Chapter 275 Possession?

Chapter 275 – Possession?

Yue Lao continuously visited the large families in the Heavenly Court in his white robes.

He was essentially giving it his all. Isn’t it just notable people…?

This old man WILL invite them!

He also naturally placed the Seven Fairies at the very end of his invitation list since he was not one hundred percent certain that he would be able to convince the Seven Fairies to participate in his dating show.

While Yue Lao busied himself to no end in the Heavenly Court, Ye Zichen was in a similar situation in the Modern World.

Just as he was about to drive back to the mansion to take a look, Wei Teng walked over menacingly with dark circles around his eyes.


Wei Teng slapped the front of Ye Zichen’s car.

Ye Zichen got out with a look of confusion, “What happened? You got beaten up?”

“Tell me! Just what did you do to Sun Yige!” Wei Teng put up a horse stance angrily. “Give me ten minutes!”

“There’s something wrong with you isn’t there!” Ye Zichen was speechless. “I didn’t do anything to her!”

“Heh heh…” Wei Teng smiled coldly.

Thus, the two of them stared at each other without doing anything until ten minutes had passed…

Tiger Fist!

The image of a fist alongside a faint tiger roar flew over, causing Ye Zichen to raise his eyebrows.

He’s serious…

Ye Zichen quickly dodged to the side and took a look at Wei Teng!

Wei Teng dipped his head lethargically, as if using the Tiger Fist had used up all his energy…

“This skill of yours is truly low-level!”

It charged up for a super long time, had a super low accuracy and was a huge waste of his stamina….

I really don’t understand why Wei Chen taught Wei Teng this move.

Ye Zichen pulled Wei Teng’s arm and dragged him in the car as students came over to watch.

“Why are you not staying in your school properly and always coming over to mine?”

“Say, just what did you do to Sun Yige?” Wei Teng leaned back in the front seat listlessly and muttered. “Just now, I came over to find Sun Yige. She said she likes you… And beat me up!”

“Sun Yige beat you up?”

Ye Zichen was stunned. When he saw Sun Yige in the woods back them, he had seen Wei Teng’s three lackeys lying on the ground…

He didn’t even dare to imagine Sun Yige being the one to beat them up, since from what he remembered…

“How is it possible for Sun Yige to beat you up!”

“You’re asking me, but how am I supposed to know!” Wei Teng glared. “School Beauty Sun clearly seemed like a cute girl several days ago, but when I took a look just now… She’s a true dominatrix! She’s also extremely evil in the way she hits. I feel like she is at least of the Spiritual Body level!”

“Are you sure?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and exclaimed quietly.

“Of course. I’m telling you, the beating resistance my dad trained me to have means that it is nothing when False Spiritual Body level people hit me, I would only get a few bruises at most. But when Sun Yige hit me, even my bones felt pained!” Wei Teng complained. Doing so, he even took a deep breath since he had touched his injuries.

Seeing his pitiful look, Ye Zichen took out his phone to exchange a Spring-Returning Pill for him.

“What is this!” Wei Teng looked at the pill vigilantly. “You can’t be wanting to poison me, right? I’m telling you, I’m not falling for it!”

“Who the heck has the effort to poison you!? This is medicine to help you with your injuries. Didn’t you get beaten up? It’s good for your wounds!”

“Alright, then I’ll take it!” Wei Teng did not think too much into it, and directly took the pill over and popped it in his mouth without suspecting whether the pill really did as Ye Zichen said.

His eyes lit up when the pill entered his mouth.

He could feel that a warmth flowed through his body, while the bruises on his face seemed to fade a little.

“This medicine is amazing. Can you give me a few more? My dad always hits me…”

Ye Zichen helplessly exchanged a few more pills form the Treasure Shop and placed it into his hands.

“Thanks, I’m not going to stay here any longer. If I return home late, my dad’s gonna hit me again!” Wei Teng ran away from the car happily, as if he had already forgotten his purpose for coming over.

When Ye Zichen drove back to the mansion, he found that since Mu Jinglei was still down, Mother Ye had decided to take her out with Tiantian to clear her mind.

Ye Zichen continued to think about what Wei Teng had said as he sat on the sofa.

Sun Yige actually had Spiritual Body leveled strength.

Don’t joke with me…

But Sun Yige is indeed kind of weird recently. Ye ZIchen couldn’t help but take out a Thousand-Li Tracking Sigil from his Treasure Chest.

Target confirmed: Sun Yige.


This familiar image... It seems to be…

The bathroom!

Ye Zichen was stunned. Why did I ended up tracking her to her shower? I swear to god, I did not have any naughty thoughts.

Just as he was about to turn the image off, Sun Yige’s mutterings caught his attention.

“Just what are you doing? Why are you possessing my body and not leaving!?”

Sun Yige had a revealed a painful expression as she writhed on the floor. Not long later, she stood up once again and smiled calmly.

“What, don’t you like it this way? Didn’t you always hoped for yourself to become fiercer?”

“Hurry up and leave my body. I don’t like myself like this!” Sun Yige held her head and yelled.

Yet, not long later, her expression changed once more, “You are truly a weird chick. You clearly hope to become like this in your heart, yet you are saying that you dislike it now…”

Ye Zichen was completely stunned as he watched Sun Yige act like two completely different characters.

Split personality?

The one in pain was clearly the Sun Yige I knew, while the more bossy one seemed to have robbed Sun Yige of her body…

What the hell! Does the possession which happens in novels occur?

If that’s the case, then I have to save Sun Yige!

Ye Zichen had wanted to watch on for a little longer, but Sun Yige suddenly frowned and roared, “Who dares to peek at this sovereign’s shower…”


The image in front of Ye Zichen immediately shattered as he panted heavily while grasping his chest!

Sun Yige’s gaze is truly too terrifying. What’s more, she actually noticed All Seeing Eye’s Thousand-Li Tracking Sigil.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also made certain of another fact!

Sun Yige was definitely possessed.

At that moment, he definitely cannot just mindlessly go over. Ignoring the fact that he didn’t know how to help Sun Yige get her body back, him going over like this may also cause her to be on guard.

Possession, in this case, if it’s like what novels said, it should be when another soul entered one’s body.

Since it’s like this…

“Big Brother Ox-Head!’ Ye Zichen took out his phone and sent a message to Ox-Head.

“Little bro, what is it?” Ox-Head smiled. “Oh yeah, Ox-Head got some ghosts to teach those mortals you talked about a lesson!”

“Thank you, Big Brother Ox-Head!”


Ye Zichen immediately sent Ox-Head a red packet of five thousand merits.

When Ox-Head collected the red packet, a smiled bloomed on his face when he saw the merits.

This little bro is truly amazing, he is giving out merits just like this.

“Little bro, just what are you doing?”

“Ox Bro helped little brother teach those mortals a lesson, so just use these merits to buy some drinks,” Ye Zichen smiled faintly. “Ox Bro, little brother has something to ask!”

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