Chapter 303 Spiritual Consciousness is Naked!

Chapter 303 – Spiritual Consciousness is Naked!

Xia Keke held Ye Zichen’s hand with an extremely nervous expression, while the bone ring shimmered from the moment she touched it.

“Are you someone of the dragon race?” The voice of an ancient dragon suddenly sounded out in Ye Zichen’s mind, while his consciousness suddenly appeared in a place devoid of everything.


A huge dragon around a hundred yards long with its entire body as red as blood laid beside a shimmering mountain of gold and jewels.

The white dragon whiskers fluttered in the air, while Ye Zichen couldn’t help but float over the moment the blood dragon spoke.

When he got near the dragon, Ye Zichen finally understood what it meant to be puny.

To it, Ye Zichen was as puny as an insect. As he looked up, he saw the blood-colored eyes look at him with a hint of softness.

“You don’t have the blood of a dragon, why are you able to awaken my soul?”

Dragon race?


All of a sudden, Ye Zichen remembered what Lil’ White had said earlier. This ring is called the Dragon God Ring, and it contained the soul of a dragon god from that age.

The person who awakened it wasn’t me, it was Xia Keke!

Xia Keke was a golden dragon, a member of the dragon race.

“The one who awoke you was not me. There is a descendent of the Azure Dragon of the Four Sacred Beasts beside me. Her original form is that of a golden dragon.”

“So it’s that girl!” The dragon god nodded humanely and smiled. “Summoning you both in here is too dangerous in this place. How about this, hurry up and take her to a safe please. Remember, do it as quick as possible. There is a limited amount of time for me to stay awake!”


The void of consciousness shattered, and Ye Zichen also exited from the void.

“Ye Zichen! Ye Zichen!”

Xia Keke’s face was filled with anxiousness as she looked at Ye Zichen, whose gaze had turned blank.

“Keke, come with me!” Ye Zichen grabbed Xia Keke and immediately ran into the hotel beside him. Right when he finished registering and getting a room, he bumped into Su Qihu, who was escorting Huo Da out, on the way to the elevator.


Ye Zichen’s face stiffened.

Why am I so unfortunate? I just had to bump into him at this very moment.

Ye ZIchen quickly let go of Xia Keke’s hand and scratched his head with a coy smile, “Uncle Su, thank you for your hard work!”

However, he completely forgot that the hand he scratched his head with still held the hotel’s room key.

“Hehe… Not at all. I didn’t work as hard as you!” Su Qihu revealed a cold smile. He already knew that Ye Zichen had other women, but he had just never seen them before.

This is great, I caught him in the act. What’s more…

They just got a room!

“Look at what you’re saying, how can I have worked as hard as you,” Ye Zichen continued to smile coyly.

Su Qihu wanted to get his soldiers to capture the brat in front of him to teach him a lesson. However, he suddenly had a different idea.

“It really is an achievement for you to capture the criminal. By putting yourself in danger, you were valiant, it is worthy of praise! How about this, come with me to the military region, I’ll give you a certificate…” Su Qihu smiled warmly.

“No need, no need, helping the people is my duty!”

It seems like dad-in-law didn’t notice?

Ye Zichen licked his lips and put down his hand, “Hurry up and go back, the forces behind this brat is huge, you’re going to get a lot of work to do!”

“Mm, then I’m going back.”

Su QIhu nodded slightly, then departed with his soldiers.

Yet, at the moment they exited the hotel, he turned to one of the soldiers, “Watch the brat closely and inform me if there’s any situation!”


Ye Zichen let out a long sigh of relief when Su Qihu finally left.

It’s so fortunate that this dad-in-law didn’t notice anything. If he knew that I was getting a room with Xia Keke, even if we weren’t doing anything, he would definitely beat me up real good with his temper.

“Who was that person?” Xia Keke asked in confusion.

“Su Yan’s dad!” Ye Zichen replied with a light smile, before grabbing Xia Keke’s hand and running into the elevator.

Even when they eventually reached the room, Xia Keke’s face was still covered in shock.

“That person is actually Su Yan’s dad!? He’s a military commander? Why did she never mention it!”

“You know Su Yan, she likes keeping a low profile,” Ye Zichen replied with a soft smile.

“Since you know her dad, then he should know about your relationship with Su Yan, right? Are you sure it's fine?”

“Why wouldn’t it be? We didn’t do anything?” Ye Zichen shrugged.

Xia Keke responded with a blush, “We didn’t do anything just now, but are we not going to do anything later?”

Why am I actually seeing a hint of anticipation from her face?

Could it just be my mind acting up? I was bullied pretty terribly the last time we got a room together.

Ye Zichen scratched his head. I must maintain my proper image, and the old dragon god had also said that its time was limited.

“Don’t think too much about it. I brought you here for the ring!”

Xia Keke’s expression immediately tensed, “Oh yeah, where did you get the ring? Can you give the ring to me? It is very important to me!”

“Don’t be in such a hurry, let me take you to see a guy… Wait, no, a dragon!”

With that, Ye Zichen begun to mentally shout…

The space in Ye Zichen’s consciousness opened once again, while the ancient dragon god glanced at Ye Zichen, “It’s safe now?”

“Mhmm!” Ye Zichen nodded.

Not long later, Xia Keke also appeared in his consciousness, “What is this place?”

Xia Keke, who just arrived, looked around. Just as Ye Zichen was about to answer, he found his eyes glued to something…


This is my see of consciousness, and only a soul’s consciousness can enter…

Which… is naturally naked!


Ye Zichen silently gulped and tried his best to move his gaze elsewhere, but his eyes were completely glued on Xia Keke and would not bulge at all.

Two members of the opposite gender could be extremely close together and act completely natural!

Ye Zichen had once scoffed at the story and thought that he could do it as well.


He felt like he truly overestimated himself!

“Hey, why aren’t you speaking!”

Xia Keke turned around in confusion. Yet, when she saw the naked Ye Zichen…


She immediately slapped him.

“Pervert! Why aren’t you wearing any clothes!” Xia Keke covered her eyes with her hands, but let a gap in between her fingers to peek curiously!

“Erm…” Ye Zichen smiled coyly. “You didn’t notice it, but you are naked too!”

Xia Keke put down her hands and looked down, then instantly froze!

A split second later, Xia Keke’s high pitched scream sounded out in the empty void.

“No looking!”

“I won’t, I won’t!” Ye Zichen quickly shook his head.

At that moment, the dragon god, who was lying by the golden mountain couldn’t suffer through it anymore and said helplessly, “Can you two not act like that? This old one doesn’t have much time!”

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