Chapter 285 The Grim Reaper’s smile

Chapter 285 – The Grim Reaper’s smile

In the Immortal Region.


The jade tablet in Fuxi’s hands suddenly shattered, causing him to instantly close his eyes and formed signs with his hands.

Not long later, both the Flame Emperor and Suiren appeared in his room as he opened her eyes.

“You guys felt it as well.”

“Yeah,” Flame Emperor opened his hands, showing a cracked jade pendant in his hand. “I never would have thought that Brother Yellow Emperor’s great tribulation would come so quickly…”

“Should we go and interfere?” Suiren frowned.

“No need, since Brother Yellow Emperor’s tribulation is here, there will naturally be someone to block it off. I had given someone that will block a tribulation a bone bracelet in the Modern Realm, but I don’t know which tribulation she will block! If she is the one blocking this one, then Brother Yellow Emperor will naturally not be in any danger.” Fuxi smiled faintly.

However, Suiren frowned, “But if she isn’t…”

“Then all we can do is pray for Brother Yellow Emperor’s good fortune!” Fuxi replied as he looked up at the empty sky.

Meanwhile, a black Panamera sped through the dark and silent night like a mirage on the highway.

The eyes of Ye Zichen, who gripped the wheel with both his hand, were bright red, while his forehead was covered in droplets of sweat.

“How far left?”

“The feeling is getting stronger, so we should be there soon,” Lil’ White sat in the front seat and frowned slightly.

“They truly have guts. There better not be anything that has happened to my mother, Tiantian and Jinglei-jie, otherwise, I’m going to be hard on them even if the heavenly king comes!” Ye Zichen’s eyes were completely dark. His personality was definitely one which was more at ease and lacked ambition.

However, he did have his own bottom line, and that’s leaving his family out of everything.

Never awaken a slumbering lion was definitely a phrase that could describe Ye Zichen at that very moment. One better not go pass his bottom line, since he… is the Yellow Emperor!

“Captain, why are we sending those beauties to leader without getting us brothers a taste? Also, there is actually a young girl… What a pity…” The snake scale man’s eyes were filled with sadness.

“Don’t at any ideas about them. At least you aren’t allowed to before luring the mission target over here…”

“Understood!” The snake scale man smiled, then wrapped his arm around the sweet-looking girl’s waist. “Then, before that, it’s fine for captain to satisfy us, right?”

“Hehe… That’ll be up to you guys,” The sweet-looking girl smiled.

Not long later, the surrounding snakemen all rushed up to her.

After an entire three hours passed, the air became filled with a revolting stench of love making.

The sweet-looking girl laid limply on the ground with a look of enjoyment on her face.

When she saw that another snakemen came up to “have fun”, she immediately stopped him, “Stop messing around, the mission is more important.”

With that, she took out her phone and dialed Ye Zichen’s number, but at that very moment…

“Don’t bother, I’m here. Wow, public indecency!”

An ice-cold voice that emitted a faint but suppressing aura rang out. The sweet-looking girl looked over and saw Ye Zichen’s eyes flash with a gold light while he held two dead snakemen in his hands…

He chucked the two snakemen onto the ground with a faint smile, causing a wave of dust to splash up.

The sweet-looking girl’s face was covered in shock. She gripped her phone in surprise, while Ye Zichen laughed, “Snakemen, hehe… It was you guys that tried to assassinate me last time, right? Half-beastmen, do you guys want to see me that much?”

As Ye Zichen walked forward step by step, the surrounding male snakemen all charged towards Ye Zichen.


Ye Zichen yelled angrily, while his hands moved at a speed that could not be seen with one’s eyes. Ye Zichen did not put up any defense at all, he didn’t need any with Unbreakable Body active, all he needed to do was…


Attack relentlessly.

Attack using the most savage way possible.

Blood drenched his shirt as corpses covered the ground.

Blood flowed down Ye Zichen’s face and dripped onto the ground as he looked up with a smile…

Under the faint glow of the moonlight, his blood-covered hands and the raised lips… It was as if the Grim Reaper… was smiling!

Another step, followed by a second one!

The sweet-looking girl dropped her phone onto the ground. At that moment, she was completely naked, but she was not embarrassed at all. She didn’t know what embarrassment was…

All she knew was that death loomed at her. The Grim Reaper-like man, who was akin to the Devil himself, walked over.

And smiled.

Under the moonlight, the man’s smile was like that of the Grim Reaper’s.

He raised his hand and grabbed the sweet-looking girl’s cheek…

“Demon, you demon!”

The girl was already scared senseless. After she witnessed the ten-odd men who were just having fun with her several moments ago die in such a cruel manner, her mind had already stopped functioning, and she had lost all desire of resistance.

“Demon? Are you talking about me?” Ye Zichen smiled faintly. “Thank you for your compliment, I really like this name. Yes, I am a demon…”

Ye Zichen traced his finger along the girl’s cheek and smiled like the Grim Reaper once again.

“Don’t kill me,” The girl’s pupils contracted under the threat of death.

“What a cute face!” Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

The girl immediately spread her legs, “As long as you let me go, you can do anything you want to me.”

The words of the naked snake girl would be very alluring to most other men, but Ye Zichen merely smiled faintly, “I’m not interested in trash like you. Tell me, where is my mother?”

“Inside the cave with leader. If you need, I can take you over. I beg you, please don’t kill me. I was merely following orders!” The girl trembled in fear. That pitiful appearance combined with her looks definitely invoked pity.

However, she was merely a snake in human skin thanks to Ye Zichen’s Fiery Eyes of Truth.

“Lead the way. No need, go be with your lovers!”


Ye Zichen broke the snake girl's neck. Then, at that moment, a group of snakemen appeared, surrounding Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen chucked the dead snake girl onto the floor and smiled playfully, “Are snakes social animals?”

Ye Zichen swept over the snakemen with a cold gaze. The snakemen were mostly of False Spiritual Body level, and only a mere few reached Spiritual Body level.

“It seems like I have been underestimated. They actually sent these small fries to deal with me.”

“Boss Ye!”

At that moment, the Hou brothers arrived. Previously, Ye Zichen had left in too much of a hurry, so he didn’t have time to bring them along. Thus, they merely followed behind the car, causing them to be slightly slower.

“You guys came too,” Ye Zichen smiled faintly, then looked at the orange-red moon. “This moon, is not red enough!”

“Then use the blood of these trash to dye it red,” The Hou Brothers said together.

“That’s right,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and smeared his blood-stained hands across his cheek. “Just use their blood to dye this moon red!”

With that, Ye Zichen revealed a deathly smile and shot out like a sword out of its sheath…

Directly at the snakemen!

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