Chapter 282 Pretending

Chapter 282 – Pretending

A bell-like giggle sounded out from the room.

Xiao Yumei nodded immediately, “Yeah, this is my little lover.”

“My god, I was actually right,” Cai Xinyu smiled exaggeratedly, then pinched Ye Zichen’s cheek. “You actually managed to make our Yumei fall, you’re one charming kid! How about letting sis feel your charm tonight?”


Ye Zichen’s expression stiffened.

“Hehe,” Another round of giggles sounded out when Cai Xinyu saw Ye Zichen’s stiff expression.

“Alright, stop bullying my little man. I have proper business to talk about with you.”

“I know,” Cai Xinyu threw a flirty glance over at Ye Zichen, as if flirting with him was her hobby. “But I am merely getting my friend to go through some contacts for you, I can’t guarantee whether it’ll work or not.”

“Mm,” Xiao Yumei nodded.

At that moment, a man walked into the room.

The man wore name brand casual clothes, and had a Vacheron Constantin watch on hisr wrist.

“This is?” Xiao Yumei glanced over at Cai Xinyu.

“Gong Cheng!” The man handed his business card over to Xiao Yumei with a smile that would make others feel rather comfortable.

Ye Zichen smiled, then took the name card over, “Haha, a business card with gold power plating. It really is luxurious.”

Then, he put it away like a money lover. As he did, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but mutter, “I might be able to sell it for quite a lot later.”

“Ha, if this little friend lacks money, I think I can offer some assistance, “The man smiled faintly and took out a card that he placed on the table. “Three hundred thousand…”

“Enough!” Xiao Yumei’s expression turned a bit dark.

Cai Xinyu also felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right, causing her to quickly lighten the mood, “Yumei, this is the friend I wanted to introduce to you, Gong Cheng! He knows a person by Yang Yushi’s side.”

Then she turned towards Gong Cheng, “This is Yumei’s boyfriend, his name is…”

“Ye Zichen!” Ye Zichen smiled faintly.

“You’re actually Director Xiao’s boyfriend! Then I’m so sorry, I thought that you were Director Xiao’s secretary or assistant or something,” Gong Cheng’s face was covered in an apologetic smile, but the underlying meaning of his words were clear.

Secretary, assistant!

It was clear that he was mocking Ye Zichen for not having the right to even be her friend.

Xiao Yumei’s expression darkened even more, causing Ye Zichen to hold her hand and squeeze softly.

Then he smiled towards her and nodded.

“Since we all know each other, then let’s sit!”

The moment everyone sat down, Gong Cheng poured two glasses of wine and placed on in front of Ye Zichen, “Little Brother Ye, there was much offense just now, sorry about it.”

Then, Gong Cheng immediately downed the glass of while.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen also nodded and downed his glass as well.

Before Ye Zichen placed down the wine glass properly, Gong Cheng started once again, “It seems like Little Brother Ye is still in University, right?”

“Yeah, second year,” Ye Zichen replied softly.

“It really is amazing for you to actually be with Boss Xiao during your second year. Back when I was your age, I was starting up a business with a few friends. Although it was rather difficult then, I do have a bit of accomplishment now. For example, this room is something only platinum members can get, and a platinum membership requires five million.”

“Wow,” Ye Zichen continued to reply softly.

Gong Cheng felt extremely annoyed. Ye Zichen’s replies made him feel like he was physically hitting cotton, so there was no sense of satisfaction at all.

“Little Brother Ye is doing fine too. Date Director Xiao properly, then when you graduate, be a manager in Director Xiao’s…”

“No need, I’m not going to work at her place.”

“Little Brother Ye wants to start your own business? It’s not easy for university students to do it now. However, Little Brother Ye should be able to succeed with Director Xiao.”

Gong Cheng mentioning Xiao Yumei all the time was just to emphasizing how he thought Ye Zichen was treating Xiao Yumei as his sugar momma.

But Ye Zichen…

“I’m not going to start my own business, it’s fine as long as she supports me,” Ye Zichen shrugged plainly.

Gong Cheng was speechless, he never expected Ye Zichen to be shameless to this degree.

He actually clearly stated that he was going to leech off Xiao Yumei so blatantly, it’s like he’s not afraid of being laughed at at all.

Also, Xiao Yumei’s expression seems to show that she has already accepted that?

“F*ck, it seems like he’s servicing her real good,” Gong Cheng thought darkly.

However, Cai Xinyu did not think that. She understood Xiao Yumei’s personality very well. The young and handsome guy in front of her was definitely not someone simply leeching off her…

All of a sudden, her gaze towards Ye Zichen become more meaningful.

Ye Zichen also noticed Cai Xinyu’s change. I didn’t think that this open sis is kind of capable as well.

“Little Brother Ye…” Gong Cheng wanted to speak up once again, but Ye Zichen had already gotten sick of bullshitting with him.

“Stop calling me Little Brother Ye, we’re not really acquainted. We came here for business, everyone’s pretty busy as well, so let’s stop wasting each other’s time, alright?”

“Little… Boss Ye truly speaks straight to the point, hahahaha!” Gong Cheng used his laughter to hide his embarrassment. He could totally just leave in a situation like that, but he didn’t…

He wanted to show off his contacts!

He wanted to make Xiao Yumei and Cai Xinyu see the difference between him and the sugar baby.

Gong Cheng took out his phone, then spoke with the person on the other side of the call.

Doing so, Gong Cheng placed himself in an extremely low status. That was something unavoidable, since he had gotten the phone number from a rather amazing friend of his.

From what he heard from the friend, the owner of the number was a true young master. Even that friend of his had to speak subserviently to this lord that he just spoke to.

And that’s really something, considering how his friend was truly in an amazing spot in Gong Cheng’s eyes.

Gong Cheng naturally had to submit to someone that even his friend was afraid of.

After the call, Gong Cheng placed his phone onto the tea table.

As he saw the strange looks in the room, he couldn’t help but cough, “An amazing person is coming later. Don’t blame me for not reminding you, but you have to be careful when you speak.”

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth with a smile. From his perspective, Gong Cheng was nothing at all.

The amazing person he spoke of was definitely just mediocre in Ye Zichen’s eyes. What’s more, Ye Zichen did not rely on Gong Cheng’s contact. If it doesn’t work out, he’s just directly go to find Zu Siliang or Yang Yushi.

About an hour later.

During that hour, Gong Cheng’s shitty mouth endlessly showed off his achievements in his career, while putting down Ye Zichen with his underlying meaning.

Xiao Yumei was extremely angry, but Ye Zichen ignored him…

We aren’t the same level of people from the start, so there was no need for me to get angry at someone like him.

Also, the amazing person that Gong Cheng invited is rather arrogant, he’s actually taking more than an hour to come over.

At that moment, the door to the room was pushed open. Ye Zichen looked up. The moment he saw the person who had arrived…

He smiled.     

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