Chapter 278 Video Chatting with Taibai Jinxing

Chapter 278 – Video Chatting with Taibai Jinxing

In the Heavenly Court…

Although Yue Lao was very tired out after wearing himself out for the dating show for an entire day, he was very satisfied with the result.

Six out of the Seven Fairies alongside twenty important female deities or celestial second generations in the Heavenly Court…

The female cast was definitely very large.

What’s more, the deities in the Heavenly Court somehow managed to catch wind of the news of the cast, so a bunch of old male deities all wanted to get on the dating show, including several reputed deities.

If it was before, Yue Lao might have been extremely happy with the results and allowed those deities on the show in an impulse.

However, after he received the guidance from Sky Sovereign Nameless, he already locked in the three great deities for the male cast, so no one was able to change that.

After Yue Lao refused interests of those male deities, he lit up a cigarette for himself casually.

I’m definitely going to get the year end reward!

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen stared at Sun Yige, who stood beside him, with shock.

Ye Zichen admits that he stayed up rather late due to playing with Lil’ White, and due to waking up too early, he did not catch enough sleep…

But what’s going on with Sun Yige? She had that dominating queen-like personality yesterday, and now she changed back to the girl next door mode?

More importantly, her timid personality returned…

She speaks so shyly and quietly that others can barely hear what she says!

“Class Rep Sun, you changed again?” Ye Zichen asked worriedly.

Multiple personality disorder is not simple that can be fixed easily.

“Sorry, I was rather outrageous the past few days,” Sun Yige replied softly with an apologetic tone.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and grabbed Sun Yige’s arm.

She’s not sick!

Or could it be that multiple personality disorder cannot be detected?

As for Sun Yige… Her face was bright red like a cooked shrimp, even parts of her neck was completely red.

“Can-Can you let go of me?” Sun Yige asked subserviently.

Only then did Ye Zichen react, and quickly let go of her arm.

When he saw Sun Yige’s face and neck were red as a shrimp’s, he could only stand there speechlessly…

They truly are two polar extremes in personality!

She’s already so shy after I touched her wrist, but the Sun Yige last night actually forcefully kissed me…

“Class Rep Sun, actually, if you feel too suppressed, you can choose to travel and relax yourself. There is no need to force yourself too much. In terms of personality, we can just let nature take its course!”

“I know!” Sun Yige replied with a red face.


Then why did your personality split…

At that moment, Ye Zichen really didn’t know what to do. He truly did not know how to cure a personality split. He could only send Sun Yige to see a therapist.

Of course, that would also depend on her situation in the near future.

There is naturally no need for him to worry if she maintains the same personality. However, if her personality keeps on switching, then Ye Zichen felt like he had to take her to see a therapist to guide her a bit.

He had wanted to chat a bit more with Sun Yige, but the girl hurried away as if she had something important to do.

Thus, Ye Zichen could only return to the dorm to rest helplessly.


The phone in his pocket instantly rang the moment he laid down.

“Yue Lao’s dating show was your idea, right?”

The person who sent the message was Taibai Jinxing.

Even if Taibai Jinxing thought about it using his toe, he would be able to guess that it was Ye Zichen’s idea. Since there wasn’t much of a reason to hide it, Ye Zichen did not deny it.

“Yeah, it was my idea. What, Yue Lao managed to set it up?

“I’m at the scene right now. Do you want to watch it together?” Taibai Jinxing asked.

“Together? We can watch it together?”

Ye Zichen was stunned. Is Taibai Jinxing teasing me? I’m in the mortal realm and he’s in the celestial realm, how are we supposed to watch it together?

“Ha, just say whether you want to!”


I would be insane if I didn’t want to. I’ve never ever seen what the Heavenly Court looks like, and out of the deities, I’ve only ever seen Great Sage Sun.


The moment he sent the message, Ye Zichen saw a video frame pop up from the chat…

Taibai Jinxing has invited you to a video call.


Can they not be so high-tech?

Ye Zichen gripped his phone dumbly without any reaction. A deity actually sent me a video call request.



Heavenly Court Video Call Function activated.


A scene swirling with celestial mist appeared on the screen. Twenty-six women holding red candles stood in the middle of it all…

“Is this the scene of the dating show?” Ye Zichen muttered to himself.

Then, a laugh sounded out from the chat, “Isn’t this what you taught that old guy Yue Lao? What? Don’t you recognize it?”

The person who spoke just now was Taibai Jinxing, right?

Ye Zichen asked in a testing manner with a confused look on his face, “You’re Taibai Jinxing?”

“What do you think?” A playful laughter sounded out from the chat. “It’s this old man that’s video calling you, who else could it be?”

“Ahem… There is actually such a high-tech stuff which allows the celestial realm to communicate with the mortal realm!”

“There are plenty of things that you don’t know, young man!” Taibai Jinxing answered. “You recently helped me deal with the children management issue in the Heavenly Court. Treat this as my reward for you. However, it’ll be just this once!”

At that moment, another voice sounded out from the call, “Great Deity Taibai, who are you chatting with?”

“Sky Sovereign Nameless!”

The moment Taibai Jinxing said so, more than twenty something deities surrounded him, stuck their faces in front of the camera and started to speak.

“Sky Sovereign, I’m your fan so let us take a look at you!”

This was the fangirl type.

“Sky Sovereign Nameless, right? You actually stole Chang’e away while I was unprepared. Show yourself if you dare, I’ll definitely beat you to death when you get back to the Heavenly Court!”

This was the love rival type!

Ye Zichen definitely would not reveal his face, he had to remain mysterious. Otherwise, if a deity suddenly decided to actually descend upon the mortal realm…

It’s fine if he or she is my fan, but if he’s my rival in love…

Then… Hehe!

“Alright, go back to your seats,” Taibai Jinxing said sullenly, causing the surrounding deities to immediately scatter without complaints.

Taibai Jinxing’s position was like that of an imperial advisor’s. He was someone that was below a single person and above the rest.

Little deities like them did not dare to offend him.

After Taibai Jinxing sent the deities away, he smiled playfully, “How is it, were you worried?”

“You did that on purpose!”

“Work properly for me, then I’ll naturally keep your secret. Otherwise…” Taibai Jinxing smiled meaningfully.

Basically, he was saying that if I don’t work properly for him, he has more than ten thousand ways to expose me!

Taibai Jinxing would definitely be someone who excels in management if he is in the modern realm. He truly made amazing use of the carrot and the stick!

At that very moment, a celestial sound rang out. The image of the phone also turned as Taibai Jinxing smiled.

“The show has begun!”

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