Chapter 300 Car Accident

Chapter 300 – Car Accident

An empty truck and an expensive sports car crashed into each other. The front of the sports car was completely crushed, while its airbag had deployed. The truck driver had already ran away when the police finally rushed to the scene of the accident.

Meanwhile, a large crowd competed to take photos outside the cordon as they gossipped about the accident itself.

At Bingcheng Number One People Hospital.

Xiao Yumei laid on a sick bed. She was the victim of the car accident.

What was fortunate was that she was not hurt at all. Rejoice could be seen in her eyes as she stared a single tooth that she held in her hands.


The door to the ward swung open as Ye Zichen ran in worriedly.


Xiao Yumei, who was in the ward, looked up. A faint smile surfaced on her face as she held the bone tooth in her hands tight and called out softly, “Why did you come!”

“How could I not when something like this happened?” Ye Zichen walked over to the bedside worriedly. “Are you alright?”

“Of course I’m not, don’t be like this…” Xiao Yumei smile and caressed Ye Zichen’s worried and tensed face. “Look, I’m completely fine. Actually, I’m not hurt at all, but the police said that I still have to come and get a checkup in the hospital.”

Only then did Ye Zichen stop worrying, “That’s great.”

On his way over, he was completely worried sick since the one who called him was the police officer who merely told him that Xiao Yumei was in a car accident so he should hurry over if he was a relative.

On his journey over, the taxi driver also mentioned the situation with the car accident…

The front of the sports car was completely ruined, while the suspect had run away!

“I heard that the car was completely trashed…” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, it did get trashed. I was on my way back to the company when the truck drove in the wrong direction and hit me,” Xiao Yumei’s words radiated with fear as she opened her hand and set her gaze upon the bone tooth. “Technically speaking, I should have died in the situation. But I actually didn’t. Only afterwards did I notice the bone bracelet around my hand had broke. This is the only thing remaining of it that I could find!”

The tooth no longer shimmered, and its surfaced displayed faint cracks.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. He had already wondered about the origin of the bracelet when he noticed it on Xiao Yumei’s wrist.

From the looks of it, some sort of master really did come in contact with Xiao Yumei, predicted that this trouble would come, and thus deciding to give her the bracelet.

However, Ye Zichen did notice the main issue of the accident. The truck drove in the wrong direction!

“Who did you offend recently?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. I must make whoever caused Xiao Yumei to end up in such danger pay.

“I didn’t offend anyone! From the looks of it, someone is jealous of our medical company’s profits, and so wants me dead,” Xiao Yumei smiled. She was unable to think of who she had offended, so she could only comfort herself with those words.

However, Ye Zichen did not agree with that thought at all.

The medical company had just been established. Although it was coming off strong, it was not to the point that it would affect the profits of other people.

Could another cosmetic company want to kill it while it is in its cradle?

Ye Zichen frowned, then glanced at Second Hou, who was standing guard in the room.

“Where is Eldest Hou?”

“Big Brother went to catch that perpetrator,” Second Hou answered.

“Capture?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “With your abilities, isn’t it extremely easy for you to capture the perpetrator!?”

Then, his heart sank.

“The other person isn’t a normal person?”

Second Hou nodded.


Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly. These guys were truly outrageous. They only just put Mother Ye, Jinglei-jie and Tiantian in danger a few days ago.

Now they actually dared to try it on Xiao Yumei.


At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone rang once again.

Ye Zichen answered the call and placed his phone by his ear.

Wei Chen’s voice sounded out from the phone, “Boss Ye, the person called Huo Da is indeed in Bingcheng. We were able to find out that the grandson is thinking of a way to hurt you and your family. I have already sent people to protect your family in secret, so don’t worry.”

Huo Da!

Ye Zichen’s eyelid jumped for a moment.

He looked at Xiao Yumei’s beautiful face…

She was driving my car, my car!

“Tell me his position. NOW. IMMEDIATELY!”

Within a certain deluxe hotel in Bingcheng.

Huo Da looked at the man standing in front of him with bloodshot eyes and questioned, “I told you to kill Ye Zichen, why didn’t you investigate who was driving the car properly!?”

“Hehe, you are hilarious,” the man twitched his mouth and laughed coldly. “You told me personally that the person in the car was the mission target. I crashed the truck into it and now you’re faulting me? What, do you want to repudiate and not pay up?”

The man twisted his neck and revealed a savage smile, “I don’t have a particularly good temper. If you want to repudiate, then I can only…”

A domineering aura suddenly filled the room. The man also licked his lips and walked towards Huo Da with a sinister gaze.

“Pay him!” Huo Da’s heart tensed, but the old butler behind him did not react.

“Butler, give him the money!”

The man stopped and set his gaze upon the old butler. Only then did the old butler smile and take out the cheque he had prepared beforehand.

“Here is your commission!”

“Hmmph, that’s more like it.”

The man picked up the cheque to leave. At the split second after he turned his back…


A bloody hole appeared in the man, causing him to fall onto the ground.

Huo Da, who sat on the sofa, turned his head in shock and saw the old butler holding a gun with a silencer in his gloved hand.

“Butler, you…”

“This person actually dared to disrespect Young Master, he deserves to be killed!” the old butler snorted coldly.

“Yes, he deserved to be killed,” Huo Da’s gaze hardened.

At that moment, the old butler chucked the gun to Huo Da, “Young Master, go and finish him off.”

Huo Da caught the gun. To be honest, although Huo Da was sinister and killed plenty of people through other people’s hands, it was his first time trying to actually kill someone himself.

He subconsciously gripped the gun with shaking hands, then thought about it. He realized that he was under too much pressure recently and had to let off the steam somehow.

He made up his mind. He pointed the gun towards the man in the pool of blood and shot him a few times before picking up the cheque from the ground and burning it with a lighter.

After he finally finished enjoying himself, he turned around with a maniacal laugh, “Get someone to deal with him.”


A loud noise suddenly sounded out right outside the hotel room door. Immediately afterwards, the door fell down into the room.

Huo Da subconsciously wanted to use something to cover the corpse, but it was already too late.

Ye Zichen’s eyes were completely dark while Wei Chen followed beside him…

“Grandson, I finally caught you!”

“Ye Zichen!” Huo Da glared, then smiled coldly. “Die!”

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