Chapter 301 The Old Butler and Body Double

Chapter 301 – The Old Butler and Body Double

“Boss Ye!” Wei Chen pushed Ye Zichen to the side. Meanwhile, the old butler, who stood behind Huo Da, also raced forward and chopped down Huo Da’s neck with a knife hand.

“You…” Huo Da turned around in confusion. He never could have expected the old butler, who had been with him for ten-odd years, would actually attack him.

“Retard, go to sleep!” The old butler chopped down on Huo Da’s neck once again when he saw that Huo Da did not faint from the first blow.


Huo Da fell to the ground.

When they entered, Ye Zichen did not notice the gun in Huo Da’s hand at all, so it was extremely fortunate that Wei Chen had pushed him away.

“Old Wei!”

“Hey,” Wei Chen smiled, then opened his palm, revealing a bullet.

Wei Chen chucked the bullet onto the floor and twisted his neck, “That damn thing is pretty powerful, it really hurt my hand!”

Ye Zichen, who was worried about Wei Chen just moments earlier, couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “F*ck that, you’re crazy!”

Even I, who had Unbreakable Body, could not defend against hot weapons. Wei Chen is just of the False Earth immortal level, he could actually catch a bullet with his bare hand…

Could he be a body cultivator?

His skin is truly thick!

“Ye Zichen?”

At that moment, the old butler snickered.

Ye Zichen looked up upon hearing the sound, and finally noticed the old man in butler-clothing standing opposite him, who held Huo Da like a dead dog.


The old butler threw Huo Da in front of him.

“The person you guys want is him, right? Here!”

Ye Zichen looked down at Huo Da, who was beside his feet, then looked up and raised his eyebrows with a smile, “Internal conflict? Zeze, don’t worry, I won’t trouble you, I’m just rather interested in Huo Da.”

“Do whatever you want,” The old butler smile. “Let me give you a tip. Huo Da just killed someone. The gun on the floor has his fingerprints. If you want to deal with him, then you can use that.”


Ye Zichen glanced at the room and saw that someone truly did fall in the room.

No wonder there was a gory smell when I just entered the room!

“Also, the dead guy can change his looks. The person that went to assassinate you last time was him. Yu is pretty strong as well, you can make him work for you.”

“…” Ye Zichen’s expression suddenly turned dark.

What this geezer is saying is already way more than what someone that was asking to be spared should say. He seems to be just telling me something as if he was originally on my side.

“Just who are you?”

“You don’t need to mind it,” the old butler smile. “We’ll meet again in the future, but I might not be using this identity. I have faith in you, kid…”

With that, the old man’s body begun to crumble like a character made out of data in television shows, then eventually disappearing from the room.

“A Body Double!” Wei Chen’s eye twitched.

Ye Zichen, who stood on the side, revealed a look of confusion. Just when he wanted to ask what was a “Body Double”, the security guards for the hotel arrived.

“Who are you!?” The security guards asked angrily, while the clear smell of blood caused them to frown…

Within moments, they noticed the person in the pool of blood.

“Subdue them and call the police!”

“Hey, hey, hey, dude, I’m telling you, this brat was the one who killed the guy,” Ye Zichen kicked Huo Da, who was on the floor.

“That has nothing to do with us. Call the police!” roared the security guard.

At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone rang, and the caller ID showed that it was Old Man Su.

He had received the news about Xiao Yumei getting into a car accident as well. It was a rather severe issue for him since the medical company she works in proivides exclusive pills to the military.

Cooperating with the military makes it half a nationalized company.

A management level person getting endangered was no small matter.

“Old Man Su!” The moment Ye Zichen place the phone by his ear, the security guard immediately rushed over to grab it.

However, Wei Chen immediately stopped the man.

“Put the phone down. You are not allowed to talk to anyone before the police arrive!” the guard shouted.

“What’s going on over there?” Old Man Su heard the guard’s voice. “You’re in trouble?”

“Ignore it and say what you need to. What is it?” Ye Zichen said with a smile.

“Just tell me if you’re in trouble, I’ll help you deal with it,” Old Man Su said another word of car. “I heard Lil’ Xiao was in a car accident?”

“You know everything?” Ye Zichen was stunned. “She’s fine though.”

“It’s good that she’s fine,” Old Man Su said with a smile. “The perpetrator has to be severely punished. If I put it nicely, it was intentional assault, if I put it severely, then it’s treason! I already sent people out to capture him. If we do capture him, then we’ll take him onto the court martial. I promise to give you a solution for it!”

“…” Ye Zichen blanked out for a moment. “I already caught the person!”

When Ye Zichen finally hung up the call, the security guard was still continuing to yammer.

Ye Zichen patted Wei Chen’s shoulder, then raised his eyebrows at the security guard.

“Dude, we’re good citizens. You don’t need to care about all this, the military will come over and deal with all this later!”

“?” The security guard revealed a look of confusion.

“If you guys don’t believe me, then just wait there. The two of us are going to wait in the room for the military. If you guys don’t believe us, then wait here!”

With that, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows at Wei Chen, then sat down on the sofa in the living room.

The guard captain was stunned for a split second before he turned to his team members, “Stay on guard here and protect the scene! You guys can make a move if they make any unusual movements!”

Ye Zichen gave the guards a thumbs up in his mind. If anyone else is met with this sort of situation, they would try their best to avoid it, I didn’t think that they could actually still fearlessly stand here.

“Boss Ye, we’re really just going to stay here?” Wei Chen glanced at the guards. “If you want to run, then we’ll definitely be able to make it out.”

“No need, the military is coming over soon. Why are we running when they’re our people?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly. “Tell me, just what is the Body Double you spoke of?”

Wei Chen immediately put on a serious expression, “A Body Double is basically another body that the original one split off in order to breakthrough in their cultivation realms! It is similar to reincarnation, but has a worse effect. They will have a separate consciousness, but if the main body wants, they are still able to control the Body Double!”

“And?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows?

“That elder was a Body Double. You saw him disappear because the main body took him back. But the people that can form a Body Double are all at least of the Human Immortal level…” Wei Chen said solemnly.

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Dear Diary,

Today's events left me utterly speechless.

First of all, Yumei being endangered completely pissed me off. I know Huo Da was probably trying to get me since it was my car, but him going for Yumei was unforgivable.

Second of all, Huo Da's pretty much gone nuts. Regardless of the circumstance, I can't believe that he would actually lose his cool so much. That being said, the threat of him should be more or less gone now, especially since Old Man Su did call and gave me a good promise.

Third of all, the butler guy... Just... What is going on? I hate the feeling of being unable to control everything. It's as if these deities and cultivators just put everything in motion around me without me knowing anything. The way he spoke... Frankly, it pissed me off. What's wrong with these people? Like seriously. Can they actually give out information? My god, just tell me what the f*ck is going on now! These coincidences are too extreme, it's as if this is a novel!


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