Chapter 281 Equipment!

Chapter 281 – Equipment!

Ye Zichen hesitated to give a reply as he saw Yang Jian’s retort.

He had seen the Great Sage before. In terms of appearance, Erlang Shen, Yang Jian, was definitely above the Great Sage by a bit. However, in terms of position, that’s a completely different story.

As the Victorious Fighting Buddha of the Buddhist Region, no one in the Heavenly Court dared to bully Great Sage Sun, and he has even beaten up the Jade Emperor.

On the other hand… to be frank, Erlang Shen was just the head of security in the Heavenly Court. There were all too many people that could manage him, making the difference between the two apparent.

“Bro, no need to mind so much about those common girls so much. Take it easy.”

At that moment, all Ye Zichen could do was comfort his bro’s damaged heart a little.

“That’s it, I have to go and fight with the monkey. Bro, wait for my triumphant return.

Ye Zichen glanced at the messages in the group. The two seemed to have decided on the location of the duel, making it seem like they were truly going to fight.

To be honest, Ye Zichen did not have that much confidence in Yang Jian.

The Great Sage and Erlang Shen had fought before, but the monkey seemed to have always won.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a soft smile. Then, he suddenly realized that Erlang Shen, the final male guest, had failed to get a girl as well... Doesn’t that mean that no one succeeded?

Thinking that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sent Yue Lao a message.

“Yue Lao, how are the reactions to the show?”

At that moment, Yue Lao was definitely extremely happy. The Jade Emperor had just rewarded him, and plenty of families in the Heavenly Court sought him out continuously for a private chat, wishing to get their family’s children on the show…

During those, he would receive many red packets. In merely four hours’ time, Yue Lao had already received several hundred thousands in cultivation experience and gold ingots.

As his phone rang, Yue Lao, who was smoking leisurely, thought that it was just a deity that wanted a spot on the next dating show, but when he saw that it was actually Ye Zichen, he instantly put out his cigarette and stopped looking so carefree.

“Sky Sovereign, the reactions to the show is rather good. The Jade Emperor just rewarded me. Here is a sign of my goodwill, please accept it!”


A red packet appeared on the screen.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and collected it.

You received Yue Lao’s red packet.

Cultivation experience x100000.

Gold Ingots x50.

Thousand-year wild ginseng x5.

Worldly Daoist Robe x1.

It’s an equipment drop!

Ye Zichen immediately raised his eyebrows. He had worked so hard for all sorts of missions before, it was his first time getting any equipment out of it!

He forcefully suppressed his excitement and sent Yue Lao a message.

“This daoist robe…”

“This is just a bit of goodwill from this little deity. It isn’t much use for Sky Sovereign, but it might be of use for Sky Sovereign’s family or friends.”

In Yue Lao’s heart, Ye Zichen’s cultivation level was already through the roof, so he naturally didn’t need the daoist robe.

Worldly Daoist Robe: A new daoist robe produced in 2016 from the Heavenly Court. It is woven by the Weaver Girl using heavenly silk.

Effects: Increases the purity of the wearer’s celestial spiritual energy.

Something made by the Weaver Girl[1] is definitely excellent!

Ye Zichen immediately took the daoist robe out and put it on without thinking.

There were something that was different from what Ye Zichen imagined. The daoist robe was pretty much completely transparent, while the material itself was rather soft.

Thus, Ye Zichen locked the office door, stripped, impatiently put on the robe, and then his clothes at the quickest speed possible.

Oh? It’s rather comfortable.


Immortal Heart of Pure Yang daily experience gain has changed. Current experience per day: 10.

Ye ZIchen smiled, then took out his phone and sent another message to Yue Lao.

“Not bad, it seems like you earned quite a bit!”

“It is all thanks to Sky Sovereign’s plans,” Yue Lao smiled softly, then replied. “Sky Sovereign, before the Jade Emperor left, he asked me whose idea it was. I didn’t dare to steal any credit, so I told him that it was your idea.”

Actually, Yue Lao did have some reason for saying that. He wanted to kiss ass, but…

He ass-kissed in the wrong way!

Ye Zichen felt like he was going to explode when he saw the message. This geezer actually told the Jade Emperor that it was my idea?

I’m supposed to be a deity in the Heavenly Court, what if the Jade Emperor actually looks for me? It’s not just me, even Taibai Jinxing just got screwed by this geezer!

Yue Lao naturally didn’t know how Ye Zichen felt. At that moment, he was still gripping his phone tightly and staring intently at the screen, as if he was saying…

Praise me.


The reply Yue Lao waited for intently was actually just a simple “oh”.

Yue Lao was stunned. What’s going on with Sky Sovereign, does he not care?

“The Jade Emperor is very satisfied with your idea, he might even reward you greatly.”


Another “oh”.

Yue Lao squinted his eyes. He, who was old and crafty, immediately thought of a possible reason. Sky Sovereign can’t be worried that I would want a piece of the cake, right…

Yue Lao thought about it for a moment, then replied.

“It is natural for Jade Emperor to award Sky Sovereign. This little deity is not jealous at all, I merely ask Sky Sovereign to give me some discounts when I want to stock up goods!”


Ye Zichen smiled as if there was nothing to live for, while he clenched his fist tightly as he looked at Yue Lao’s kind-looking profile pic.

“This gramps…”

Ye Zichen closed his chat with Yue Lao in annoyance.

At the same time, Yue Lao, who sat within the Marriage Hall was completely confused as he looked at Ye Zichen’s reply.

What does Sky Sovereign’s “hehe” mean?

Could Sky Sovereign be so strong that he can ignore the Jade Emperor’s rewards? Then this Sky Sovereign is truly amazing!

He sent some more messages to Ye Zichen, but did not get any reply.

“Sky Sovereign’s not in service coverage again. Never mind, I’ll just say it when Sky Sovereign comes back.”

Yue Lao was single and bored, and there was nothing for him to actually be anxious about, so since the Sky Sovereign wasn’t there, he decided to just wait.

Three days passed by in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Yumei wore simple clothes, but they were unable to hide her voluptuous figure.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen sat in the front seat and leisurely smoked, “Where are we going?”

“It’s too hard to find Yang Yushi directly. Since I coincidentally have a friend that says she knows someone at Yang Yushi’s side, I wanted to call out the person by Yang Yushi’s side through her to pass along a message.”

“So complicated!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “Actually, there is no need for so much trouble.”

“You mean to change to someone else? I don’t think that’s so good, and it won’t have as good of an effect. Since we’re finding a spokesperson, we have to go and look for the best,” Xiao Yumei replied softly.

Ye Zichen’s face stiffened. What he actually wanted to say was that if it was too much trouble, then he would go and find Yang Yushi. They were technically friends, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get her to endorse their products.

As for Yang Zhen, Ye Zichen believed that he wouldn’t interfere when it was purely business cooperation.

However, since Xiao Yumei said so, Ye Zichen could only shrug and remain silent.

When Xiao Yumei parked the car, Ye Zichen was completely stunned. The business clubhouse in front of them was the one that Young Master Han opened.

Ye Zichen even had a diamond card there, but that was something he gave to Mu Chuang to play with.

The moment they entered the lobby, Xiao Yumei directly took the elevator to the third floor with him. It was clear that both her and the other person had already decided on the meeting spot beforehand.

As they pushed open the door to a room, a beautiful looking woman around Xiao Yumei’s age stood up to greet them.

“Xiao Yumei.”

“Cai Xinyu,” Xiao Yumei smiled faintly.

Cai Xinyu’s face was also wreathed in smiles as she sat her gaze on Ye Zichen.

“Zeze, this young handsome guy… Yumei, he can’t be your… little lover, right!?”

  1. Weaver Girl (织女) as in the one from “The Cow-Herd and the Weaver Girl”.

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