Chapter 284 Getting into Danger

Chapter 284 – Getting into Danger

Birds of a feather flock together was definitely a saying of absolute truth.

As Ye Zichen glanced at Cai Xinyu’s wiggling waist and the flirty gaze she sent him, he was unable to deny that she was definitely a beauty.

“Hey, come back here. You got so focused on her, could it be that you really want to leave with her?” Xiao Yumei pouted in complaint.

Ye Zichen lifted his hand and pinched her cheek, “What are you thinking? I can barely satisfy you, if that sis joins in as well, I’m afraid that I would die before I get old.”

“Hehe,” Xiao Yumei giggled. “Don’t just think about how slutty Xinyu appears. Actually, she’s more conservative than anyone. Also, don’t think that she’s simply a flirtatious flower, even if she is a flower, she’s the kind with thorns…”

Ye Zichen shrugged. He didn’t actually have much interest in her.

Whether she has thorns or not has nothing to do with me.

After Ye Zichen left Xiao Yumei’s place and returned to his mansion, he sat on the sofa and re-organized the items in his Treasure Chest.

He found a greenish-blue secret scripture within. When he saw the secret scripture, he was completely shocked.

He had a limited number of secret scriptures. Unbreakable Body, Fiery Eyes of Truth, Taibai Jinxing’s Special Medical Journal, Literari Star’s Memory Techniques and God of Food’s Culinary Experience.

He chose to learn all of the secret scriptures after getting them, but he… did not remember this one at all!

Ye Zichen clicked on the secret scripture.

Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth Technique: A divine-level technique created by the Yellow Emperor of the Five Emperors.

This technique can see fate and find the location of the deities, demons, ghosts, yaos and people in the Three Realms. As this technique goes against the laws of the world, it requires tremendous energy to use.

Required level: False Earth Immortal.

Expenditure: Large amounts of cultivation experience.

Ye Zichen read the introduce of the secret scripture in shock. Doesn’t this mean that I can see whoever I want after learning it?

That includes the deities in the Heavenly Court!

This technique is way too amazing, but why is this secret scripture in my Treasure Chest?

Thus, Ye Zichen decided to go through the past system notifications…

As he expected, there was a notification about the secret scripture. The time of the notification was after his video call with Taibai Jinxing.

At that moment, Lil’ White ran over.

“Boss, there’s a situation!”

Ye Zichen looked up in confusion and saw Lil’ White’s face frown in a human fashion with a hint of solemnity.

“What’s happened?”

It was Ye Zichen’s first time seeing Lil’ White like that. What’s more, since Lil’ White was a dog from the Heavenly Court, Ye Zichen’s expression also turned serious, “Did you feel something?”

“Your mom!” Lil’ White’s eyebrows knitted.


Ye Zichen kicked Lil’ White immediately and raised his eyebrows, “You got so brave that you dare to curse me now?”

“No, I’m saying that your mom is in trouble!” Lil’ White’s face was completely serious.

“Your mom’s in trouble, my mom went on a tour with Jinglei-jie and Tiantian… You mean that my mom is in trouble?” Ye Zichen jumped up from the chair.

Lil’ White nodded, “I left an imprint on your mom. The thing I feel from the imprint is danger.”


Ye Zichen immediately dialed Mother Ye’s number.

“Sorry, the number you dialed is not in service at this time. Please try again later. Sorry…”

Ye Zichen immediately dialed Mu Jinglei’s number, but the answer was the same.

“Can you locate them? Ye Zichen frowned.

There might be a very normal reason for the call not to get through, they might be having fun in a place with no signal. But Lil’ White wouldn’t just randomly…

“Yes,” Lil White nodded with certainty.

With that, Ye Zichen drove out the car as quick as he could and threw Lil’ White in the front seat, “Tell me where!”

“Auntie Ye, don’t you feel like there’s something weird about our tour guide?” Mu Jinglei, who followed behind the tour guide asked quietly.

They were with a tour, but what was strange was that there was no group activity at all when their tour guide sought out the three of them.

The tour guide had said that he would take them to look at a rather famous cave nearby, but they had been in the car for nearly an hour, yet no cave was in sight.

“Grandma, Tiantian wants water,” Tiantian looked up and opened her mouth.

Ye Rong handed a bottle over to her with a smile, then asked the tour guide, “Tour Guide Li, how long until we’re there?”

“Soon, we’ll be there in a moment,” The tour guide was a very sweet-looking girl. Her smile made it hard for people to be even a tiny bit vigilant.

“Tour Guide Li, this is the third time you have said soon. We’ve been in the car for more than an hour, the speed you’re driving isn’t slow at all, we’re clearly already out of the scenic area!” Mu Jinglei said with a frown.

“Don’t be anxious, we’ll be there very soon,” The tour guide smiled sweetly, then turned around and ignored them.

Mu Jinglei was clearly very dissatisfied with her answer, but Ye Rong grabbed Mu Jinglei’s hand and shook her head.

Some ten-odd minutes later, the car gradually came to a halt.

Both Mu Jinglei and Ye Rong, looked outside. It was very rural, and there weren’t any caves in the surroundings either.

“Tour Guide Li, what did you drive us here for?”

At that moment, even Ye Rong looked a bit angry. They had gone out to take their minds off things, but after sitting in the car for more than an hour, they found out that their tour guide actually took them to a place like that.

What’s more, Tour Guide Li had said that she would take them to see a mysterious cave, but it was clear that…

Their tour guide had lied to them.

“Don’t be angry, just follow me and you’ll see,” Tour Guide Li smiled kindly, while her sweet smile calmed people down…

But Mu Jinglei did not care one bit.

“Tour Guide Li, please take us back to the scenic area now. If that’s the case, then we’ll treat it as if nothing happened. If you don’t, then we’ll take a cab back and file a complaint against you to your agency…”


Mu Jinglei immediately felt a slap on her face before she even finished.

The sweet-looking girl looked at her menacingly and cursed, “I didn’t like the look of you from the start. You had the most to say during the journey. I told you to come with me, so just follow… Why the heck do you have so many questions!?”

“What are you doing? Ye Rong frowned, but she did not directly complain about the tour guide’s attitude.

It would clearly be laughable for her to mention the tour guide’s service attitude when she had already used violence. What’s more, she even drove them to a place like this…

“What?” The sweet-looking girl clapped. Not long later, two long-faced men with snake scales on their arms walked out.

The two men instantly had a lustful look in their eyes as they gazed towards Mu Jinglei and Mother Ye.

Snakes were lecherous creatures, so they were naturally unable to control their lust when they saw Mu Jinglei and Mother Ye.

At the same time, the sweet-looking girl smiled, “Capture them!”

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