Chapter 308 Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth

Chapter 308 – Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth

Ye Zichen was slightly shocked when he saw Erlang Shen’s message, but he still quickly replied.

“What’s happened?”

Yet, he still did not see Erlang Shen’s response after a long wait.

Feeling worried, Ye Zichen suddenly thought of the secret scripture in his Treasure Chest.

Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth!


Would you like to learn the Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth?


An astronomical amount of information surge into Ye Zichen’s brain, causing him to be completely stunned for quite a while.

When he finally came back to himself, he raised his eyebrows and called out silently in his heart.

Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth, activate!

Activating Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth requires a large amount of cultivation experience, do you wish to proceed?


Please select the target for activation.

True Lord Erlang Yang Jian.


A small window of an image appeared in front of Ye Zichen’s eyes, which displayed a wasteland without anyone in sight.

Meanwhile, he was also able to hear some levels of squabbling…

“Monkey… Just… Wait!” Erlang Shen’s face was covered in bruises, while the Howling Celestial Dog laid on the ground with its tongue out as if it was going to die.

“Hehe, my son, do you submit after fighting your grandpa Sun!?” Great Sage Sun stood on a huge boulder and held out his Jingu Bang.

They had already fought for three thousand rounds merely for the grudges derived from the events that occurred during Yue Lao’s new show.

One would definitely not think that Erlang Shen was merely single-handedly getting beaten up. He wasn’t the captain of security in the Heavenly Court for nothing.

The Monkey King also lost many patches of fur, while his hair was slightly scorched as smoke arose from it.

“Hehe… I can’t be bothered with you,” Erlang Shen squinted his eyes and took a step back. “This was a draw at most, do you understand?”

“My son, you still dare to act cocky with your Grandpa Sun!?” The Great Sage swung down with his Jingu Bang, causing Erlang Shen to hurriedly raise his lance…


A huge sound reverberated across the wasteland, and the vibrations from the lance caused Erlang Shen to drop it to the ground.

“F*ck this, monkey, you aren’t doing things logically. I'm not going to play with you!” Erlang Shen beckoned towards the lance, then shouted towards the Howling Celestial Dog. “Howling Celestial Dog, bite him!”

“F*ck you,” the Howling Celestial Dog, who laid on the ground, suddenly retorted with human speech. “I told you before coming here to not fight the Great Sage and again to not fight the Great Sage. You just refused to listen! That’s great now isn’t it? We’ve both been beaten up!”

“But he didn’t get beaten up!” Erlang Shen glared. “Are you throwing a tantrum at me right now?”

“So what?” the Howling Celestial Dog stood up from the ground with a wobble and morphed into a long-haired man as he cursed. “Just look at what I’m like right now. You’re still telling me to go and bite him!? I’ll f*cking bite your grandma!”

The image immediately turned towards the Howling Celestial Dog…

Just how should I describe his condition? Ye Zichen thought about it for a long time, then concluded that he could only describe it as pitiful.

Not only was his face bruised, he even lost two teeth, while his clothes were even more tattered than the hobos who lived underneath overpasses.

“You barely got beaten up. Just look at how much that monkey beat me up!”

“So what? Aren’t we bros!” Erlang Shen glared. “Shouldn’t you be happy when you got hurt for your bro?”

“Are you two done yet?”

A voice leisurely sounded out behind them.

The Great Sage appeared a meter away from them with the Jingu Bang in his hands, while his eyes flashed with a gold light…

“Save the infighting for later, I…”

Sun Wukong plucked a monkey hair from his neck and blew on it!

Thousands among thousands of yellow monkeys suddenly appeared in the wasteland!

“My kids, beat them up!”

Erlang Shen looked at the wave of monkeys in front of him, then thought about the lack of celestial spiritual energy due to the prior fighting with Sun Wukong…

He immediately shouted out, “Bro, save me!”

“Save your ass. Kids, hit him!”

The Great Sage took charge and ran forward. Erlang Shen wanted to resist, but he was unable to muster up any strength…


Thunder rolled across the wasteland. The Great Sage stopped at looked up, while the monkeys around him did the same.

“I think we can leave everything at this!” A voice sounded out from the sky.

The Great Sage squinted his eyes and snorted towards the sky, “Who are you? Stop hiding like a coward, come out and fight!”

Ye Zichen, who sat on the sofa, shrunk his neck. Great Sage really does have a terrible temper. If I didn’t speak up just now, Erlang Shen really would have been beaten up.

“Great Sage, give me face. Just stop fighting with Erlang Shen.”

“Heh, who’re you to ask I, Old Sun, to give you face? Even if this son’s real uncle, even if that geezer Jade Emperor came, I, Old Sun, would still give him the stick!

The Great Sage lifted Jingu Bang with a dominating aura.

The eyes of Erlang Shen, who was panting heavily on the ground, lit up, “Bro, that’s you, right?”

“It’s me,” Ye Zichen answered slightly dazedly.

If he did not have the image conjured by the Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth, Ye Zichen would never believe that his jerk of a bro was actually such a noob…

He actually got beaten up by the Great Sage to this degree!

And earlier, he even ask me confidently to wait for the news of his triumph return. This…

“Who… Just who are you!” The Great Sage snorted with the stick in his hand. “If you are his bro, then come down and fight I, Old Sun!”

“… I am Sky Sovereign Nameless!” Ye Zichen sighed.

Sky Sovereign Nameless.

Hearing that, the Great Sage paused, then scratched his head, “Are you really Brother Nameless?”

“Then how am I supposed to prove it? Does your stealing food at my secret location count?” Ye Zichen licked his lips.

The Great Sage’s face immediately reddened as he chuckled, “You really are Brother Nameless!”

Secret location?

Erlang Shen, who was laid out on the ground, raised his eyebrows, “Monkey, you went over to Brother Nameless’s?”

“None of your business!” The Great Sage glared, then gave him a menacing look.

Erlang Shen rolled his eyes, then went off to the side.

“Since Brother Nameless came to find I, Old Sun, then I, Old Sun, will give you face,” the Great Sage put away Jingu Bang and smiled. “Bro, how about you come down for us to have a chat?”

“… Uhm… This sovereign is still in that secret location. I merely used the Laws of the World to talk with you guys. Both of you are good friends of this sovereign. This sovereign does not wish to see you guys like this. If there is a chance, then I think it is possible for the two of you to become friends!”

“Laws of the World?” Erlang Shen and the Great Sage were both shocked. “You have already started to understand the Laws of the World?”

Ye Zichen was surprised when he saw their shocked expressions. Could I have said something wrong?

Were the Laws of the World not easy to pry into?

However, since he already said so, he could only continue, “I did gain some understandings of it.”

“Amazing!” Erlang Shen raised his thumb towards the air, then chuckled. “Monkey, do you submit? My bro has already pried into the Laws of the World before reaching the complete stage of the Sky Immortal Stage. Take a look at yourself! You’ve already stayed at the early stage of the Sky Immortal level for ten thousand years… Embarrassing!”

“You still dare to complain? Take this!”

The Monkey King waved Jingu Bang and smashed it towards Erlang Shen.

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