Chapter 277 The Dog that Swore to Become a Beast God

Chapter 277 – The Dog that Swore to Become a Beast God

Sun Yige’s cool figure when leaving, and the notes that she pressed onto the table…

This feels as if I went to get a prostitute, but ended up as a male one myself…

This definitely wasn’t something that the normal Sun Yige could do. If the soul hooking actually succeeded, then she should have blushed, lowered her head and played with the corners of her shirt.

But just now…

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t make a move when such a great opportunity presented itself!” Ye Zichen’s face was covered in speechlessness.

“I did make a move!” White Impermanence said plainly.

“Then why didn’t she recover?” Ye Zichen was a bit stunned. “Didn’t Ox Bro say that she would recover when the extra soul is hooked away? I don’t see any soul in your hand!”

“She doesn’t have any extra soul,” White Impermanence shrugged. “How am I supposed to hook it if she has no extra soul? If I really did hook, then she should be reporting to the Underworld with me right now.”

“What did you say?”

Ye Zichen was stunned. No extra soul? Then the image I saw when I used the Thousand Li Tracking Sigil…

Could class rep really have split personalities?

The extremes of everything is what’s opposite it. So she suppressed herself until she exploded, and caused her to get a multiple personality disorder?

Ye Zichen closed his eyes and thought about it carefully. He needed to search through his mind to see if there is any method in Old Lord Taishang’s Special Medical Journal that would cure a multiple personality disorder.

I need to cure this as soon as possible, otherwise, if this drags on, Class Rep Sun would be in heaps of trouble.

At that same time, on the way from the cold drinks store to Polytechnic University’s female dorms…

Sun Yige played with her hair and carried a faint smile on her face as she occasionally touched her lip with her fingers.

A leather jacketed woman smiled in a chaotic consciousness, “How is it? I helped you say what you want to say, and helped you do what you want to do. How does it feel?”

Sun Yige, who was wearing a flowered dress, squatted on the floor near her silently with a blush across her face.

It was obvious that she had not calmed down from the kiss earlier.

“You’re not speaking, it seems like you’re really shy!” The leather-jacket woman smiled playfully. “Your little man is rather nice to you, he even got a soul reaper from the Underworld just now in an attempt to hook my soul away. But no matter what, he definitely did not expect that I am you and you are me… We were originally one and the same!”

“I’m not the same person with you!” Sun Yige, who was wearing a flowered dress, stood up angrily. “This is my body, when are you going to leave!?”

“So what if you don’t admit it? To be honest, this little man is rather interesting. It’s just a shame that you two aren’t the same kinds of people,” The leather-jacket woman pursed her lips, walked in front of Sun Yige and patted her head. “The blood of the Nine Li[1] flows through you. In the end, you’re going to be on the side opposing him!”

Sun Yige pushed the woman’s hand away, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“That’s alright, you’ll understand in the future,” The leather jacket woman smiled. “Some things are destined. In the future, you two will definitely be on opposing sides. No matter how much you love him right now, it is impossible for you two in the future… I would advise you to give up earlier, and let the pain be short!”

“I said it already, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Sun Yige roared and pointed at the woman with a frown. “This is my body, please leave!”

“No problem, I’ll leave right now!”

What Sun Yige did not expect was that the leather-jacketed woman actually did not refuse, and actually left her body.

Since Sun Yige was able to control her body once again, she completely froze on the spot.

Then, she touched her lips with her hands… That was my first kiss!

Meanwhile, a leather-jacketed woman who looked identical to Sun Yige stood behind her and shook her head with a chuckle, “Such foolishness, my Body Double!”

After Ye Zichen sent White Impermanence away, he returned to the mansion and continued to search for a way to cure a split personality disorder in his mind…

However, even after a long time, he was still unable to find anything.

“That doesn’t make sense. Ahh, it probably is because it isn’t called multiple personality disorder in the ancient times,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

At that moment, Lil’ White ran over with his tongue out.

“Boss!” Lil’ White rubbed himself against Ye Zichen’s leg.

As he looked at the little fellow, Ye Zichen thought of White Impermanence’s words…

He rubbed Lil’ White’s head, “You can ascend into a divine beast in the future?”

“A divine beast is too weak!” Contrary to his expectations, Lil’ White actually twitched his mouth in disdain. “I’m a male dog that’s going to become a beast god, how can a mere divine beast be the ends to my advancement!”


Where did this damn dog learn how to be so shameless?

Ye Zichen continued to rub Lil’ White’s head, “You said that you actually really ascend into a divine beast? What would you be like if you become a divine beast?”

“A divine beast is nothing. I already said it, I’m a male dog that will become a beast god!” Lil’ White looked up proudly.

Bragging once was enough, why is he addicted to being shameless?

Ye Zichen immediately raised his hand to slap Lil’ White.

Seeing that, Lil’ White immediately jumped to the side and wagged his tail, “Boss, why are you always hitting me?”

“Beating you is care, scolding you is love, I’m spoiling you.”

“Then I rather be more distant to you. We seriously have no need to be extremely close!” Lil’ White said seriously on the tea table.

“Hehehe… you’re defying me now!?” No matter how agile Lil’ White was, he was not as agile as Ye Zichen, who reached out his hand to grab Lil’ White and smacked his head a few times.

“Try exaggerating again!”

“How did I exaggerate?” Lil’ White glared. “What I’m saying is the truth!”

“Hehe, then tell me just what sort of level are you at right now?”

“Spiritual Beast!”

“How far is that from divine beast?”

“Ten thousand miles!”

“Then what about the distant between divine beast and beast god?”

“Ten thousand miles!”


Ye Zichen knocked Lil’ White’s head and cursed, “That’s like twenty thousand miles in total, and you’re telling me that you’re not exaggerating?”

“I really am not this time!” Lil’ White struggled out of Ye Zichen’s hands and raised his proud proudly. “I have inherited memories in my head, this was something that my inherited memories told me!”

“Inherited memories?” Ye Zichen paused.

“Inherited memories are only in descendants of yaos that are of divine beast level and above which possesses the talent of becoming divine beasts! That’s why, Boss, I’m telling you, I’m a male dog that will become a beast god!” Lil’ White wagged his tail proudly with his head held high.

It was as if he was saying…

Hurry up and praise me. I’m so amazing!

“Lil’ White, if you continuous to act pretentiously, I really will beat you!”

So apparently the eliminated dog I got from the Howling Celestial Hound is a divine beast!?

Ye Zichen did not think that he was that lucky.

“Everything I said was true… Why don’t you believe me!” Lil’ White muttered sadly. “Can’t you normally feel where I’m amazing…”

“I just feel that you’re extremely shameless!” Ye Zichen replied seriously.

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  1. If you guys don’t remember, the Nine Li was mentioned in Chapter 192.

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