Chapter 302 Huo Da is Caught

Chapter 302 – Huo Da is Caught

Human Immortal?

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. Don’t cultivation levels only have Spiritual Body, Earth Immortals and Sky Immortals?

“What level is Human Immortal?”

“You don’t even know this?” Wei Chen put on a look of disdain as if he was looking down on Ye Zichen for asking such a simple question.

However, he immediately gulped and smiled when he saw Ye Zichen’s hostile gaze, “I’m kidding, Boss Ye, please don’t mind it!”

“Stop bullshitting around, hurry up and tell me,” Ye Zichen frowned.

“The levels in the Three Realms’ Immortal Region are split into five levels. Spiritual, Earth, Human, Sky and King. For Spiritual and Earth levels, there are only the early and late stages. For Human and Sky, there are the early, mid and late stages. I’m not so sure about King levels, but the Immortal Region doesn’t seem to have one of a King level yet!” Wei Chen explained with a smile, causing Ye Zichen to raise his eyebrows…

This was slightly different to what Third Fatty Jin said, but it is more precise. What’s worth noting is that the main body of the gramps from earlier is actually at the Human Immortal level or even higher!

That’s pretty amazing.

“Are you sure that only those of a Human Immortal level or higher can have Body Doubles?” Ye Zichen interrogated.

“I’m sure!” Wei Chen nodded in certainty. “If I can’t tell that something is a Body Double, then, in the Immortal Region, I don’t need to… Then I can’t exactly be there anymore! He was definitely a Body Double!”

Wei Chen clearly paused for a moment when he answered, but Ye Zichen did not notice it as he was still pondering about the old man’s identity.

That old man was really strange…

He was beside Huo Da, but he seems to be helping me…

At that moment, Huo Da, who was on the floor, suddenly stood up with the gun in his hand…

“Nobody move!”

The security guards, who were going to subdue him, immediately stopped in their tracks.

At the same time, Huo Da also turned around with a mad smile in his eyes, “I didn’t think that you would even manage to cause my butler to defect! Ye Zichen, I truly underestimated you.”

“If I say that I don’t have anything to do with your butler, would you believe it?” Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

“F*ck you, the shit are you trying to pretend for,” Huo Da bit his lips, while a crazy look appeared on his face. “Since my family has fallen into a decline, and those bastards won’t let my family turn the tables. It’s impossible for Xiao Yumei and I, so… Let’s die together…”


The cartridge was empty!

Ye Zichen had always maintained a calm smile, while the security guards, who were already prepared, immediately subdued Huo Da when they saw that the gun in Huo Da’s hand was empty.

Then, organized footsteps echoed in the corridor.

Not long later, a group of men in military uniform appeared at the doorway. The person in the lead was Su Yan’s father, Su Qihu!

When the security guards saw the epaulette on Su Qihu’s shoulders, they immediately saluted.

From the looks of the standard salute, they should be veterans.

Only then did Ye Zichen understand, while a wave of respect rose up in his heart.

Just why were they able to stand so fearlessly in the room?

It was because of the iron-will of soldiers, something that normal people would not be able to understand. The word “fear” was not in their dictionaries, instead, it was filled with a single word – Justice.

“Hello, I am Su Qihu, the Commanding General of Bingcheng’s Number One Military Region. I received orders to come and capture a criminal.”

The security guards instantly nodded and took a step back, displaying Huo Da, who was subdued on the ground.

“What right do you have to capture me!? I didn’t commit any crimes!”

“Shut up, the heck are you screaming out for?” A security guard immediately elbowed him!

At the same time, Ye Zichen and Wei Chen also stood up from the sofa and walked over.

Su Qihu was clearly momentarily stunned when he saw Ye Zichen, making it apparent that Old Man Su did not tell him that Ye Zichen was there as well.

To be perfectly honest, he still didn’t like Ye Zichen from the start.

He had looked down on Ye Zichen from the beginning, but since he spoke with too much certainty on Old Man Su’s birthday feast, he was unable to interfere with Ye Zichen’s relationship with Su Yan.

“Dad-in-law, you actually came in person!” Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

Su Qihu’s expression immediately turned dark when he heard Ye Zichen’s way of addressing him, while the soldiers behind him and the security guards in the room were clearly shocked…


“I’m on a mission. Also, don’t call me dad-in-law. I never recognized you!” Su Qihu glared.

Ye Zichen chuckled, then didn’t annoy him further. Instead, Ye Zichen pointed at Huo Da, who was still struggling on the floor, “This grandson is the mastermind, as for over there… Huo Da’s the guy who killed the dead guy over there. The gun seems to have his fingerprints on it as well. He also pointed the gun at me just now, but it wasn’t of any use, so I just taught him a lesson!”

“You’re lying, I didn’t kill him!” Huo Da screamed.

“Hehe, you don’t get to decide whether you actually killed him or not,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes with a smile. “They can just get the fingerprints on the gun tested.”

Su Qihu nodded. If it wasn’t for how civilian-like and fickle in love this kid is, I would actually be rather satisfied with him due to his capability and bravery.

“Take him away, and get the military’s forensic experts to examine the corpse!”

Thus, the soldiers behind Su Qihu immediately started to move. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen stayed in the room for a while longer as he was worried that Su Qihu wanted to ask him some questions to understand the situation further.

However, Su Qihu completely ignored him.

“Are you going to ask me anything? If you don’t, then I’m leaving. Don’t act like a kid and waste my time, I’m very busy!”

Hearing that, Su Qihu snorted, “You’re not needed, just screw off!”

“Sigh, uncle, seriously…” Ye Zichen shook his head and twitched his mouth. “Then whatever, Old Wei, we’re leaving!”

As there was nothing special to do after they left the hotel, Wei Chen returned to the teahouse.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen stood at the side of the road in order to catch a taxi to the hospital. As for why he did not get Wei Chen to drive him over…

It was because the stingy man known as Wei Chen did not own a car!

Wei Chen had even gone as far as to say that it was because cars cause pollution. A while ago, they had actually arrived at the hotel on the guy’s bicycle.

“Ye Zichen!” A call sounded out behind him.

When Ye Zichen turned around for a look, he saw Xia Keke, who was wearing sunglasses and a cap while holding a bag on her shoulders as if she had just returned from her travels, looked at him angrily with her hands on her hips.

“Where did you go off to?” Ye Zichen walked over.

Xia Keke immediately smiled happily, “Susu and I went out to play, so we weren’t in school these few days!”

No wonder I didn’t see them in school recently. So they actually went out to travel. But I didn’t see Lu Lu recently either. Could she have gone out to play as well?

“Oh yeah, I also brought you a present,” With that, she took out a clay doll from her bag. “For you!”

The clay doll was of a boy holding two girls. No matter how Ye Zichen looked at it, it looked to him like chibi versions of Xia Keke, Su Yan and him.

“This can’t be Su Yan and us, right?”

“You’re pretty observative!” Xia Keke smiled, then pointed at the clay doll. “This is the three of us. Susu and I ordered it there. We have one each and the dolls have our names underneath them. Let me show you!”

As she said that, she walked over to grab Ye Zichen’s hand and lifted the clay doll.

Yet, at that very moment, a look of shock appeared on her face. She immediately held his hand and pointed at the ring on his finger.

“Where did you find this?”

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