Chapter 296 Force Established! Name Tribulation!

Chapter 296 – Force Established! Name – Tribulation!

Someone is looking for me?

Ye Zichen rubbed Liu Qing’s head, then took the phone and saw Xie Bian’s grandson, Xie Lei, was looking for him.

“Big Brother, thank you so much!”

That was the only message on the screen, while a red packet followed it.

You received Level 3 Ghost Messenger Xie Lei’s red packet.

Heaven and Earth merits x100000.

Hundred Ghost Night Walking Sigil x3. It has been added to the Yinyang Box.


Your level in the Underworld has increased. Current level: Level 5 Ghost servant.


Your intimacy level with Xie Lei increased by 400. Current intimacy level: 600.


Your intimacy level with Xie Lei leveled up. Current intimacy level: Respected.


You received 10 Admiration Points from Xie Lei.


Struggle for the Three Realms mode is about to activate.

Activation criteria. 1000 Admiration Points in the Heavenly Court and the Underworld, and 500 Reputation.

The series of system notification completely stunned Ye Zichen. Meanwhile, Liu Qing also opened her eyes wide for a long while before she spoke, “What are all these? What is the Struggle for the Three Realms?”

“I’m not sure. It might be that a game updated or something?” Ye Zichen replied in confusion.

Then, Ye Zichen disregarded the system notifications, and instead glanced at the title in front of Xie Lei’s name…

Level 3 Ghost Messenger.

If I remember correctly, he was merely a Level 1 Ghost Messenger a few days ago.

It seems like he got quite a good bit of benefits during Xie Bian’s birthday feast!

“Kid, you turned the tables?”

At that moment, Xie Lei was busy dealing with the Underworld staff that had come to visit him. During Xie Bian’s birthday feast, his packet of jasmine tea completely shocked everyone and earned continuous praise from the birthday ‘boy’ Xie Bian.

When the feast ended, Xie Bian directly gifted him a manor in the Ghost Capital.

The manor was one that Xie Bian had resided in while he was younger. The fact that Xie Bian gave out this manor caused plenty of Underworld staff to guess at Xie Bian’s intentions while they started to get closer to Xie Lei’s side.

That was something which had never been seen before.

Xie Lei shook his head with a soft smile when he saw the group of ghosts that came to him to offer their good will. At that moment, the phone on his table rang. He immediately picked it up, and replied to the message with a smile.

“I turned the tables, and it was all thanks to Big Brother. I, Xie Lei, am not an ungrateful person. I, Xie Lei, will do as much as I can whenever Big Brother has need of me.”

“Haha, since you said that, I really do have something to trouble you with!”

Ye Zichen replied with a soft smile.

“Big Brother, please say it!”

Xie Lei’s eyes were completely serious.

“I might come to the Underworld in the near future. I will be on unfamiliar grounds then, so please take care of me!”

Since Ye Zichen wanted to revive Liu Qing, he definitely had to go to the Underworld once.

He did not know what the situation over there was like either, so he had to be completely prepared.

“It won’t be me taking care of you, but I will definitely help! Just contact me then!”

Xie Lei replied without any hesitation.

“Sure, then that’s it. We’ll talk then!”


The moment Ye Zichen finished his chat with Xie Lei, Liu Qing snatched his phone. He had wanted to try to figure out what the Struggle for the Three Realms was, but since the girl wanted it that badly, he’d just let her have it.

What’s more, it’s not like he will get the answer just by studying it a little.

The next day.

At Leisure Home.

Ye Zichen arrived in casual clothes. At the place where he entered, a thirty-something years old woman sat at the counter.

“Sir, how many will it be?”

“I’m looking for Wei Chen!” Ye Zichen said plainly. The woman was confused for a moment before she smiled, “Third floor!”

The teahouse had been completely redecorated. Originally, the entire building was a place to drink tea.

However, after the improvement, the first and second floor continued to operate as a normal teahouse, while the third floor became the place where they gathered.

There was a stand at the staircase between the second and third floor.

Non-staff members were prohibited.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile and walked up. At that moment, Wei Chen was playing cards with his subordinates. When he saw Ye Zichen arrive, he immediately chucked the cards away.

“Boss Ye!”

The subordinates did not know Ye Zichen, so they all stood to the side.

Ye Zichen nodded with a soft smile and glanced at the arrangement of the third floor.


It was the sort of effect he wanted it to have.

He wanted the base to be hidden within the city, and since the teahouse continued to operate normally, it would not raise the suspicion of others at all.

“Ha, it’s alright if Boss Ye likes it,” Wei Chen smiled, then raised his eyebrows at the subordinates behind him. “He is our boss from now on. Call him Boss Ye from now on!”

“Boss Ye!” The subordinates all spoke up.

“Oh yeah, Boss Ye, name our organization!” said Wei Chen.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. The reason he established this power was to block off the troubles and tribulations around him…

“We’ll call it Tribulation!”

“Tribulation. Haha, good name!” Actually Wei Chen did not know how it was a good name, but kissing-ass was a must.

Ye Zichen ignored his compliment and raised his eyebrows, “Old Wei, is everyone in the teahouse one of our people?”

“Mhmm,” Wei Chen nodded, but then quickly shook his head. “No, not everyone. The lady at the front counter isn’t one of our people!”

“She isn’t?” Ye Zichen was stunned. But when I mentioned Wei Chen earlier, the woman smiled meaningfully…

I thought that she was as well.

“That lady was the sales manager of the teahouse before. I had wanted to change her for someone else, but she is rather pitiful. She said that she can’t lose her job and stuff, so I left her behind,” Wei Chen licked his lips.

“Rubbish, how can an outsider stay here? What if she finds out?” Ye Zichen frowned. Then he smiled playfully. “You couldn’t have gotten interested in her, right? Would Wei Teng agree?”

Wei Chen instantly blushed, “Boss Ye, you really know how to crack jokes.”

“This isn’t a joking matter. As an outsider, she will have an impact on us. Can you promise that she won’t ever find out anything?” solemnity filled Ye Zichen’s eyes.

“Uhm… I’ll find a chance to speak to her!” Wei Chen sighed, then changed the topic. “Let me tell you about the strength of our members!”

With that, he called over a thin man with a plain hairstyle.

“This is my ex-assistant. He’s a mid satge False Earth Immortal. He’s called Dahua!”

“Boss Ye!” Dahuo smiled with a nod.

“These…” Wei Chen pointed to approximately fifteen people behind him. “Spiritual Body level!”

Then, he pointed at the remaining twenty something people at the back.

“False Spiritual Level.”

Ye Zichen nodded. Although these people were not particularly strong, they were irreplaceable aid for the current Ye Zichen.

“What about the intelligence gathering group?”

“The intelligence personnel aren’t here!” Wei Chen smiled. “If they keep on sitting here, then what sort of intel are we supposed to look at. Am I right?”

“That’s right!” Ye Zichen nodded in satisfaction and smiled. “Then I’ll give you your first mission. Help me investigate the whereabouts of a man named Huo Da. If he is in Bingcheng, then send some people to protect those around me!”

“No problem!”

With those simple orders, Ye Zichen walked down from the third floor.

When he arrived on the first floor of the teahouse, he intentionally looked towards the lady at the counter. As he walked past her, she suddenly spoke…

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