Chapter 307 Xuan-Yuan Sword’s Sheath

Chapter 307 – Xuan-Yuan Sword’s Sheath

Di Tian stood in front of the tea table, with the apron  around his waist as his eyes glittered.

Ye Zichen glanced over at Di Tian. After doing it for so long, it seems like he’s already got used to doing the chores. He looks so natural with that towel in his hands.

“You know? Then tell me what it is!”

“I’m worried that it would scare you to death if I do,” Di Tian flung his braids, which nearly slapped Ye Zichen across his face.

“I really want to cut off your braids,” Ye Zichen pushed up his sleeves to catch him.

Di Tian hurriedly stepped backwards, with a vigilant look he said, “You can’t cut my braids!”

“Then hurry and say it!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Di Tian yammered, “God knows who taught you to be so bossy when you are asking others for a favor.”

“Boss Ho…” Third Fatty Jin immediately noticed. The chance to kiss ass was here.

The moment he opened his mouth, Di Tian reached over to cover it. He had been taught plenty of lessons by the Hou brothers. What’s more, the injuries from the previous time had not healed yet, he did not want to get beaten up once again.

“Don’t shout!”

Since the hand was the one holding the towel, Third Fatty’s face instantly turned green.


He pushed Di Tian away and shouted, “Boss Hou!”


The Hou brothers instantly appeared in the living room. It was clear that they had a tacit understanding of each other as they walked towards Di Tian without any questions asked.

“If they hit me, then don’t even think about knowing what this is!”

“Are you threatening me?” Ye Zichen glared, then gave a cue to the Hou brothers. “Teach him a lesson!”

Ding dang dong.

A terrible scream echoed in the room. Di Tian clenched his teeth and waved the towel in his hand, as if he was raising a white flag…

The moment the Hou brothers saw the towel in his hand, they immediately stopped.

It seems like this isn’t the first time something like this happened.

“Stop beating me. If you beat me anymore, then I really can’t endure it anymore,” Di Tian pushed himself up from the ground and sat cross-legged on the floor. At the same time, he chucked the towel to the side. “If you guys are going to keep on beating me like this, then just directly kill me.”

“You still dare to make threats?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

However, Di Tian finally acted like he had nothing to lose anymore as he shrugged, “Hit me, beat me to death. I’ve gotten sick and tired of getting beaten up every day. I admit that my status is the lowest among everyone here, and I did do some outrageous things before. I’m here to redeem myself. However, I have looked into the law here. Even murderers don’t get beaten up like this in jail!”

“Tsk, you are right on that count,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. When Di Tian shrugged, Ye Zichen could clearly see through the opening of his sleeve that the brat’s body was covered in bruises.

It seems like he has truly gotten beaten up a lot. Otherwise, there is no way that he would be like this.

“Then directly tell me what this is. If you give me a satisfactory answer, then I’ll tell them not to beat you up again in the future.”

“Are you for real?” Di Tian’s eyes lit up. He no longer had any huge dreams.

After getting beaten up for this prolonged period of time, even his temper was gone. All he wished for was not to take revenge, but to not get beaten anymore.

“Of course!” Ye Zichen nodded. “You can tell me now, right?”

“Then I’ll tell you,” Di Tian crawled up from the floor and reached out to trace the patterns on the sheath with a solemn expression. After a long time, he finally responded. “This is a primordial divine item, it is the sword sheath of the Xuan-Yuan Sword.”

“F*cking bullshit, who are you trying to trick?” Third Fatty Jin raised his eyebrows. “Everyone knows that the Xuan-Yuan Sword was lost during the war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou, and the sword sheath was cut in two. This is clearly a complete sword sheath. You’re saying that this is the Xuan-Yuan Swords?”

“Did you see that with your own eyes?” Di Tian squinted his eyes.

Third Fatty Jin instantly stopped talking.

“Rumors did say that the Xuan-Yuan Sword was lost, and the sword sheath was cut in two, but nobody has ever seen that. Everything is but a rumor. It is very possible that the rumor of it being cut in two developed as the rumor spread. It might have just been lost with the Xuan-Yuan Sword.”

Di Tian acted with a powerful demeanor as he spoke of the Xuan-Yuan Sword, ‘What’s more, the Xuan-Yuan Sword is a primordial divine item. Everything has a spirit, and naturally that includes the Xuan-Yuan Sword. Do you dare to say that the Xuan-Yuan Sword’s sheath doesn’t? It could very well be the case that after the sword sheath was broken, the broken sword sheath became one once again due to the influence of the spirits! On what basis do you say that I’m bullshitting?”

Ye Zichen glanced towards Di Tian, then towards Third Fatty jin.

It was clear that Di Tian was very confident in his reply while Third Fatty Jin was far less so, since he was unable to retort at all.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and glanced at the sword sheath on the table!

Xuan-Yuan Sword was the weapon I used before I reincarnated. If it really is the sword sheath of Xuan-Yuan Sword, then it should resonate with me.

For example, Soul Pearl Yiyuan had acted very intimately with me the moment it saw me after reforming.

But this sword sheath did not react the entire way at all. It merely laid within the cloth.

“How can you prove that it really is the Xuan-Yuan Sword’s sheath!” Ye Zichen asked.

“My words are proof,” Di Tian’s eyes were filled with a crazed fan’s passion. “Those of us of the Rogue Immortals pretty much all treat the Yellow Emperor as our idol. I am no exception! I know everything about the Yellow Emperor. I naturally researched a lot about the Xuan-Yuan Sword, which was the divine weapon that always accompanied the Yellow Emperor. The sheath’s pattern is partially covered by rust, but I am still certain that it is the Xuan-Yuan Sword’s sheath!”


Helplessness creeped up Ye Zichen’s face.

I never expected this brat to be the Yellow Emperor’s fan. But he actually opposed me. I wonder if he will be devastated if he found out that I’m the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation.

“Why are you looking at me like this? You don’t believe me?” A hint of rage was displayed on Di Tian’s face. “You actually suspect me of misidentifying the Yellow Emperor’s divine artifact. That is the greatest insult you can throw at me!”


Ye Zichen’s face displayed utter speechlessness.

After a long while, Ye Zichen wrapped up the sword sheath with the cloth once again.

Seeing that, Di Tian instantly got worried and stopped Ye Zichen, “What are you doing? Even if it is merely the sword sheath, you can’t just recklessly move the Yellow Emperor’s weapon!”

“Then what should I do? Worship it?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Di Tian nodded after a slight bit of hesitation. “I’ll put up a plate for the Yellow Emperor later. Just place the sheath in front and worship it.”

“Stop being retarded,” Ye Zichen snorted. Then, when he saw that Di Tian was still going to insist on his own ways, he glared. “I think that you still want to get beaten up?”

“Don’t, I don’t want to get beaten up,” Di Tian hurried raised his hands, then found a way out. “Keep the Yellow Emperor’s sword sheath if you want. It isn’t much use to you. Even if the Yellow Emperor gets angry, he will be looking for you, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Then what are you blabbering on about!” Ye Zichen kicked Di Tian on the butt and took out his phone in order to exchange a Spring-Returning Pill for him.

However, at that very instant, his phone vibrated.

“Bro, help!”

The one who sent the message was True Lord Erlang!

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