Chapter 292 You’re Fired

Chapter 292 – You’re Fired

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Even after twenty-four hours, the ring on Ye Zichen’s hand still had no signs of falling. Thus, he had once asked Lil’ White how long it would take for the ring to recognize him as its master.

Lil’ White’s response was…

He didn’t know.

Fortunately, people of Ye Zichen’s age would often wear some weird things, so the skull on the ring stuck on his hand did not attract too much attention.

Even if they saw it, they would just turn away after a single glance.

Something worth mentioning was that Yang Yushi did end up becoming Maintaining Beauty’s spokesperson, which in turn caused the internet and television to be filled with Maintaining Beauty’s advertisements.

All of a sudden, the brand appeared in the northern parts of the country with an unstoppable force.

The Maintaining Beauty headquarters were the tallest office building in Bingcheng. The huge Maintaining Beauty logo gave everyone the feeling of it being a large corporation.

It was very difficult to imagine that it took less than a month to establish everything.

When Ye Zichen drove to the Maintaining Beauty headquarters.

“Sir, excuse me…” The receptionist asked in a testing manner as she stopped Ye Zichen, who was about to get in the lift.

There was no other reason aside from the fact that the flowers in Ye Zichen’s hand were too dazzling.

“Sir, are you confessing to one of our colleagues? I personally encourage your action since girls like romance, but our company has regulations about how unrelated personnel are not allowed to go up.”

The girl spoke in a very roundabout manner, causing Ye Zichen to nod.

“So your company has this sort of regulation,” Ye Zichen nodded understandingly.

“This is because the higher-ups don’t want us to get distracted! There is no overtime in our company, work is work and rest is rest, so I feel like this sort of regulation is really good. But it does trouble you…” The girl replied with a smile. “How about you tell me who the flowers are for and I’ll send them over for you?”

“Xiao Yumei!” Ye Zichen smiled faintly.

“Xiao Yumei…” The girl wrinkled her eyebrows. “What a familiar name!”

“Xiao Yumei is Director Xiao, the director of our company! It is clearly stated in corporate culture. Did you not participate in that during your training?”

A suit-wearing man walked out from behind the girl. Ye Zichen glanced at his nametag.

Maintaining Beauty International, Administration Supervisor.

Tan Zhengwen.

“Director Tan!” The girl immediately revealed a timid look on her face.

“Director Tan?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then looked at Tan Zhengwen meaningfully. “He’s just a supervisor, and not even a manager, but he’s already called director?”

“You’ve got problems with that?” Tan Zhengwen looked at Ye Zichen in disdain. “Recently, there have been plenty of people who sent flowers to Director Xiao, but they either own companies, or are of management levels in large companies. This is the first time I’ve seen someone so cheap.”

“Are you talking about me?” Ye Zichen pointed at himself.

“You want to file a complaint about me? Sorry, I won’t give you the chance. As for who I’m talking about, think about it yourself,” Tan Zhengwen smiled in disdain. “if you truly want to pursue Director Xiao, at least get some good clothes. Even if you can’t afford real branded clothes, then buying some fakes to put up an image is fine too…”

“I smell the stench of money on you,” Ye Zichen smiled. “Maintaining Beauty International does not need a snob like you. Sorry, from this moment onwards, you are fired. Go to Finance to get three months of salary. Tell them Ye Zichen sent you!”

“Are you joking?” Tan Zhengwen laughed like he heard a hilarious joke. “You’re going to fire me?”

The girl, who wanted to stop their argument, pondered a little when she heard the name “Ye Zichen”.

She remembered that when she first arrived, she had been really curious about why Director Xiao did not sit in the chairman’s office, and that office has been empty the entire time.

Once, she had heard some colleagues gossip about that. They said that they had once seen from the entrance of the room that the name stand on the desk said…

Chairman of the Board - Ye Zichen!

What’s more, the legal owner of the company was also Ye Zichen.

“Tan Zhengwen, you’re fired!”

As Tan Zhengwen mocked Ye Zichen, Li Shuang, who was in business attire and heels, walked over.

Tan Zhengwen, who was laughing, suddenly stopped laughing.

“Secretary Li, what are you saying?”

Everyone in the company knew Li Shuang’s identity. She was the person that Xiao Yumei trusted most. It could be said that her status was merely below a single person in the entire company…

She could fire whoever she wants! Xiao Yumei definitely would not question it!

“You’re fired. Go to Finance to get your salary,” Li Shuang smiled faintly.

“What grounds are you firing me on!?” Tan Zhengwen roared. Although Maintaining Beauty International was just established, anyone could tell from the initial investments on the advertisements that Maintaining Beauty International’s future was immeasureable.

Although he was starting as a supervisor, he would be someone on the level of an elder later on…

He might even be able to compete for the assistant director position.

And more importantly, the salary at Maintaining Beauty was far higher than that of other companies.

“Boss Ye said you’re fired, so you’re fired,” Li Shuang smiled, then began her introduction. “Maintaining Beauty International’s Chairman of the Board and legal person, Ye Zichen. He said that you’re fired, does he actually need a reason for that?”

“Impossible!” Tan Zhengwen’s face was filled with disbelief.

“Nothing is impossible. You’re fired,” Ye Zichen smiled plainly, then clapped his hands. “Lil’ Hou, come over and bring this annoying thing away.”

Not long later, the Hou brothers walked over in security uniforms in the Maintaining Beauty International’s lobby, and dragged Tan Zhengwen out by his arms.

After they took Tan Zhengwen away, Ye Zichen pointed at the girl, who was standing on the side, “Come over here!”

Li Shuang smiled understandingly when she saw the familiar scene.

I had gotten a raise just like that. Even at that very moment, Li Shuang was still very thankful towards her Boss Ye for giving her the chance back then.

Now, she was able to buy apartments and cars with her own money…

Everything started with that sentence from back then…

“Come over here…”

“Di-Director Ye,” the girl dipped her head as if she was a bit afraid. When she thought back to how much she said to the chairman back at the elevator…

“I’m the chairman, doesn’t calling me director lower my status too much?” Ye Zichen chuckled.

“Ahhh, Chairman Ye,” the girl quickly corrected herself with her head lowered.

“Why are you so nervous,” Ye Zichen patted her shoulders, then reached his hand towards her chest.

The girl was stunned. Is Chairman Ye going to molest me here?

If Chairman Ye really grabs me, should I scream or should I endure it?

As the girl’s thoughts went all over the place, Ye Zichen used his finger to hook her nametag…

Administration Department: Gu Lüdan.

“Very good, Miss Gu Lüdan. From this point onwards, you are a supervisor of the administration department!” Ye Zichen smiled towards her.

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