Chapter 299 The Bid

Chapter 299 – The Bid

“Number 117 has offered ten million!”


Throughout the many years that it has been established the Treasure Vault auction house’s customers had already came into agreement about an unspoken rule.

The price of good items would intensely rise by small increments as people try to outbid each other, just like the heating of a small flame. This way, not only can it display the value of the product, it also allowed everyone to participate.

The rise of four million to ten million instantly caused plenty of members to lose their right to bid.

Many people subconsciously looked around for the number the auctioneer said…

It was on the third floor.

Seeing that, they instantly did not dare to say anything.

The third floor was filled with existences at the peak of the business circles. So what if they break the rules? What’s more, that rule was merely set by middle-tier and low-leveled members, it wasn’t the official rule of the auction house!

The other members who stayed in rooms took a glance. Since they were also third floor members, they minded each other’s faces, so they all chose to give up. What’s more, Xiao Hai and co. knew which room was Su Yiyun’s so they naturally did not choose to bid either.

"Su Yiyun,” Han Yu squinted his eyes and glanced through the window.

“Isn’t that grandson not interested in antiques? It was normal for him to buy the first one for his dad, but why is he bidding again?”

Han Yu thought about it for a long time, before a smile gradually surfaced on his face as he pressed down on the auction machine.

“Number 196 offers twenty million!”

Before the auctioneer finished, Ye Zichen increased his bid once again.

“Number 117 offers fifty million!”

At that moment, the auctioneer finally revealed a satisfied smile, because all products had a price set before the auction. Only if she raises the price to a certain degree would she be able to get the commission for the item.

Fifty million!

Everyone in the auction house was stunned.

“Ye-zi, what are you doing!?” Su Yiyun stared at Ye Zichen, who was holding the auction machine, in confusion and raised his eyebrows. “There is no meaning for you to buy such a crappy thing with fifty million!”

“You wouldn’t understand!” Ye Zichen replied plainly.

The moment after the sheath was revealed, Ye Zichen felt like he had seen a dream.

Of course he knew that it was no daydream. Rather, it was his previous experience, and the sword sheath on his waist during the scene was identical to the one of the stage.

Thus, he decided to buy the sword sheath for himself.

“Who is the person that is continuously trying to outbid me?” Ye Zichen frowned.

“That number seems to be Han Yu, the grandson,” Su Yiyun raised his eyebrows. I didn’t see him downstairs just now, so I thought that he didn’t come!”

“Hehe, that grandson!” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

At that moment.

“Number 196 offers sixty million!”

Ye Zichen immediately raised the bid one again!

“Number 117 offers a hundred million!”

Everyone was able to feel Number 117’s desperation, and the people in the other rooms on the third floor were also shocked.

They could feel that the two people are ones with a grudge. Number 117 clearly needed the item, while Number 196 was just trying to piss the former off.

As third floor members, Number 196’s actions were rather disrespectful.

“Number 196 offers a hundred and ten million!”

“This Han Yu is rather rich!”

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. People cannot randomly add to their bid since the clubhouse would only recognize it as a valid bid if the member was able to show that they could definitely afford that much. If that wasn’t the case, then the auction house would be a complete mess.

“I have to investigate their family when I have time. It really is thought provoking that the son of the mayor can afford that much!”

“Number 117 offers a hundred and twenty million.”

With that, he dialed Fatty Bai’s number, “Fatty, how much money can the jewelry store withdraw? I need to buy something which costs a lot!”

“Around a hundred and thirty million!”

The moment Fatty Bai said that, Ye Zichen’s heart sank.

I definitely would not be able to buy it if the price calling continues like this.

“You’re out of money aren’t you!” Han Yu sneered as he leisurely drank wine within his room. “You screwed me over for sixty million. Since you want this sword sheath, then prepare to bleed!”

“Humber 196 offers a hundred and fifty million!”

After Han Yu put up such a high bid, Ye Zichen realized that if he suddenly said that he doesn’t want it anymore, Han Yu might actually vomit blood.

“Grandson, you’re very lucky!” Ye Zichen licked his lips, then turned to Su Yiyun. “Help me contact the auction house. I want to exchange the sword sheath with something!”

Several minutes later, a man in the auction house’s uniform appeared in the room alongside a middle-aged man.

“Sir, did you request for an exchange of items?”

Ye Zichen nodded, then took out five wild ginsengs.

One could tell that the wild ginsengs had a long history just from its appearance. What’s more, there was also a faint fragrance being emitted from it that was able to make people feel relaxed.

“I want to use these five thousand-year wild ginseng to exchange for the sheath!”

At the same time, a man also appeared in Han Yu’s room.

“Sir, Number 117’s room has requested for an exchange for items. Please name the highest price you can accept to bid!”

During this exchange, the sword sheath was not auctioned. Instead, the auctioneer continued on with the auction of other items.

A man suddenly appeared beside the auctioneer and whispered something. After hearing that, the auctioneered nodded and smiled.

“Congratulations to Number 117 for getting the Primordial Sword Sheath!”

“Yay!” Ye Zichen clenched his fist in the room. Gaining the sword sheath was more important than anything.

Han Yu was also stunned upon hearing the result, but he very quickly revealed a satisfied smile.

Nothing was more important than making Ye Zichen waste a lot of money.

Not long later, a auction house staff sent the sword sheath to Ye Zichen’s room, while handing him a membership card.

“Sir, this is our clubhouse’s membership card. You can enjoy the treatment of an advance-tier member in anyone of our clubhouses within the country with this card.”

Ye Zichen received the card with a nod. The card wasn’t really that important to him.

The sword sheath was what’s important.

“Ye-zi, just what’s so amazing about this thing to make you not mind using so much money and thousand-year ginseng, something that is a treasure for healthcare, to exchange for it?” Su Yiyun put up a look of confusion on his face.

Ye Zichen merely smiled, “I just wanted to collect it since I feel like this sword sheath has collectible value.”

Ye Zichen traced his finger over the pattern of the sheath. He could feel that the sheath was very intimate. More importantly, the moment he traced his finger over it, it was as if a lot of the rust on it disappeared…

“Don’t bullshit with me. I know you well enough. There is definitely something special about the sword sheath,” Su Yiyun asked in curiosity. “Tell brother just what’s special about the sword sheath. That grandson Han Yu is definitely feeling great about screwing you over. Tell me about what’s special about it so that I can be happy as well!”

“Hehe, I’m not telling you!” Ye Zichen smiled faintly.

At the same time, Ye Zichen’s phone also rang.

When he saw the caller ID, he smiled and answered the call. However, his happy expression turned to shock as he chucked the sword sheath in his hand to Su Yiyun.

“Help me keep it!”

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