Chapter 286 You dare to make a move against my people?

Chapter 286 – You dare to make a move against my people?

Blood dyed the night red.

Ye Zichen had already lost count of how many snakemen he killed. There was only one thought remaining in his mind.

Kill them all.

Assassinating him was fine, causing trouble for him was fine, but reaching their sinful hands towards his family…

That was something he could not tolerate.

Although he would be killing many by doing that, he did not care.

He did not know what dangers would await him in the future, but he must use this opportunity to tell everyone that…

Target him with their plots and tricks, that’s fine, but if you cross the line…

Sorry, you’re already on the death list.

As countless snakemen fell onto the ground, a heavy scent of gore filled the air.

Meanwhile, the surrounding snakemen retreated. They were completely terrified by Ye Zichen’s slaughter. The man in front of them wasn’t a man at all, he was a true grim reaper who used his bare hands to harvest the originally lowly lives of the snakemen.

When another snakeman got ripped apart by Ye Zichen, there was already no snakemen that dared to even step forward in a two meter radius around him.


Ye Zichen laughed with a cold gaze just like a Grim Reaper mocking them. The surrounding snakemen instantly stiffened as their eyes twitched, while their retreating steps displayed their anxiety.

The Hou brothers also returned to his side. When they saw the small hill of corpses around him and his cold gaze…

A shiver couldn’t help but run through their spines.

After being with Ye Zichen for so long, they had always assumed Ye Zichen was an extremely carefree person. However, at that very moment, they finally knew that savagery also flowed in Ye Zichen’s blood.

A woman, with a snake-like waist, wearing a thin veil poured a glass of wine for a man on a stone chair in the cave, “Leader, are we not going out yet? Our subordinates have suffered terrible losses.”

The man’s skin was very dark, while a patch of white shone on his right cheek. He had an eagle-like nose and triangular eyes, while his greenish hair was messy like that of a bird’s nest…

His limbs were clearly muscular and powerful underneath a black skin-tight vest and a blue jacket.

Three people laid on the straw mattress behind the man. They were Mother Ye and co.

“My purpose is to capture the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation and suck the essence from his body… As long as I can reach my goal, then their deaths do not matter!”

Snakes were cold-blooded creatures, so he didn’t care about the death of his subordinates at all.

As long as one was powerful enough, he would always be able to gather subordinates.

“Wait, wait till the children waste most of the spiritual energy from the Yellow Emperor and his lackeys. Only then will we go out to feel the joy of the fishermen!” The man smiled faintly and downed all the wine in his glass in one gulp.

“My lord, we won’t stop you anymore. Leader is in the cave right in front. Your family is also in said cave. Please have mercy on us,” A male spiritual body level snakeman stepped forward. Although he was also of the spiritual body level, he had no chance against Ye Zichen at all.

When he saw that his side was being mown down, while the other side was getting more and more fierce…

“If you need, we can help you defeat leader in the cave as well. We only beg for you to let us go alive after that.”

“Please let us go alive.”

The remaining snakemen all spoke up together.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes with a smile and walked towards the spiritual body leveled snakeman.

“My lord!” The snakeman lowered his head, he didn’t have the courage to meet Ye Zichen’s gaze at all.

“You want to rally under my banner and be used by me?” Ye Zichen said in a condescending tone.

“Yes, yes, yes, we are willing to submit to my lord,” The snakeman immediately nodded.


Just as the snakeman continuously forced a smile, Ye Zichen directly snapped his neck.

At the same time, Ye Zichen glanced at the Hou brothers.

“Kill them all, leave none alive!”

Howls, curses and begs filled the air!

When the remaining ten-odd snakemen had also passed onto the afterlife, the Hou brothers returned to Ye Zichen’s side.

“Boss Ye, they’ve all been dealt with.”

“Mm,” Ye Zichen nodded expressionlessly.

At that moment, Third Hou spoke up, “Boss Ye, the snakemen just now already had the intention of submitting to us. Why didn’t you chose to accept them for your own use? Ignoring those false spiritual body-level ones, the spiritual body level snakemen would have been definitely a great aid for us.”

“Hehe,” Ye Zichen smiled. “Snakes are cold-blooded animals. They literally just betrayed their leader, so couldn’t they just as easily betray me?”

Seeing that the Hou brothers understood, Ye Zichen snickered, “C’mon, it’s time for the main dish.”

Within the snake cave.

The snakeman leader at the entrance of the cave and the snake girl beside him had waited for a long time.

Ye Zichen, whose body was drenched head to toe in blood, stopped at a place ten meters from the entrance.

Both the man and the woman caused him to feel threatened.

“Yellow Emperor.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows when he heard what the snakeman leader called him.

I didn’t think that this guy would actually know my identity!

“How are you so sure that I’m the Yellow Emperor? Do you guys have some way of gathering information?”

“Actually, I wasn’t completely sure whether or not you are the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation before this,” the snakeman smiled.

“Then aren’t you afraid of killing the wrong person?” Ye Zichen sneered.

“So what? What can a mere mortal do to me?” The snakeman leader replied with incomparable confidence.

Indeed, he was definitely a tough enemy for normal people in the Modern Realm.

“I’ll give you a chance. Let my family go, then I won’t kill you,” Ye Zichen said expressionlessly.

However, the snakeman laughed, “Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, you are so cute… Are you threatening me?”

“It seems like you aren’t going to release them. Then I can only kill you!”

With that, Ye Zichen immediately begun his assault with the Hou brothers following closely behind him. However, the snakeman leader smiled, while the snake girl beside him also charged out leisurely.

Contrary to Ye Zichen’s expectations, the snake girl was able to mess with both the Hou brothers by herself, while Ye Zichen also felt troubled after starting to fight the snakeman leader.

“False Earth Immortal!”

“Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, I’m so sorry, but I’ll be taking your reincarnated blood essence.”

With that, the snakeman directly reached his hand out towards Ye Zichen’s chest without any extra movements. It was a simple and casual attack, yet Ye Zichen could not block it at all.

Everything was futile against absolute power.

“Dad, that brat is going to get killed by the snakeman,” Wei Teng monitored Ye Zichen’s situation carefully behind a worn down wall nearby.

“Go!” Wei Chen frowned. However, he immediately squatted back down after standing up.

“What is it?” Wei Teng didn’t understand.

“We don’t need to care anymore,” Wei Chen, who had a look of nervousness on his face earlier, relaxed, then leisurely lit a cigarette for himself.

“Why?” Wei Teng still did not understand.

“Ye Zichen won’t die with her here!”

As Wei Chen finished his words, a cold voice reverberated where the snakeman and Ye Zichen were fighting.

“You even dare to make a move on my people?”

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