Chapter 295 The Sky Sovereign’s Rage

Chapter 295 – The Sky Sovereign’s Rage

Within a certain high-class mansion in Bingcheng…

The living room swirled with dense smoke. Huo Da was dressed in bathrobes, as he smashed the expensive bottles of wine on the table to pieces.

The bright red wine was split all over the ground like blood…

“Young Master, we, the Huo family, are incomparable to back then. This kick of yours cost us five hundred thousand,” the elder in butler clothing raised his eyebrows as he ordered some servants to come over to clean it up.

Huo Da twitched his mouth coldly and glared with red eyes, then snorted, “We might have fallen, but the Huo family has not fallen to the point that we have to worry about five hundred thousand. What’s more, I came to Bingcheng to turn the tables. As long as I control Xiao Yumei, I will make those families that are kicking us when we’re down to come and beg me!”

“Young Master is right,” the old butler nodded with a smile.

“Yu betrayed us. How do you think he should be dealt with,” Huo Da calmed his anger down after a long time, then raised his eyebrows.

“Naturally, he cannot be used anymore,” the old butler smiled softly.

“Of course, but I can’t let people who betray me end well. Find a chance to kill Yu off, and if it’s possible kill the girl called Lingling off first to make him feel worse than death!” Huo Da clenched his first tightly with a menacing look on his face.

“Understood,” the old butler nodded and maintained his smile.

“Mm, I’m not worried if I leave that to you. Oh yeah, did you fully research about that grandson, Ye Zichen’s, family?” Huo Da squinted his eyes. Although he was above these sorts of things in the past, he had been placed in a desperate position.

Since the Huo family was falling, they needed a chance to completely turn the tables.

Ye Zichen was definitely his greatest obstacle, and in order remove the obstacle, he was willing to pay any price.

“Not yet!” said the old butler.

“Still not yet?” Huo Da frowned. “Bingcheng is damn tiny. I’ve told you to start searching from the capital, you still didn’t find them?”

“No!” The old butler shook his head.


Huo Da clenched his fist tightly. If it had been anyone else, Huo Da would have already started to curse.

However, the person in front of him was not a mere butler, so he would only helplessly endure.

“Deal with it quickly.”

“Understood,” the old butler nodded with a smile. “Then Young Master, stay here and rest, I’m going out.”

“Mm!” Huo Da waved his hand impatiently.

At that moment, the old butler also turned around and… revealed a meaningful smile.

Back at Ye Zichen’s mansion, he laid down on his bed, and contacted the God of Fortune before doing anything.

At that moment, the God of Fortune was having fun playing Landlord. When he heard his phone buzz on the table, he immediately put down the cards and opened up WeChat.

His phone showed that there were several tens of unread messages in his chat with the Sky Sovereign.

“God of Fortune!”

“God of Fortune!”

“God of Fortune!”

All of the messages shouted his name.

“Boss, it’s your turn.”

The ones playing the God of Fortune with was some of his subsidiary staff. Recently, he left quite poorly against Erlang Shen and co., so he decided to play a bit with his staff members to get them to lose a bit to him.

However, the staff were not understanding at all, and won seven to eight thousand gold ingots from him alongside several tens of cultivation experience.

“Wait a moment, I’m busy here!” He rolled his eyes at the staff, then lowered his own status as he wrote his reply.

“Great deity, I’m here!”

The title given to him when he became a god was the God of Fortune, but the one talking to him was a real God of Fortune.

That person definitely earned tons with Yue Lao, the number one agent, selling mysterious food in the Heavenly Court.

“I gave you two hundred thousand cultivation experience last time and told you to destroy the capital’s Huo family. How is that coming along?”

The God of Fortune paused for a moment, then shouted at his staff, “How is it going with the capital’s Huo family?”

“It’s all done. Recently, the Huo family should not have any luck with money. They are currently losing money,” the staff replied softly.

The God of Fortune nodded, then relayed the words to Ye Zichen.

“Losing money? So they are not completely destroyed?”

“Sky Sovereign, you might not understand the structure of syndicates in the Modern Realm. The Huo family could originally be described as a huge entity in the Modern Realm. It was rich to the point that their wealth could match countries. Even though we, the ones in charge of fortune, did some work on them, some time is needed to fullywreck the Huo family. But don’t worry, the Huo family is currently losing money for an indefinite amount of time…”

The God of Fortune replied with a soft smile.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then directly sent a voice message to the God of Fortune.

“I don’t care if it is a huge entity, I only want results. I’m not satisfied with the results you have showed me.”


A loud thundering sound sounded out from the hall the God of Fortune resided in. Then, Ye Zichen’s ice-cold voice resonated from all around the celestial hall.


The God of Fortune and his two subordinate staff stood up.

Voice transmission from the sky. And even more terrifyingly, even I, who owns a celestial manor, am unable to find the origin of the voice.


The God of Fortune silently gulped. As expected of the Sky Sovereign, he is not someone a small deity like me can compare up to.

“Please be at ease, Sky Sovereign!” The God of Fortune replied frantically. “I will deal with the capital’s Huo family’s matters as soon as possible!”


A voice message appeared on Ye Zichen’s screen.

After he listened to it, he snorted coldly.


A cold snort sounded out around the God of Fortune’s celestial hall. The God of Fortune could feel his blood boil in his body, causing him to nearly cough up blood.

“I await your good news.”

After a long time, the God of Fortune finally suppressed his annoyance, then glanced at the two staff who did not know what had happened, “Did you feel the Sky Sovereign’s anger just now?”

“Yes!” The two staff nodded with at him with a tremble.

“Then hurry and deal with it!’ The God of Fortune shouted and slammed the table. “One week, if I don’t see the results in one week, then never return!”

That caused the two staff members to leave frantically.

Only then did the God of Fortune sit down on the table with a sigh.

At the same time, the Sky Sovereign’s rage resonated in his heart.

Sky Sovereign Nameless has always been a mysterious existence in the Heavenly Court, even thought everyone knew that the title of Sky Sovereign was not something that just anyone could possess.

Yet, some people still looked down on the Sky Sovereign!

However, the God of Fortune was able to feel the Sky Sovereign’s anger already.

As I expected, the Sky Sovereign’s strength is incomparable.

Ye Zichen chucked his phone angrily to the side. If it really was like the God of Fortune had said, it would take some time to wreck the Huo family.

Then Yu’s words back then might very well be true.

But who would that person be?

Just as Ye Zichen was getting confused, Liu Qing stretched lazily and exited the Dragon Eye. Due to needing to revive her soon, Ye Zichen had asked her to stay within the Dragon Eye to nurture her soul.

“Young man, it’s been a while,” Liu Jing greeted him with a giggle. Since she had been nurturing her soul within the Dragon Eye recently, it caused her to be much more energetic, and it even seemed to have made her body develop.

“Young lady, it’s been a while.”

Ye Zichen waved his hand with a soft smile.

Liu Qing smiled sweetly, glanced at the phone by the bed and ran over.

“I haven’t read it for a few days, I have to hurry to catch up.”

Ye Zichen wanted to retort a bit, but the girl immediately chucked him the phone after gripping it.

“So annoying, why does someone look for you whenever I take your phone?”

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