Chapter 283 An Invisible Slap

Chapter 283 – An Invisible Slap

The person that came was no other than Zu Siliang.

To be frank, Ye Zichen was rather surprised by Zu Siliang accepting the invitation to this sort of small gathering.

At the same time, Zu Siliang was also stunned the moment he entered the room. The reason he chose to attend the gathering was merely because he would have passed by the clubhouse as he was going to meet with a client and that a friend of his had mentioned the gathering to him.

He never expected to meet Ye Zichen there. Even the bodyguards behind Zu Siliang were shocked…

Why did we bump into this lord?

“Director Zu,” Gong Chang stood up from the chair with a subservient smile. “Let me introduce them to Director Zu. These are Director Xiao and Director Cai, and I’m called Gong Cheng.”

With that, he even humbly handed his name card over.

Zu Siliang was stunned.

He looked blankly at Ye Zichen, who was smiling faintly on the sofa, “This friend…”

“Him?” Gong Cheng said with a look of disdain. “No need to mind him, Director Zu, he’s Director Xiao’s boyfriend.”

The underlying meaning was basically saying that the brat was nothing except a sugar baby leeching off someone.

Zu Siliang couldn’t help but laugh, “Young Master Ye, the number of female friends by your side is truly envious.”

“If you want, tons of woman will crawl to your side with but a wave of your hands, right?” Ye Zichen smiled, then twitched his mouth. “You truly put on airs. I have waited here for you for a good hour.”

Zu Siliang poured a glass of wine into a wine glass on the table and finished it one gulp.

“Treat that as me apologizing to Young Master Ye. If I knew that Young Master Ye was here, I definitely wouldn’t have taken so long.”

Everyone in the room was shocked, and the person with the worst expression was none other than Gong Cheng.

The guest that he had to carefully welcome actually knew the person he thought was merely a sugar baby. From the looks of things, the two were rather familiar with one another, and his important guest was even extremely careful around that ‘sugar baby’.

Just what is going on…

Meanwhile, although Xiao Yumei did not understand the situation, she could tell that Ye Zichen knew the important guest.

She subconsciously glanced over at Gong Cheng, and smiled proudly when she saw his shocked expression…

My man is the best. That guy just mocked my man just now, see? He just got face-smacked!

“Sit,” At that moment, Ye Zichen instantly became the person with the most authority in the room.

After Ye Zichen signaled Zu Siliang to sit down, the latter raised his eyebrows, “I wonder what business do you have with me? Young Master Ye is actually here too! If there is anything that requires my action, Young Master Ye just needs to go directly to me, I will definitely help out fully. What’s the point of asking in such a roundabout manner?”

Zu Siliang’s words gave a lot of face to Ye Zichen, while Gong Cheng, who sat on the side, felt the invisible palm smack him loudly.

From the very beginning, Ye Zichen had never once cared about his provocations, he had thought that Ye Zichen was just shameless…

However, he finally understood. Ye Zichen didn’t think much of it at all.

His actions were comparable to an insect showing off his achievement in front of a lion, while the latter completely disregarded them.

The difference was too great, so there was no need for the lion to mind at all.

“Before that, let me introduce someone to you,” Ye Zichen smiled faintly, and glanced towards Xiao Yumei. “This is Director Xiao, Xiao Yumei of Maintaining Beauty International.”

“Xiao Yumei, the same Director Xiao who once managed a jewelry company?” Zu Siliang raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, I didn’t think that you would know.”

“Naturally, I know of her,she is someone who is among the top of all the female bosses in Bingcheng in both beauty and capability,” Zu Siliang smiled. “Could the person looking for me be Director Xiao? If that’s the case, then just get Young Master Ye to find me directly. What’s the point of going about in such a roundabout manner!”

“Some small issue came up in the middle, but don’t mind the details,” With that, Ye Zichen smiled towards Xiao Yumei. “Say it, Director Zu could be considered someone that’s rather close to Yang Yushi.”

“It’s actually related to Yang Yushi?” Zu Siliang was surprised, while the expression on his face turned rather unusual.

They didn’t even to go through him to find Yang Yushi.

With Ye Zichen’s relationship with Yang Yushi…

“Director Zu, it’s like this…”

Thus, Xiao Yumei sincerely talked about the reason for their meeting.

Zu Siliang only felt as speechless as it was humanly possible. Why find me when you want to get Yang Yushi to endorse you guys, just directly go to the talent agency…

What’s more, Ye Zichen’s words are much more effective than mine.

“No problem, I will definitely relay Director Xiao’s message to her,” Zu Siliang smiled, then looked towards Ye Zichen. “Brother Ye, how about I tell Yushi that this company is yours…”

“Your choice, just say it if you want, but I feel like not saying it is better. I don’t want to put any burden on her.”

Zu Siliang let out a soft sigh, then nodded, “Alright, then I’ll decide for myself.”

Dong dong dong.

The door to the room was pushed open. The supervisor of the clubhouse pushed a trolley in with some deserts, a fruit platter and plenty of expensive alcohol, then smiled towards Ye Zichen, “Mr. Ye, why didn’t you tell us you were coming beforehand? This is the fruit platter and alcohol that our owner is giving you, we wish you a happy time.”

“Han Yu truly knows how to show surface formality,” Ye Zichen smiled.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yumei raised her eyebrows, “This is Han Yu’s clubhouse?”

“Yeah,” Ye Zichen shook his head, stood up from the sofa and stretched lazily before walking in front of that supervisor. “Go back and tell Han Yu that I thank him for his good will.”

Ye Zichen patted the supervisor’s shoulder, then walked out of the room.

After him, everyone also followed suit. At that very moment, Gong Cheng’s face was smacked by an invisible palm countless times, almost to the point of becoming swollen.

The accomplishments and contacts he had thought so highly of were merely a joke in the eyes of Ye Zichen, who he thought was just a lowly sugar baby.

After they walked out of the clubhouse, Zu Siliang left first.

The other four stood together. At that moment, Gong Cheng had already lost all of the cockiness that he had in the room. Since he was smacked by an invisible palm countless times, he finally learnt his lesson…

“Mr. Ye, there was much offense just now.”

“You’re not calling me Little Brother Ye anymore?” Ye Zichen smiled softly.

Gong Cheng answered frantically, “Mr. Ye, it was my mistake just now. I ask for forgiveness.”

Ye Zichen answered with a shrug, then ignored him and looked at the time, “It’s getting late, let’s part ways here.”

With that, he got into his car. Xiao Yumei also chatted a bit before getting in. However, to nobody’s expectation, Cai Xinyu also got in.

“Yumei, your little man is pretty amazing!” Cai Xinyu’s eyes were filled with a meaningful look.

Xiao Yumei sighed softly, “Why did you not return to your car and instead climbed into mine?”

“I’m rather interested in your little man. No, I am attracted by your little man, so my body just got in here uncontrollably,” Cai Xinyu smiled faintly. “How about lending me your little man for a day?”

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