Chapter 290 Chu Jingshuo

Chapter 290 – Chu Jingshuo

“These guys…”

Xie Bian continuously shook his head as he glanced at the messages on the screen.

At that moment, a voluptuous mature woman hurried over from the room.


“Hmm?” Xie Bian and smiled at the woman. “What is it? Aren’t you preparing the feast?”

“Dear, punish me!” The beautiful mature woman lowered her head deeply.

Xie Bian frowned in confusion, “Why are you suddenly asking me to punish you? Today is my birthday, no matter what mistakes you have committed, I will not fault you for them.”

The woman bit her lips, looked up and asked in a testing manner, “Dear, is that for real?”

“Every single word that I, Xie Bian, says is naturally for real!” Xie Bian raised his eyebrows. “Say it, what did you do?”

“The Bone Ring…”

“What happened with the Bone Ring?”

“I seemed to have mixed the Bone Ring into the things when you were sending red packets… You, seem to have sent the Bone Ring out!” The woman’s voice gradually got quieter and quieter.

Meanwhile, Xie Bian, who sat in the vine chair, also opened his eyes wider and wider.

In the end, he stood up from his chair and looked at the red packets he sent out.

There was indeed a person called “Bean Bun” who had received the Bone Ring.

The woman looked down without daring to utter anything. Xie Bian glanced at her and sighed, “You really are a klutz. Already, I’m not putting you at fault, go and busy yourself with the birthday feast. I’ll deal with the Bone Ring issue myself.”


After the woman left, Xie Bian still frowned for a long time without speaking.

Eventually, he squinted his eyes, then sent Ye Zichen a friend request.

Ye Zichen naturally did not see the friend request notification, since he was drawn by a scene in the cold drinks store.

A handsome-looking young man in front of a rose-covered sportscar worth millions kneeled down on one knee and presented a rose in his left hand and a diamond ring in his right, while he looked passionately at the girl in front of him.

The romantic scene attracted countless people, but…

Everyone was stunned when they saw the girl.

There was an extremely large birthmark on the girl’s face. If that was removed, the girl would definitely be an exquisite beauty, but that birthmark was like a black dot on a plain white sheet of paper…

It was so offending to the eye that others couldn’t even look straight at it.

The bystanders had no idea why a guy with such conditions would actually like a girl like that.

“Li Jiayi, marry me!” The man’s eyes were filled with softness and passion, while the extremely passionate voice caused the surrounding girls to scream.

However, the girl who was being proposed to…

“Chu Jingshuo, stop annoying me. If you continue to trouble me like this, then I’m calling the police.”


“What the hell, she actually rejected him? My god, are they shooting a tv show?”

“There’s something wrong with that girl, right? She rejected him?”

“Crafty bitch, she’s just playing hot and cold!”

All of a sudden, the young girls in the surrounding all chose to stand on the man’s side.

“Jiayi, why are you always rejecting me? Is accepting me just so difficult?” Chu Jingshuo’s eyes were filled with innocence and confusion.

“I already have someone I like,” Li Jiayi frowned. “My entire heart is filled with his image. It cannot accept anyone else anymore, sorry!”

After Li Jiayi rejected the young man coldly, she immediately turned to walk back to the cold drinks store.

“Li Jiayi, you always reply with those words. Then can you let me see him so that I will truly accept my defeat?” Chu Jingshuo shouted loudly.

However, Li Jiayi continued to walk inside without any care for him…


“You should look at where you’re going when you walk. Did someone proposing to you stun you this much?” A familiar tone sounded by Li Jiayi’s ear. When she looked up, she saw Ye Zichen looking at her with a faint smile.


Jiayi’s beautiful face immediately flushed, while she bit her lips frantically and explained, “I… don’t really know him, he is… just…”

“Why are you so nervous?” Ye Zichen rubbed her head to calm her down.

However, when the intimate action fell in Chu Jingshuo’s eyes…

It made him burn up in envy.

“Who are you!?” Chu Jingshuo quickly walked forward.

As Ye Zichen looked up, he heard Li Jiayi hurry to explain, “Didn’t you always want to see that person? He is the one!”

“Me?” Ye Zichen was stunned.

As he spoke, he felt a sudden pain on his waist, causing him to turn around, only to be met with Li Jiayi’s terrifying expression. He could only sigh. Why do I have to end up being as fake boyfriend?

“I’m her boyfriend,” Ye Zichen quickly ‘corrected’ himself.


All of the bystanders immediately noticed that a popcorn worthy show was on.

The boyfriend meets the pursuer, it might even become a physical fight scene. That alone caused plenty of people to take out their phones and readied them to film so that they wouldn’t miss a single second of it.

All of the young ladies nearby also exclaimed in their hearts…

Why is this ugly girl so lucky to always get this sort of handsome guy with her?

“Boyfriend,” Chu Jingshuo’s fury could be seen from his eyes. However, he quickly calmed himself down and nodded with a plain smile. “Then I wish you happiness. Sorry, please excuse me.”

Thus, he turned around and left bitterly. At the same time as he turned, the action itself also broke many of the hearts of the ladies who were watching.

After Chu Jingshuo returned to his sportscar that was covered with roses, his expression turned beyond dark.

“That bitch!”

Even Ye Zichen did not expect Chu Jingshuo to just turn around and leave.

He had expected Chu Jingshuo to actually attack him physically, so he even activated Unbreakable Body.

As he watched the sportscar race away, Ye Zichen shrugged with a smile, “It’s done.”

“Let me treat you to cold drink,” Li Jiayi smiled before walking off.

When Li Jiayi returned in her work clothes, Ye Zichen suddenly remembered that they were at where she worked.

“Actually, I feel like that lad is pretty nice, why did you reject him. Oh yeah, you said that you have someone in your heart already, can you tell your old classmate just which lucky boy actually got chosen by our Fairy Li?” Ye Zichen’s eyes burned with a passionate interest for gossip.

Li Jiayi giggled softly, then stared right at him.

She did not speak, but her actions were even more deadly.

“Ahem…” Ye Zichen quickly coughed dryly to hide his embarrassment.

At the same time, the shop owner’s call eased the awkwardness…

“Jiayi, come and help.”

“Coming!” Li Jiayi immediately looked up and smiled towards Ye Zichen after hearing that. “I need to work now, come by and visit often!”

As Ye Zichen gazed at the fleeting image, he suddenly felt at a loss, as if he had once experienced a similar scene in the past. However, he was unable to recall it properly.

When he finally returned to the mansion, Ye Zichen took out his phone habitually…

Xie Bian has sent you a friend request.

Verification Message: Brother, there is an important thing I need to discuss with you.

Ye Zichen blinked. What do I have to discuss with Xie Bian? We’re people on completely different levels.

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