Chapter 288 Establishing One’s Own Power

Chapter 288 – Establishing One’s Own Power

As Ye Zichen drove Mother Ye and co. back home, both Mother Ye and Mu Jinglei smelled the gory smell in the air, and saw the bloodstains on the floorboards alongside Lil’ White in the car, and the blood on Ye Zichen…

However, both of them chose not to ask Ye Zichen what had happened, nor did they ask why Lil’ White was present.

When they finally got back to the mansion, Mu Jinglei took Tiantian for a bath with a look of exhaustion, while Mother Ye sat on the sofa and occasionally looked at Ye Zichen as if she wanted to say something.

“Mom, is there something you want to ask me?” Ye Zichen, who had noticed all that, raised his eyebrows.

Ye Rong hesitated for a moment, then smiled, “Nothing, it’s getting late, get some rest!”

With that, Ye Rong turned around and returned to her bedroom.

As Ye Zichen gazed at his mother’s back, he felt like she truly did want to say something, but yet she couldn’t…

Ye Zichen shook his head, then went to the bathroom for a bath to wash off the blood after Mu Jinglei came out of the bathroom with Tiantian, before he decided to go back to his room to sleep.

The next day…


Xia Keke wore an orange T-shirt with skinny jeans as she revealed the beauty of youth.

Waiting for such a school beauty definitely a luxurious thing, but some male students immediately twitched their mouth when they heard Xia Keke’s call…

“Tsk, him again!”

As these students had already experienced everything from feeling envious to getting used to it all after witnessing the power of the School Beauty Harvester, they would only retort in their hearts to make themselves feel better.

“Why is she here?” The moment Xia Keke arrived at the school gates, she immediately pointed unhappily with a frown at Lu Lu, who had her arms wrapped around Ye Zichen’s.

“Hehe, don’t be so stingy!” Lu Lu stuck her tongue out.

Ye Zichen’s heart shook when he saw this. It was very hard for him to imagine the cute girl in front of him was actually the Ice Empress, who chilled the entirety of the Three Realms…

“What stingy? Why are you sticking to Ye Zichen all the time?” Xia Keke frowned, then immediately hugged Ye Zichen’s other arm, then made a face towards Lu Lu.

Since Ye Zichen felt rather helpless that the two girls were fighting over him, he pulled his arms away and shrugged, “Stop messing around, we have proper business to discuss.”

“She’s coming as well?” Xia Keke pointed at Lu Lu.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Don’t mind it so much. You’ve contacted Wei Chen already, right?”


“Then let’s talk about it when we get there!”

At a teahouse.

Ye Zichen, Xia Keke and Lu Lu sat on the second floor of the teahouse. The two girls sat on either side of Ye Zichen and hugged both of his arms without backing down.

Wei Chen, who sat opposite them, smiled awkwardly, “Uhm… What did you call me here for?”

“Since Keke is here as well, I’ll say it directly,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. “I want you to work for me from now on!”

“…” Wei Chen remained silent.

Xia Keke blinked, then tilted her head at Ye Zichen, “Why do you need him to work for you?”

“I want to establish my own force,” Ye Zichen said candidly.

After the events of the previous day, he had begun to notice the importance of his own power even more. Since the future path was filled with thorns, he might as well start paving the way for himself right now…

It was just like doing your prep work before fighting a boss in a game.

“Establishing your own force?” Xia Keke was shocked. “Did you run into some sort of trouble?”

“Just small ones,” Ye Zichen smiled. “Although these small troubles haven’t disturbed me too much, they did make me realize how puny I am. In order to strengthen myself and protect the people around me, I need a force that I can use however I see fit.”

“If it’s like that, then I support you!” Xia Keke nodded with a giggle, then pointed at Wei Chen. “From now on, you’re Zichen-ge’s subordinate! But you still have to call me Big Sis whenever you see me, do you understand?”

“Understood, Big Sis Keke,” Wei Chen replied speechlessly.

He was truly unable to retort. Just when did I fall to the point of having to be someone else’s subordinate?

And this time, my boss has even changed!

No matter what, I’m still…

But then again, I’m under the Yellow Emperor this time, so it’s not as bad as before.

“Boss Ye, please take care of me.”

“We’ll take care of each other,” Ye Zichen smiled. “Oh yeah, what sort of level are the several tens of people you have at?”

“They aren’t particularly strong. Just False Spiritual Body level and Spiritual Body level. There’s two at the False Earth Immortal level including me.”

The existence of two at the False Earth Immortal level did make Ye Zichen rather happy.

Ye Zichen nodded in satisfaction, “You’re my people from now on, so you naturally can’t be as carefree as before. I need you to establish an information gathering group to gather information from all realms. Also, hire more people. Don’t mind their level at the beginning, only start limiting it later. There’s also no need to worry about funding, I’ll take care of that.”

“No problem, as long as Boss Ye gives us enough money, I can definitely help you organize everything properly,” Wei Chen smiled. “But we do need a meeting point if we want to re-organize everything like Boss Ye said and my casino isn’t suitable…”

Since Wei Chen made it that obvious, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then glanced at the teahouse around him, “What do you think about this teahouse?”

Two hours later, Ye Zichen managed to buy the teahouse from its owner at a price that was fifty percent above market price.

The decisiveness in Ye Zichen’s actions shocked Wei Chen.

After they sent the original owner of the teahouse away, Ye Zichen slammed the contract onto the table.

“From now on, this Leisure Home is our meeting point!” With that, Ye Zichen took out his chequebook and wrote a twenty million yuan cheque that he handed to Wei Chen. “This is preliminary funding. Ask me for more if it's not enough!”

Xia Keke had told him that Wei Chen was definitely trustworthy.

Don’t doubt people you use, don’t use people you doubt.

Since Xia Keke had said that, Ye Zichen naturally categorized Wei Chen under the trustworthy role and handed everything to him.

When they left from the teahouse, Xia Keke’s and Lu Lu’s desires coincided once in a blue moon as they yammered about going shopping.

When Ye Zichen heard that the ladies were going shopping, he was truly scared.

Just as he wondered about how to escape it, he looked up and saw Yu appear ten meters or so in front of him with lifeless eyes.

“Young Master Ye.”

“I remember, I remember, we’ll go right now,” Ye Zichen gave a cue to Yu, then smiled wryly at the two girls. “It seems like I can’t go shopping with you two since there’s stuff for me to do!”

With that, Ye Zichen waved towards Yu and left.

Xia Keke and Lu Lu, who were left behind, met each other’s gaze, then rolled their eyes simultaneously before turning to depart in different directions.

“What did you suddenly seek me out for?” Ye Zichen said as held a cigarette leisurely in his mouth.

At that very moment, a dagger shimmering with cold light suddenly appeared in his hands.

“To kill you!”

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