Chapter 276 Soul Hooking

Chapter 276 – Soul Hooking

This little brother truly understands how to act. Ox-Head commented silently.

Just look at his words. Not only did he give me merits, he made me feel really good about it…

“Little bro, ask!”

Thus, Ye Zichen instantly told Ox-Head Sun Yige’s situation.

When Ox-Head saw this message, he replied as if it was no big deal, “It is very simple to deal with dual souls. Just find a soul reaper to hook the extra soul away. Do you need Brother Ox-Head to send one over?”

It’s just that simple?

Ye Zichen had thought that it would be an extremely complicated issue, he never expected it to be no big deal at all.

“Then I’ll be troubling Big Brother Ox-Head!”

“Ha, it’s just a simple matter,” Ox-Head smiled faintly.

Soul Reapers only charged 100 merits per private job. Ox-Head had already gotten five thousand merits from Ye Zichen, so he definitely got a lot of profit.

Ox-Head looked around his social media app for a bit, because ever since he fell, there weren’t too many soul reapers that still kept his contact information.

He messaged several people, only to find that a friend request verification was needed, causing him to curse in his heart.

“Fine, you dare to delete me, Old Ox! When Old Ox stands up once again, I’ll keep you guys in mind!”

He took another glance at the names of the soul reapers that deleted him, then clicked on a rather low-leveled soul reaper…

He did remember that soul reaper a little. That soul reaper was one that followed Xie Bian! Back then, the soul reaper was merely a level 3 Ghost Servant, and now, it had already been several tens of years.

He sent a message in a testing manner.

“You there?”

The message sent through successfully, and more importantly, the soul reaper replied instantly.

“Marshal Ox, why did you suddenly think of me?”

Not bad.

The soul reaper’s impression in Ox-Head’s mind instantly improved, thus, he told the soul reaper what Ye Zichen asked of him.

“No problem.”

With that, the soul reaper went into the group to find Ye Zichen’s display pic to add him as a friend…


Why is it him!?


Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated as he stared at the ceiling on his sofa. He took a look at the notification…

White Impermanence sent it to him.

“When did you enter the Underworld’s staff chat?”


How did she notice?

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then quickly replied.

“How did you notice me? Don’t spread the news!”

“I won’t,” White Impermanence replied. “Marshal Ox told me to help you hook a person’s soul. You’re so amazing, you actually know Marshal Ox as well!”


Ye Zichen replied in a slightly arrogant manner, while he couldn’t help but retort in his mind.

If I knew that I only had to look for White Impermanence, I wouldn’t have troubled Ox-Head, and would have just directly went myself.

“Then I’ll come and find you now?” White Impermanence asked in a testing manner.

“Nothing will happen if you come out during the day? If that’s the case, then come, it’s pretty urgent over here, so the earlier we take care of it, the better!”


White Impermanence immediately appeared in front of Ye Zichen after she sent the message.

“What monster actually dares to cause trouble in this dog’s territory!” Lil’ White, who was lying down and taking a rest, stood up from the floor and scanned the room with green-lit eyes as his fur stood up.

White Impermanence appeared way too suddenly, so Ye Zichen was shocked by her as well.

However, he couldn’t help but make a retort at Lil’ White’s act, “Go and sleep in the corner. I’m home, so there’s no need for you to speak up!”

“Oh!” Hearing that, Lil’ White hung his head, found a good spot, then fell asleep again.

“Your dog is really amazing, just now, I even felt a hint of spiritual pressure from him,” White Impermanence pointed at the fast-asleep Lil’ White. “if it can grow older, then it will definitely be an amazing divine beast.”

“Him…?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

“Don’t look down on the small fellow,” White Impermanence replied softly. “I heard that the being beside Ksitigarbha was merely a dog back in the days, but after Ksitigarbha ascended, it became the divine beast Diting[1].”

“That’s if I can become an immortal…” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Did we go off topic? You came here to help me hook a soul!”

“Oh yeah, then quickly bring me over to the person!” White Impermanence nodded.

Thus, Ye Zichen took out his phone and dialed Sun Yige’s number.

At the cold drinks store near Polytechnic U.

Sun Yige wore a set of black skintight clothes. It was as if she loved the outfit after getting possessed.

She had even put on a faint bit of makeup on her foundationless face.

At the same time, the heart of Ye Zichen, who sat opposite her, raced.

“Ye Zichen, this is your first time asking me out, right? And it’s this sort of place!” Sun Yige took a glance at the rather interesting room and blushed. “Does this count as our first date?”


Your affability level with Sun Yige increased by 50. Current intimacy level: 60.

Ye Zichen did not have the mind to care about the increased affability level, since his mind was filled with a single thought…

Get the guy who possessed her hooked away and turn Sun Yige back to her past self.

After all, the Sun Yige of the past would have never said something like what she said earlier.

“You truly changed a lot recently,” Ye Zichen smiled faintly and took a glance at Sun Yige. “All of a sudden, I find it kind of hard to accept!”

“Just slowly get used to it. One day, you will be able to!” Sun Yige smiled.

Ye Zichen looked up, and gave a cue to White Impermanence, who was standing behind Sun Yige…

Do it!

However, the moment White Impermanence made a move, Sun Yige, who sat on the chair, stood up and walked beside Ye Zichen…

“This is our first date, do you actually just want to keep chatting about this boring stuff to me?”

Sun Yige swiped her finger across Ye Zichen’s cheek, then directly sat down in Ye Zichen’s lap and grabbed his collar with her right hand.

“I can feel that you’re very nervous!”

Ba-thump. Ba-thump.

Ye Zichen’s heart beat intensely. This possessed girl is too bold! I wonder what Class Rep Sun, who is feeling this as well, feels.

It is rather exciting though…

“You don’t actually know, right? I have always liked you alot!” Sun Yige squinted his eyes, hugged Ye Zichen’s shoulder, then kissed him without any hesitation.

At the same time, White Impermanence also raised her equipment and got ready to act.

Yet, no-one was able to notice Sun Yige’s playful smile as White Impermanence got ready to hook her soul.

After a good minute, Sun Yige finally got off Ye Zichen as she wiped her lips as she saw that Ye Zichen was about to suffocate.

“I really enjoyed this date!”

Then, Sun Yige waved her hand and left the store.

Ye Zichen sat in the chair in shock while looking at the figure of Sun Yige, who continued to remain like a queen as she left, causing him to immediately raise his eyebrows at White Impermanence.

“What’s going on? Why didn’t she change back? Did you not hook her soul?”

Original Chapter Teaser:

  1. Diting (谛听) is the mount of Ksitigarbha. It was originally a white dog, which managed to ascend to a divine beast. It has a tiger’s head, a single horn on its head, dog ears, a dragon’s body, a lion’s tail and the legs of a qilin.

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