Chapter 294 Not the Same Person

Chapter 294 – Not the Same Person

This woman…

Ye Zichen forced a smile to his face. The only thing he could do at that point was empty his mind and disregard everything she said.

God knows whether this woman could guess something from my expression or not.

I can’t let others know about my secret, and even for the ones close around me, I will only tell them everything after confirming some situations.

“Mr. Ye is very nervous,” Qu Qitong smiled faintly. “Actually, I just said it randomly, you don’t have to mind it too much.”

Then, she nodded slightly towards Xiao Yumei and Ye Zichen, “It’s getting late, so I’ll be leaving first. Director Xiao, let me wish us a happy cooperation in advance.”

“Happy cooperation,” Xiao Yumei pursed her lips with a smile.

Qu Qitong glanced at Ye Zichen meaningfully one more time before leaving.

The moment she left the office, her lips underneath her veil raised slightly, “Has x-ray vision, but at the same time not. Just what was he thinking just now? That man is rather amazing!”


Ye Zichen let out a sigh of relief the moment the office door closed.

He had been completely tense during the short few minutes previously.

As Ye Zichen leaned limply on the sofa, Xiao Yumei smiled, “She’s an amazing person.”

“I know this as well,” Ye Zichen shrugged unenergetically. “Being able to train one’s observation skills to her level makes her a miracle in the business circles as well, right?”

Xiao Yumei nodded in confirmation, “At the very least, I admit that I’m worse than her at it.”

“What a terrifying woman,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but exclaim.

Since she was able to guess the thoughts of others through reading their actions and expressions very accurately, Ye Zichen truly suspected that woman knew how to read minds.

“Oh yeah,” Xiao Yumei suddenly took out a name card from her wallet on the table and handed it to Ye Zichen.

“What is this?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Wouldn’t you know after taking a look?” Xiao Yumei smiled faintly.

Ye Zichen glanced at the name card…

Yang Yushi.

Mobile Number: 15XXXXXXXXX

Those were the only two rows on the card. At the same time, Xiao Yumei also smiled.

“Yang Yushi told me that it is her personal number. Although she said that it was for me, I could tell from her expression that she actually wanted to hand the card to you through me,” With that, Xiao Yumei smiled playfully. “Little man, you truly hid it well! I really couldn’t tell that you even knew Yang Yushi. What’s more, from the looks of the girl’s face… Zeze, you truly are a playboy.”


Ye Zichen smiled softly, stood up, then placed the card back onto the table.

“She gave it to you, so you guys stay in touch. There is no need for contact between her and I.”

“Are you sure?” Xiao Yumei smiled. “Yang Yushi is the goddess of the hearts and dreams of countless men.”

“The heck does that have to do with me?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then shrugged. “I admit that I’m rather fickle in love, but I can promise that I am sincere towards all of you. I’m merely a normal person, and it is already a blessing to have you all by my side. I can spare no energy to find more… A beauty’s favor is the hardest to accept. I am scared that I am unable to repay it!”

Then he stretched lazily with a smile towards Xiao Yumei, “You’re busy, so I won’t disturb your work any longer.”

Ye Zichen had a smile on his face as he left the Maintaining Beauty. He did not pay any heed to the matter with Yang Yushi at all.

Just as he was about to drive away, he felt someone following him.

He took back to take a look, and saw Yu, who was in a black coat, staring intensely at him.

“Are you done yet?”

Ye Zichen was truly a bit angry when he saw Yu.

Does this bastard think that I can’t get mad at all? Did he come over to kill me over and over again because I was too nice before?

“Didn’t you clearly find out last time that you can’t beat me? You’re still not giving up? Do you really think that I can’t kill you?”


Yu revealed a look of confusion.

After a long while, he lifted his hand and scratched his head, “Didn’t I say that I won’t try to kill you already? What are you saying? I came this time because I have something to discuss with you!”

“Hehe…” Ye Zichen smiled coldly. “Your knife was almost on my throat last night and you’re saying that you won’t kill me?”

“Impossible, I went out to buy clothes with Lingling yesterday,” Yu shook his head quickly.

The two of them looked at each other in confusion.

Ye Zichen tilted his head and looked at Yu’s face, which did not seem like he was lying.

Impossible, Yu did come to kill me last night.

“I get it now,” At that moment, Yu, who stood ten meters away, suddenly spoke up. “Huo Da might have hired him…”

“What the hell?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“The reason I came this time was to tell you that Huo Da returned from the capital to target you and the jewelry shop woman,” Yu frowned. “No wonder his expression seemed a bit weird when he found me yesterday. It is very possible that he found out about the relationship between us through some means.”

Although Yu did not look like he was lying, Ye Zichen did not have Qu Qitong’s ability to tell whether Yu was actually lying just from observing his actions.

Ye Zichen had always believed in what his eyes saw, and he had seen Yu try to kill him the other day.

Even though Yu said that now, Ye Zichen was still unable to believe him.

More importantly, the God of Fortune is doing things to Huo Da’s family behind the scenes. At this moment, Huo Da should be running around for his family’s business and should not have returned to Bingcheng to target Xiao Yumei and him.

From Ye Zichen’s views, Yu’s words were filled with issues…

Just to be on the safe side, Ye Zichen chose to keep his suspicion.

“Right now, I still cannot believe your words. If you want me to believe you, then just turn around and leave. We’ll pretend like we didn’t meet,” Ye Zichen pointed.

Yu nodded, “I can understand your thoughts right now. If it really is that person, then he can indeed imitate me extremely well!”

With that, he turned around and begun to walk away from the car park. Right before he left, he turned around again with a smile, “I, Yu, never goes back on his words. Since I said that I won’t kill you, then I won’t. Believe me if you want, but I am not guilty!”

Then, Yu directly left without any hesitation. When Ye Zichen saw this, even his belief had slightly wavered.

Could the person that came to kill me yesterday really have not been Yu…?

But why are they so similar to the point that their voice, tone and weapons were exactly the same?

Thus, Ye Zichen drove away from the car park while maintaining his doubts. Not long after he left, a shadow suddenly popped out from the wall of the car park.

“It is confirmed, Yu has gone over to the target’s side.”  

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