Chapter 298 Auction House

Han Qi immediately felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right when Su Yiyun said that, so he immediately slipped away.

At the same time, Xiao Hai raised his eyebrows, “This clubhouse seems to have a rule that if five advance tier members simultaneously request it, it is possible to kick a member of a lower tier out, right?”

“There is indeed a rule like that!” said the waiter who had blocked Ye Zichen from entering.

“Good,” Xiao Hai raised his eyebrows. “We just managed to get five advance tier members here. I propose kicking that brat… What’s he called again?”

“Han Qi!” said Su Yiyun.

“Yes, that brat. I suggest that we request to kick him out of the clubhouse, is that alright?” Xiao Hai smiled at the people around him.

“No problem!” Lin Hanben smiled.

“Since he dared to speak ill of Young Master Ye, then I naturally will not let him stay!” Dongfang Wenyi curled his lips.

“I raise both hands and feet to kick that grandson out!” Su Yiyun raised his hand.

Out of the five advance tier members, only Zu Siliang did not say anything.

As Zu Siliang saw everyone look over at him… “It has already come to this, so do I have any reason to refuse?”

Han Qi, who ran from the place of the incident, let out a sigh of relief as he silently complimented himself for his intelligence.

If I continued to stay there, who knows what trouble would arise.

“This really is strange, why does that brat know so many big shots?”

Just as Han Qi was deep in thoughts, two security guards with white gloves walked in front of him.

“Mr. Han, your membership status has been revoked. Please leave!”

“Bullshit, how could my membership get revoked!” Han Qi cursed with a glare. “I is Mayor Han’s son, do you dare to revoke my membership?”

“I’m very sorry, the membership you possess is of the intermediate tier. Five advance tier members have declared jointly to cancel your membership status. According to the regulations of this clubhouse, you are no longer a member. Please leave!”

The security guards made a please gesture. Han Qi still wanted to muck around, but the two security guards frowned.

“We apologize in advance!”

The two guards each took one arm of Han Qi and directly dragged him out. During the process, Han Qi continued to scream out phrases like “I am the mayor’s son” and “I won’t let you guys off”.

“I wonder what Han Zhenguo would feel if he finds out that his second son made him look so terrible,” Xiao Hai wouldn’t help but chuckle as he watched Han Qi get dragged out.

“He’s lucky that his eldest son is rather smart. Otherwise, his family would be pretty screwed!” Dongfang Wenyi twitched his mouth.

From the views of everyone else in the clubhouse, Xiao Hai and co. were clearly important people in the clubhouse.

Plenty of people in the clubhouse would occasionally look towards them, but would not dare to walk over.

The split of levels in the business circles were clear. If you go over to people of a higher level than you without that sort of status, that was just asking to get shamed.

However, most of the people were actually more curious about Ye Zichen.

He was someone that they had never seen in the clubhouse before. However, the high leveled people were all very friendly towards the young man.

Thus, they all forced themselves to remember Ye Zichen.

It was so that they would try to get closer to them if they met in the future, and even if they couldn’t, they still had to ensure to not offend him.

“Uhm, what sort of place is this? Why are you guys all here?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. None of the people in front of him were ones that people could meet easily. He never expected to see all of them here at the same time.

“The name of this clubhouse is Treasure Vault. It is an auction house and can be counted as a business circle!” Xiao Hai smiled. “The people that can come here are normally those that have a net worth of more than ten million. Normally, people can come here to gather, but most of the time it is rather quiet.”

“Xiao Hai is right. Actually, the reason we all came here is because an auction is being held,” Zu Siliang also smiled.

“Auction?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“This clubhouse occasionally auctions some antiques or special items. You’ll understand after coming in to take a look!” Su Yiyun chuckled.

Ta ta ta…

The sound of high-heels walking on floor sounded out. Not long later, a woman wearing a red qipao arrived and made a please gesture, “The time is right. Ladies and gentlemen, please head upstairs!”

The moment they reached the second floor, Ye Zichen finally believed that it was really an auction house since neither the exterior of the clubhouse nor the first floor made it seem like one.

There was a podium for the auction alongside auction machines for entering your bid…

“Stop spacing out, our place is upstairs!” Su Yiyun clapped his shoulder. Only then did Ye Zichen realize that there were separate rooms upstairs which were probably for the advanced tier members only.

As Xiao Hai, Zu Siliang and co. went to their respective rooms, Ye Zichen followed Su Yiyun to his.

“Actually, my dad was the one who was supposed to come to this auction, but since he’s busy with business deals, he told me to come,” Su Yiyun shrugged. “To be honest, I’m not very interested in stuff like antiques.”

“Well, it’s not anyone else’s fault that you’re free!” Ye Zichen shrugged.

“How am I free. I invested in a project as well! It’s your medical company. I feel like it will definitely be profitable!” Su Yiyun raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Anyone can tell!” Ye Zichen was speechless.

At the same time, the auction had officially begun.

It was as Xiao Hai had said, the items being auctioned were mostly famous paintings or antiques, and after using the Fiery Eyes of Truth to check, Ye Zichen confirmed the fact that all the items on auction were real.

Actually, he would be able to know that they were real even without using the Fiery Eyes of Truth to check since there was no way everyone shouting out so much were all idiots!

“The next item on auction is a weapon!”

The auctioneer in red qipao smiled. At the same time, the staff also took out a sword-shaped item wrapped in a red cloth.

When they pulled the red cloth away, it revealed that what was wrapped within was not a sword. Rather, it was a sword’s sheath.

From the stains on it, the sheath seemed to have a long history.

“We, the Treasure Vault, have estimated that this item is from the primordial times. We are unable to confirm the exact dates, but it can be certain that it was from before the Han Dynasty!”


The entire auction house exclaimed out in surprise.

If what they said was real, then it really would be an ancient antique.

Even if this sheath was merely a normal sheath, there is a huge collection value after so many years.

Plenty of rich businessmen already begun to call out their price, while Su Yiyun, who sat in the room, twitched his mouth, “What’s the point of bidding for a shitty sheath. Ye-zi, am I right?”

No one answered.

“Ye-zi, what are you thinking about?” Su Yiyun nudged Ye Zichen with his elbow.

Only then did Ye Zichen come back to himself and raised his eyebrows, “How much is it at now?”

“Four million!” Su Yiyun said plainly.

“Ten million!”

Ye Zichen immediately pressed down on the auction machine without hesitation!

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