Chapter 287 Ice Empress Lu Lu!

Chapter 287 – Ice Empress Lu Lu!

The cold voice resonated from all around them, causing Wei Teng, who was hiding behind the wall, to shudder.

Wei Teng grabbed a cigarette for himself from his father and lit it, “Dad, who is the person that just arrived?”

Wei Chen glanced towards the cave, then shrugged, “A great Yao that is quite famous in the Three Realms!”

“Yao? You said that it is a Yao that has come?” Wei Teng raised his eyebrows. “Then why is the Yao helping that brat? Also, why do you always have to protect him?”

“Why do you bullshit around so much. Just stay here and come with me to clean up the battlefield once everything settles,” Wei Chen twitched his mouth and kicked Wei Teng on his ass.


Meanwhile, the ice-cold voice seemed to have even lowered the temperature of the cave by a few degrees…

After the ice-cold voice resounded, a thin layer of ice gradually appeared on the snakeman leader, who had been on the verge of success.


The snakeman leader immediately discarded that arm without thinking and rushed backwards.

“Who is it!?”

“You’re very decisive!” A playful chuckle tinkled. Not long later, Ye Zichen saw Lu Lu, who was in green clothes, put on a chilling smile, while she radiated an unbearable frigidness to her surroundings… “If you were just slightly slower, you might be like that snake girl now.”

Lu Lu looked towards the snake girl. The snake girl, who was messing with the Hou brothers all by herself just moments ago, had already turned into an ice sculpture.


Lu Lu snapped her fingers.

The ice sculpture instantly shattered into countless pieces, while the snakegirl encased ceased to be.

The moment it happened, the Hou brothers involuntarily shuddered. They never expected that the girl who beat them up the other day was actually so fierce. At the same time, they also felt fortunate that they weren’t frozen…

Otherwise… The result was terrifying even when they merely thought about it.

Ye Zichen also shivered and looked at Lu Lu in shock.

My god!

Too fierce.

“You-You are the Ice Empress!” The snakeman leader at the entrance of the cave started to shiver uncontrollably.

Lu Lu smiled softly, then curled her lips, “Oh? You actually know of me! You come from the Three Realms? But since you know me, you still dared to make a move on my person? Don’t you know my history with him?”


The snakeman leader kneeled down.

Ice Empress was an existence that could shake the Three Realms with a stomp of her feet. Yet, while the snakeman leader was in the Three Realms, he was merely a lackey of the half-beastmen’s snakemen tribe.

“Ice Empress, please have mercy on this puny one.”

However, the only response to him was the ice that begun to appear on his body, which very soon covered the snakeman leader and turned him into another ice sculpture.

“Hilarious. You actually want to stay alive even after making a move on my person!”


As Lu Lu snapped her fingers, the newest ice sculpture shattered.

The moonlight flickered and shimmered as it was reflected by the pieces of ice and fell to the ground, while Ye Zichen also ran into the cave the moment the ice sculpture shattered.

Mother Ye and co. laid peacefully on the straw mattress within the depths of the cave.

At the same time, Lu Lu also walked in, “Don’t worry, they merely fainted due to the snake poison. They’ll wake up after a while.”

Ye Zichen nodded happily after hearing that.

Lu Lu also acted like she sought out praise, “C'mon and tell me, how do you want to thank me?”

“You… couldn’t have come over following my scent again, right?” Ye Zichen scratched his head.

“Mhmm,” Lu Lu smiled. “I did follow your scent over. It was fortunate that I did, otherwise, you…”

Ye Zichen nodded silently.

Indeed, if Lu Lu had not appeared in time, I really might have just passed onto afterlife.

However, that only made him hate his own weakness even more.

If I wasn’t this weak, my family would not have gotten into danger. I need power, and not just physical power for myself, I also need a bunch of subordinates who are loyal to me.

At that moment, Lu Lu smiled, “The snakemen are merely the weakest existences among the half-beastmen. You will have more and more tribulations in the future. You should start to establish your own power. In your previous reincarnations, you always had your own force!”

We seem to have thought about the same thing.

Ye Zichen also realized that he needed to gather people and build his own force.

But from where?

I only have four monkeys with me and a Fatty Jin with his spiritual power sealed. That’s pretty much it.

“Who is it!”

At that moment, Lu Lu raised her eyebrows and chucked an icicle towards the worn-down wall.

The rocks shattered, revealing Wei Chen, Wei Teng and a group of men, who walked over with coy smiles.

“Don’t… Comrades, comrades!” Wei Chen put his hands up with a coy smile.

Lu Lu glanced over at Ye Zichen, and only put her hands down when she saw him nod.

Lu Lu glanced at Wei Chen and frowned.

False Earth Immortal.

From what she could see, the person in front of her should not be limited to just that!

Yet, he was indeed of the False Earth Immortal level judging from his celestial spiritual energy.

“Young Mater Ye, chivalrous woman…” Wei Chen nodded with a forced smile.

Ye Zichen also raised his eyebrows, “You came to protect me?”

“Yeah,” Wei Chen clapped his hands. “Big Sis Keke ordered us to protect your safety 24 hours a day.”

“Keke as in Xia Keke?” Lu Lu asked.

“Yes, he’s Wei Chen, as he has said, he’s Keke’s subordinate,” Ye Zichen explained.

Wei Chen nodded, then shouted towards his subordinates, “Go cleanup the battlefield.”

The subordinates immediately ran out, but before they made any actual distance, Lu Lu signaled Ye Zichen, “No need!”


The corpses on the ground all became ice sculptures, then immediately shattered, leaving nothing behind.

If it wasn’t for the air still containing faint smells of gore, and the blood on the ground, it would be very hard to imagine that an intense battle had occurred there.

As Ye Zichen thought about Lu Lu’s cold gaze from earlier, his sights landed on Wei Chen’s subordinates, causing him to look towards Wei Chen.

Wei Chen, who was smiling coyly, felt rather disturbed by Ye Zichen’s gaze, so he couldn’t help but ask in a testing manner, “Young Master Ye, what is it?”

“How many subordinates do you have?” Ye Zichen asked straightfowardly.

“Several tens of people!” Wei Chen answered honestly.

Ye Zichen nodded in response.

At that moment, Ye Rong and co., who were within the cave, woke up dazedly.

“Zichen?” A weak call sounded out from behind him, causing Ye Zichen, who was in deep thought, to be surprised, before he ran into the cave.

“Mom, Tiantian, Jinglei-jie!”

“Why are you here?” Mother Ye’s face was filled with shock. Then she looked over at the surrounding people. “You even brought so many people. There’s blood on you…”

“Don’t mind everything so much,” Ye Zichen smiled towards his mother and helped up her. “Let’s go home!”

“Sure, let’s go home,” Ye Rong also smiled tiredly.

As Ye Zichen passed by Wei Chen, he looked at Wei Chen meaningfully, “Find a time to meet tomorrow!”

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