Chapter 280 The Pitiful Erlang Shen, Yang Jian

Chapter 280 – The Pitiful Erlang Shen, Yang Jian

Yang Yushi.

This person would always get randomly brought up by the people around me. Originally, I thought that there would never be any kind of connections between us anymore, I never expected Xiao Yumei to actually mention her.

“What’s with your expression?” Xiao Yumei called softly.

“Nothing, I just didn’t expect the person you to be talking about actually be her. She really is a true bigshot, could she actually get interested in our small medical company?” Ye Zichen smiled faintly.

“Didn’t you just say that we have to have confidence in our product? I have confidence that our company will become one of the leading companies of the cosmetics industry in the future,” confidence swirled in Xiao Yumei’s eyes. This confidence was not out of nowhere, rather, it was because she had absolute faith in their products.

It really was going to be hard for a product that could quickly heal one’s body, any facial scars and improve their skin not to get popular.

“Oh yeah,” Ye Zichen smiled slightly forcefully. To be perfectly honest, he didn’t want too much to do with Yang Yushi in any shape, fashion or form.

“Then I’ll leave getting Yang Yushi to be our spokesperson to you.”

“No problem,” Xiao Yumei smiled softly, then immediately revealed a naughty smile. “Even if we can’t find Yang Yushi, then we’ll get your little girlfriends as spokespeople. They don’t look any worse than celebrities, the only slight issue would be the lack of a reputation.”

“… Don’t screw with me!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly. Xiao Yumei was truly someone that would find chances to tease and make fun of him whether she had the time or not.

“Zeze, am I supposed to screw other people if I don’t screw you?” As she spoke, Xiao Yumei subconsciously pushed out her full breasts.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes as he looked at her alluring look, “You are seducing me into committing a crime!”

An hour later, Ye Zichen leaned back on the sofa with his collar buttons undone, while Xiao Yumei leaned on his shoulder with a faint redness on her face like a tamed kitten.


The phone on the table rang. Xiao Yumei stood up and picked up the phone lazily.

Not long later, she hung up and smiled towards Ye Zichen softly, “I’m going out to deal with some stuff.”

“Mm!” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, lit a cigarette for himself and took out his phone…

It wasn’t a big deal when he didn’t look, but the moment he took a look, he was completely shocked.

His Red Packet Server actually had 999 unread messages.

He subconsciously looked at the number of members in the group. 7.

Then he took a look at the messages on the screen, only to find the Monkey King and Erlang Shen having a flame war.

Erlang Shen: Monkey, I'm going to duel you.

Monkey King: Hehe, my son, you…?

Erlang Shen: Fight me if you dare.

Monkey King: I, Old Sun, is busy. I have no time to waste with you.

Erlang Shen: You’re just scared!

Monkey King: I, Old Sun, is scared of you? Give me your position now. I, Old Sun, can beat you to a pulp with just a body double.

Canopy Marshal: Where’s the fight? Send some coordinates, I, Old Pig, is going to come and take a look.

God of Fortune: Peace brings wealth!

Old Lord Taishang: If you get hurt, then buy pills from me. We’re all acquaintances, so I’ll give you twenty percent discount.

Yue Lao: Just what is this for.

Erlang Shen: @Yue Lao, you dare to come out…

Yue Lao: True Lord Erlang, please don’t be angry. This has nothing to do with this old man.

What’s going on? Why is it related to Yue Lao?

Ye Zichen did not have the patience to scroll up and read everything, so he just directly spoke up in the group.

“What’s going on? @Everyone.”

Erlang Shen: Brother Nameless, I’m suffering!

Old Lord Taishang: It’s just a small grudge between youngsters.

Yue Lao: <insert a roll of black face emojis>

Monkey King: @Only Idealism, I, Old Sun will send you a PM.

Erlang Shen: @Monkey King! You dare!?

Monkey King: What does I, Old Sun, not dare to do? I, Old Sun, isn’t going to PM it anymore. I, Old Sun, will just send it here.

With that, a video appeared on the screen.

Ye Zichen clicked on the video with a look of confusion.

Ye Zichen was rather stunned when he saw the setting of the video. Isn’t this where If You are the One Heavenly Court version was held?

Ye Zichen continued to watch…


Erlang Shen appeared in his silver war armor, while the third eye on his forehead also flashed with a faint white light. He held his three-pointed, double-edged divine lance in his hand while he rode on top of a white horse. At the same time, the Howling Celestial Dog also raised its proud head and swept its gaze over the fairies.

Even Ye Zichen couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw this. I never thought that my bro was this cool…

Actually, it was all thanks to Ye Zichen. If he didn’t teach Erlang Shen how to play Landlord, the latter was going to have to sell his weapons sooner or later. It was fortunate that Erlang Shen learned how to play Landlord, allowing Erlang Shen to become a true “tall rich and handsome” in the Heavenly Court!

If he was in the Modern World, he would definitely be the target of many girl’s dreams…

However, those fairies…

“Why did he come?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t hear that he’ll come to this show!”

“I heard daddy say that he’s number one in the flaming circles of the Heavenly Court…”

“No way, no way, we can’t have someone like him!”


All twenty six of the candles were blew out.

The Yang Jian in the video was instantly stunned and the Howling Celestial Dog did not manage to react at all, instead it merely stuck out its tongue dumbly.

“Hey, don’t make a mistake, blowing the candle out means not wanting to date me…”

“We know, so hurry up and leave!”

One of the girls said, while the others also agreed.

Only the six out of the Seven Fairies smiled apologetically, “We are relatives, sorry!”

The Erlang Shen in the video was truly shocked as he opened his eyes wide, while listening to the boos around him…

“You guys aren’t interested in me…?” Erlang Shen shook his head, then spat on the floor. “Tsk, you aren’t interested in me. I am not interested in you girls, you… bunch of unmarried spinsters. I came over to stop your suffering in good will. Hmph, you deserve to die alone.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but facepalm with a sigh when he saw Erlang Shen’s lame actions.

So shameful, this is even more shameful than getting all the candles extinguished.

But… Why did he sound so weird when he spoke?

Erlang Shen left bitterly in the video as it ended. When Ye Zichen returned to the chat group, he saw that Erlang Shen and Monkey King started to argue again.

“@Erlang Shen, I have watched the video. Rest in peace.”


At that moment, Erlang Shen sent Ye Zichen a PM.

“Bro, you saw that video?”

“Mm,” Ye Zichen nodded faintly. “It is rather embarrassing to get all the candles extinguished, but your words afterwards were even more so…”

“That isn’t me!” Erlang Shen, who was in his manor, stomped his feet in anger. “That Erlang Shen was one that the monkey transformed into!”

“What?” Ye Zichen was shocked.

“That monkey gave me a bottle of monkey wine when before he went on stage, causing me to randomly fall asleep,” Erlang Shen sighed. “Then when I woke up, I noticed that the dating show was over.”


Ye Zichen was truly speechless. Great Sage is truly evil. But on the side note, the Seventy-Two Transformations is truly amazing. If I learn it, then can’t I make others take the blame as well!

“But it was whatever that he caused my reputation to become worse. I, Yang Jian, am not afraid of that. What I’m f*cking angry about is that…” Erlang Shen paused.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“What are you angry about?”

“I’m angry about them all blowing out my candles. No matter what, I, Yang Jian, am a handsome guy in the Heavenly Court. Even the monkey had six candles remaining, but I didn’t get any at all! Are they saying that I, Yang Jian, am even worse than a monkey?”

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