and the other with a strategy to unite the four seas. Later on in history, the sword was acquired by Tang of Shang[2. Tang of Shang (商汤) – The first ruler of the Shang Dynasty. He was a benevolent emperor that was revered by the people. He was also someone who built the palace to remember the Xia Dynasty.

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