Chapter 291 Dragon God Ring

Chapter 291 – Dragon God Ring

Ye Zichen pondered for a long time as he held his phone, but he was unable to guess what Xie Bian sent him a friend request to talk about.

However, since Xie Bian himself had said so, it wasn’t good if he didn’t accept the friend request.

If Xie Bian had a slightly impulsive temper and directly mentioned him in the group, causing the Yama Kings to see it, then he was screwed.

Thus, Ye Zichen accepted the friend request after a brief hesitation.

The first thing he did was naturally to take a look at the intimacy level.

100, Friendly.

Ye Zichen immediately stopped worrying after seeing the green intimacy level.

“Little brother!”

Xie Bian was indeed very friendly.

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then replied.

“Marshal Xie, I saw the verification message you sent me just now. Marshal Xie has something to discuss with me?”

Xie Bian, who sat in the vine chair, immediately curled his lips when he saw the reply.

It seems like he’s an impatient one.

But that’s good, it’s to my liking. The people he disliked were the people that took their time when doing things.

“Since little brother said that, then elder brother will just say it directly. When I was sending red packets just now, did little brother get a bone ring?”

Bone Ring!

Ye Zichen subconsciously looked at the ring on his right hand.

Xie Bian actually sought me out for this? Could this ring be a great treasure? But even if it is one, it is useless in my hands…

Since I don’t know how to use it, it is just trash to me.

“This one did indeed get the ring.”

“Mm, then that’s right, can you return the ring to elder brother? Elder brother naturally will not cause you to be at a loss. Just say what you want, as long as elder brother has it, then elder brother will immediately send it over!”

So generous.

Ye Zichen was actually prepared to return it and ask for nothing in return, since he truly did not have a use for the ring.

As opposed to wasting space in my hands, I might as well return it to Xie Bian to earn some intimacy level.

But since Xie Bian said that, then if I don’t rip him off, then I really am not doing myself justice.

Ye Zichen smiled evilly as he imagined the scene of Xie Bian being ripped off big time.



Ye ZIchen grabbed the ring and yanked with a lot of force, but he was unable to remove it.

“What’s going on?”

Ye Zichen chucked his phone to the side, then yanked as hard as possible. However, even when his fingers turned red, the ring did not budge at all, as if it was something that grew on his finger.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt a bit frantic…

“Marshal Xie, how do you take off this ring?”

Xie Bian was truly stunned upon hearing that, causing him to immediately reply with a voice message in surprise.

“You put it on?”

Ye Zichen’s heart leaped when he heard Xie Bian’s slightly surprised, confused and shocked tone.

“I shouldn’t have?”

Xie Bian’s heart was completely shocked.

He had owned the ring for a long time, and he could feel a tremendous amount of energy from within the ring…

He had tried countless ways within a thousand years to withdraw the energy from within, but he was unable to even succeed in putting the ring on.

The little brother than got the ring actually managed to put it on.

“It’s not that you can’t. This ring has been in my hands for more than a thousand years. Countless people around me have tried, but none of them could put the ring on. I never thought that little brother would be able to put it on. It seems like the ring was fated to be with you, so I’ll just leave it with little brother.”

Xie Bian reacted rather generously, but Ye Zichen truly wanted to cry.

Why did I manage to put on a ring that nobody else could? Even if I have plot armor, it can’t be like this can it? What’s more, why can’t I take it off after putting it on?

“Marshal Xie, then do you know how to take the ring off? The ring is on my finger right now, I can’t take it off at all.”

“Little brother, do you think that I would know?” Xie Bian was speechless. “I’ve never put it on, and you’re asking me how to take it off…”

Ye Zichen silently cursed himself for his own stupidity when he saw Xie Bian’s reply.

He truly acted rather rashly. However, the extra ring on his fingers that he could not take off would cause anyone to be worried.

“Little brother, are you coming to elder brother’s birthday feast later? Show me what the ring looks like when its worn later!”

Xie Bian was very curious about the ring. Since the ring that he could not decipher for a thousand years suddenly managed to be worn, he naturally wanted to ttake a look.

“This one isn’t in the Underworld recently…”

“Oh, so you’re on a business trip. What a pity. Then let’s talk about it when you’re back. I’m telling you, you have to come to the manor to find me when you return.”

“No problem!”

“Then that’s it. Elder brother’s birthday feast is about to start, so I’ll be off!”

Ye Zichen chucked his phone to the side, then started to looked down at the ring on his finger in anxiousness.

It doesn’t come off!


At that moment, Lil’ White, who just woke up, ran over with a look of excitement. At the split second before he leaped into Ye Zichen’s arms, he came to a speedy halt.

“Such powerful soul energy,” Lil’ White muttered with his eyes wide. Then, he twitched his mouth and casually jumped onto the sofa. “Boss, where did you get that ring from?”

“Don’t talk about it, I’ve nearly been tortured to death by this ring,” Ye Zichen fell weakly onto the sofa.

“You can’t take it off, right?” Lil’ White suddenly asked.

“How’d you know!?” Ye Zichen sat up and grabbed Lil’ White up by his two fore legs and stared into his eyes. “Do you know something about it?”

“Boss, put me down first!” Lil’ White, who was in midair, kicked wildly. Then, as Ye Zichen placed him back onto the sofa, he also lifted his head up proudly. “My inherited memories have information about this ring…”


Ye Zichen slapped Lil’ White on the head.

“Get to the point!”

Lil’ White twitched his mouth in a wrong manner. Whenever he acts cocky in front of his lackeys, his lackeys wouldn’t even dare to utter a sound.

But when it came to Ye Zichen, acting cocky once was harder than going into the skies.

A Five-Finger Mountain would approach him whenever he tried…

I have to be less cocky in front of Boss in the future!

“This ring’s actual name should be called the Dragon God Ring, it is crafted from the ashes of the skeletal remains of a dragon god during the ancient times of the Five Emperors. There is a complete physical and spiritual dragon soul within. I was able to sense it presence just now as well!” Lil’ White shook his head. “However, although there is an intense soul energy, it is just a drizzle for me, who is a male dog that shall become a beast god!”


Another Five Finger Mountain was Ye Zichen’s response.

“Speak properly!”

Lil’ White, who was slapped, paused for a moment. I clearly said that I can’t act cocky in front of Boss, why couldn’t I resist just now…

It seems like acting cocky is something that is engraved deeply into my bones, and no one can stop me.

Lil’ White calmed himself down a bit, then let out a sigh, “Boss, since you can put on the ring, it means that the dragon god soul has recognized you. However, the reason it can’t be taken off is because the ring itself is recognizing you as its master. It can be taken off after a while.”

“It’s that simple?” Ye Zichen glanced at Lil’ White.

“It’s that simple!” Lil’ White nodded.


Ye Zichen slapped Lil’ White’s head again.

“Okay, then you can go away now!”

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