Chapter 306 Su Yiyun’s True Love

Chapter 306 – Su Yiyun’s True Love

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the room turned rather strange.

Xia Keke dipped her head and twiddled her fingers without meeting Su Yan’s gaze, while Ye Zichen’s expression also froze…

It really isn’t an easy thing to explain. What’s more, Su Yan seems to know something.

“Alright, I’ll just not ask,” Su Yan smiled. “The doctor said that there aren’t any problems that they could detect. I’ll go and get the procedures for you two to be discharged now. Just directly leave afterwards, I have other stuff to do, so I won’t stay with the two of you!”

Then she turned around, while revealing a faint hint of bitterness on her face.

Ye Zichen felt his heart shake at the depressed figure!


Your affability level with Su Yan decreased by 10. Current affability level: 500.

She really does know something.

Ye Zichen looked at the closed ward door blankly.

At the same time, Xia Keke also blinked, “Susu couldn’t have noticed something, right?”

A woman’s sixth sense was always strangely accurate, and Xia Keke was certain that Su Yan must have noticed something from her expression.

“What should I do? Should I return to the dorm tonight? How about we get a room?”

Ye Zichen looked speechlessly at Xia Keke’s look of anticipation and rolled his eyes, “Rest properly. Didn’t you say that the dragon race has rules? You got addicted?”

“Tsk, who the heck is addicted,” Xia Keke wrinkled her nose and jumped off the bed before sticking her tongue out at Ye Zichen. “Hmph, don’t even think about touching me for the rest of this life!”

Then, she frantically escaped from the room with a pout. Ye Zichen smiled, got off the bed as well, then left the military hospital and returned to Xiao Yumei’s place.

Another week passed by in the blink of an eye.

Ever since Huo Da was taken away by the military, Xiao Yumei no longer got into any dangerous situations. That was enough proof that Huo Da did set up the car accident.

Elder Su did not go back on his words, and did pursue Huo Da’s responsibilities completely.

The Huo family wanted to cut Huo Da off, but they were still affected. During their attempts, they continuously tried to use their contacts, but even after spending all their money, they were still unable to prevent the bleakness that befell the Huo family...

Since a once glorious family collapsed in the blink of an all, it suddenly became the topic of many gossips.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen was not particularly surprised by it all.

Even if Huo Da didn’t do any crap like that, his family would still end up falling with the God of Fortune acting behind their backs.

What he minded more was… Su Yan.

During the entire week, she acted as if she was intentionally avoiding Xia Keke and him. She did not stay in her dorm, nor did she attend class much. She even turned off her phone and refused to reply to WeChat. It was as if she had evaporated off the face of the earth.

“Ye-zi, I don’t really thing to say about my little sister and you,” Su Yiyun shook his head in front of his sportscar. “I can’t intervene, nor do I have any methods of doing so. Just let nature take its course!”

Ye Zichen nodded with a sigh. Ever since the affability level dropped to 500, it no longer dropped anymore.

However, Su Yan ignored him, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

She wouldn’t even go out to meet him when he went over to the Su household to see her.

“Oh yeah, here’s your shitty sword sheath back,” Su Yiyun handed Ye Zichen the sword sheath wrapped in the cloth and smiled. “I have a date, so I’ll stop wasting time with you.”

“Date? You?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “You sure you don’t mean a f*ckbuddy? You can actually have a proper date? Which rich family’s young lady has been targeted by you this time?”

“Am I that sort of person?” Su Yiyun retorted.

“Yes. If you don’t believe me, ask our roomies whether you are or not,” Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

“I was just young and naïve back then. My heart wandered as I was unable to find a home for my soul. Let me tell you, I’m serious this time!”

“When do you not say that? You’re gonna end up with a new one in less than a week,” Ye Zichen shrugged.

“It’s serious this time!” Su Yiyun said with an expression filled with sincerity. “This girl isn’t any rich girl. She’s different from other people.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but start to doubt himself when he saw Su Yiyun’s expression, “You sure?”

“Why would I lie to you! Alright now, if I talk to you any longer, I’m going to be late for my date.”

With that, Su Yiyun got into the car and drove off.

Ye Zichen shook his head, then got into his own car with the sword sheath and returned to the apartment. Due to Third Fatty Jin recently cultivating the Immortal Heart of Pure Yang, he had broken through from his power level of zero and reached the spiritual body stage.

However, Ye Zichen had already leveled up to the False Earth Immortal stage.

There was definitely something to take note of, and that was the Dragon God Ring.

If it wasn’t because of the Dragon God being too powerful, Ye Zichen would have definitely beaten up the shameless bastard. It was absorbing spiritual energy from his fingers, and that had directly affected the experience he gained each day.

The experience he gained per day was originally 10, but due to it, the experience gained now turned to 8 per day.

It was exactly the same as before the effects of the Worldly Daoist Robe.

“Boss Ye!”

The moment Ye Zichen opened the door, Third Fatty Jin, who was sitting on the sofa, ran over.

“You got handsome in just a few days. If you go out on the streets, you would definitely turn a huge number of heads. Even I am starting to fall in love with you.”

“Hehe… But why didn’t anyone look at me when I was coming?” Ye Zichen glared at Third Fatty Jin with dead fish eyes.

“That’s cuz they’re blind!” Third Fatty Jin raised his eyebrows. “Since you are so handsome, such a jock and such a stud, they’re just not looking because they feel terrible about themselves!”


If this brat was in a company, he would definitely to pretty well. His kiss ass and being fickle skills are truly top-notch.

What’s more, this brat had another positive side. He could show off!

What’s more, he shows-off so well that even I kind of have to submit.

“You used all the words you learnt on me, didn’t you?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “Stop kissing ass here, it isn’t useful on me.”

“Everything I said was the truth from the death of my heart. If there is any falsity in my words, I…”

“You what?”

“I’ll gain another five kilograms.”

Third Fatty Jin didn’t dare to say anything too extreme. The stuff like Laws of the World were too mysterious, god knows if it was in effect or not each day…

“Hehe! If you gain any more weight, you’re going to turn into a ball,” Ye Zichen could only laugh coldly in response.

Third Fatty JIn also smiled coyly. I didn’t kiss ass properly, it seems like I have to do it in another way next time.

At that moment, he noticed the cloth-wrapped sword sheath in Ye Zichen’s hands and asked curiously, “Boss Ye, what treasure are you holding?”

Third Fatty Jin was truly capable at what he did since he flattered the target of his words with both the stuff he said and the way he acted.

Basically, he had a really high EQ!

On the other hand, Gu Tian might have said something along the lines of “what sort of crappy thing are you holding? Why did you actually bother to wrap it up with a cloth?”

Ye Zichen placed the sword sheath onto the tea table and unwrapped the cloth…

The rusted sword sheath appeared in front of their eyes.

“What-What treasure is this?” Third Fatty Jin raised his eyebrows.

Ye Zichen was frowned for a moment, before he spoke, “You don’t know either?”

I thought Third Fatty Jin would know, otherwise, I wouldn’t have come here!

Third Fatty Jin shook his head.

At that moment, Di Tian, who was scrubbing the floor suddenly twitched his eye, “I know what it is!”

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